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Global Warming

Paul (6 Jan 2007 17:05): Isn't it spooky how today's actual stories read like the dramatized future-scenarios from 10 years ago...
Paul (16 Jan 2007 3:36): Maybe we're in for serious weirdness, as Greenland's 630,000 cubic miles of ice may be already melting at 80 cubic miles per year.
m (16 Jan 2007 9:03): that phrasing makes me think of all of the mailings that say "you may already be a winner..."

only this time it's loser.
m (22 Jun 2013 8:14): Oh, China!


Paul (29 Nov 2004 18:04): Colleges that prohibit discriminatory recruitment can now exclude military recruiters, says nytimes. Before this, they would have risked losing federal funds. Harvard's Prez Summers may be sad, seems he likes having the military on campus.
Paul (10 Dec 2005 6:17): Perhaps you will sign a petition to free hostages in Iraq. One of the hostages, Tom Fox, is well known by many people I know.
m (10 Dec 2005 10:46): But how do you reconcile freeing iraqi detainees with the US policy to not negotiate with terrorists?
m (10 Dec 2005 10:48): but that's pretty fucked up
m (10 Dec 2005 10:51): and now that I click on the petition link I see that your target isn't the US but those holding the hostages...
Paul (11 Dec 2005 6:31): Indeed we are writing petitions to terrorists. Actually, it's just like the petitions we have written to Bush against killing Iraqis. Petitions cleverly generate much more universal support than any violence or concessions could. And if the terrorists accede to the petitions, I'll say they're more kind-hearted than Bush.
m (1 Jan 2006 14:43): are there any updates on the status of the four hostages?
Paul (3 Jan 2006 15:20): Sadly there are no updates
Paul (1 Mar 2006 6:01): A telling poll says only 23% of troops in Iraq think the US should stay "as long as they are needed." As one commentator says, "Support the troops--bring them home. That is what they want."
Paul (12 Mar 2006 17:16): Tom Fox was found dead on Thursday. A friend at this morning's meeting tells us to "Be assured that no act of love is ever wasted."
Paul (23 Mar 2006 9:35): So the remaining three CPT hostages were rescued this morning, and with that, wiki's Main Page currently has a big link to an article that I've written a lot of...
Paul (26 Mar 2006 17:57): Want some unnecessary stress and aggravation? Try wiki-ing something you care deeply about---and being the only editor with a sympathetic pov. Sheesh.
m (29 Mar 2006 7:35): Only on Fox
Paul (13 Apr 2006 6:58): These folks just called me on a recorded line to solicit a donation for their "war on drugs" (their words) because the tax funds they receive are "not enough" (their words) to make sure all drug criminals stay "behind bars where they belong" (their words). Talk about spookiness. Maybe we should support someone reasonable.
Grant (8 Jun 2006 21:45): Here's one for Paul.
Paul (9 Jun 2006 4:28): Cruel&Ridiculous™
This war effectively pits not nation against nation, but powerful-evil-people (Bush&co, Saddam, Zarqawi) against lowly-normal-people (soldiers, Iraqis, most rotw). After Bush&co deposed Saddam, they were hurtin' to get more powerful-evil-people, so their media elevated Zarqawi, who did his part by naming himself "Al-Qaeda in Iraq" to boost pro-war innuendo in the US. Who will they elevate next?
Paul (15 Jun 2006 8:15): What did I predict? NYT today: "US Identifies Successor to Zarqawi"
Grant (15 Jun 2006 18:40): Yeah, I'm not really sure what that's supposed to accomplish.
Paul (17 Nov 2006 14:20): 1) Bush compares Vietnam and Iraq.    2) Bush concludes, "we'll succeed unless we quit."
G (21 Nov 2006 18:50): AKA "We'll succeed unless we fail," because obviously we'll have to quit if we fail. Yes?
Paul (28 Dec 2006 9:37): Whee this isn't on nytimes...but maybe they're just waiting for 3k :[
Paul (22 Aug 2007 4:36): If you haven't read "The war as we saw it", you should.
G (21 Oct 2008 17:31): Eugene Jarecki is totally my new hero.
m (22 Oct 2008 16:12): Kissinger or Why we Fight?