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Grant (20 May 2004 23:05): I notice that the first number is the maximum age (in days) for displayed messages. If you type it in yourself, the second number is the minimum age (in days) for displayed messages. Although, at first I thought it was the PAUL_ONLY flag, since none of my messages are even a day old, yet.
Paul (21 May 2004 7:15): Yes, this feature is poorly explained, although perhaps just needs more useful links at the top of the page...? (Note the syntax is ?[max age]&[min age]&[topic], but if topic is null it shows all topics.)
Paul (21 May 2004 7:16): Fractional days also work fine, I think.
m (7 Apr 2007 19:29): Seattle weather right now: gorgeous.
m (8 Apr 2007 9:02): no fucking around.
m (8 Apr 2007 20:36): The ending for Bebop is wonderful in just the right way, every time I watch that series through.
m (7 Oct 2007 21:47): It's Thanksgiving here.
Paul (10 Oct 2007 19:24): That makes no sense. Aren't you in the same time zone as us?
R (11 Oct 2007 12:57): Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated on the second Monday of October. I kinda sorta remember being curious about this as a child, whilst looking at wall calendars.
m (11 Oct 2007 16:29): so what R is saying is that no, i'm not in the same time zone as you. Here in toronto we're 1248 hours ahead of you, Paul. When Jan 1 isn't a Monday or Tuesday, though, (i.e. in 2009) we're only 1080 hours fast. It's like how Indiana gets out of synch, only more so.
Paul (11 Oct 2007 16:34): Canada: The Indiana of Thanksgiving time.
Paul (26 Mar 2008 9:39): Dog prays at Zen temple
G (27 Mar 2008 12:15): Awesome.