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Paul (19 May 2004 16:32): Here's a question: I've decided tab-delimited files are the best format for a non-recursive data structure, in terms of ease of programming. Trouble is, sort, for example, can only sort based on the nth tab-delimited field if you give it the argument "-t [TAB]" where [TAB] is a tab character. And I can't type that at the command prompt :( Suggestions?
(Maybe if I could use some script to set $tab to a tab character, for example...)
Grant (20 May 2004 22:58): So, the oldest entries are displayed on the top?
It seems like they should be on the bottom... Otherwise, looking good.
Grant (20 May 2004 22:59): That is to say, the oldest topics rather than the oldest posts within the topics.
g (5 Dec 2008 10:54): Isn't \t tab, or something like that?