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R (7 Apr 2015 5:26): Some fun spitballing by Alan Yates of Valve on potential long range VR improvements
R (11 Jun 2015 0:28): The Night Cafe

I kinda want to try this. Not enough to get a Galaxy S6 and a GearVR, but maybe when the final Oculus Rift is released there'll be a port? I *heard* that there are demo phones one can buy with disabled SIM slots / cellular connectivity. Which could possibly make it worthwhile. Eh, probably not. Still like $400 on eBay. Pfft.
m (13 Jun 2015 18:22): Tycho, yesterday: I would have to use the new Oculus stuff to know how it compares, and what it enables. I think they get to a lot of the same places. I was initially worried that with three players in the space, it would be kind of a mess, but I think I might have been wrong. I think that what’s happened is that we’ve reached the teen years of the technology very fast, and we actually need these beasts to snarl and war with each other if we’re going to find the path.
R (5 Nov 2015 12:46): Stereoscopic 360° video on Youtube is now a thing! There's also a blog post, but whatever. It's good? Irritatingly, they seem to restrict my phone to it's native screen resolution (720p), which looks pretty blocky all stretched out. Regular 360° videos from Youtube are basically not good on my phone for that reason. But with stereoscopy... it kinda works. Could be better, but still pretty cool.

Also! Available on Chrome! Via red-blue anaglyph, ah ha ha ha. Still good, and if you have a 1080p screen, you can see that setting the quality to 1440p helps significantly.
R (13 Jan 2016 3:24): Budget Cuts, a title in development for Vive using motion tracked controllers.
R (13 Jan 2016 3:28): Oh yeah, I guess also 100ft. Robot Golf for PS4 and PS4VR. Maybe not motion controllers though.
m (11 Apr 2016 18:13): I feel like the conversation for gamers is almost completely about Room Scale, even though most of the best stuff is technically standing only. Oculus will do room shit sooner than later, I'm sure - sooner than they intended to, at any rate. One can almost hear the roadmap contracting. I think their philosophical mission is to make VR a reality as a cultural practice, which was a process they saw as taking a specific amount of time, meeting people where they live, whereas by comparison the Vive basically just has its dick out, spinning like a rotor, generating thrust. Oculus believes, and they are correct, that most people don't have the kind of room a Vive requires. But then you see it, and you're like... how important is a couch.

Reed I just want to make sure you're reading basically all of Tycho's posts these days. Honestly, I just sort of assume you're on the same page as them. How important is a couch, really? Anyway, chime in here with a status update. You got some crazy apparatus all up in this piece? Cause I want to come try it out!