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Thread Police

Paul (24 Jun 2009 19:34): 'Convenience Links' is the /b of mancala.
'Thread Police' is the /b of mancala.
Mancala is the /b of mancala.
R (24 Jun 2009 20:08): Unfortunately, making jokes that mostly are only interesting to myself is a "sober post" thing for me.
m (8 Sep 2013 10:31): But the head of Walmart is not your grandmother. Stealing from a corrupt class of corporate elites who would rather a thousand Bangladeshis die horrific deaths in burning sweatshops than see profits fall half a percent, for example, is not wrong at all. Indeed, taking from the unjustly rich and giving back to the undeservedly poor, even if thatís just you and your own, is the most morally upright thing one can do in an age of multinational robber barons exploiting and polluting the commons.
G (8 Sep 2013 21:50): Awesome.
G (8 Sep 2013 22:08): Although, awesomely lousy. You shouldn't have to risk going to jail to try to help even things out a little.
m (9 Sep 2013 7:14): Yeah, it's a good reminder that not all theft is either morally equivalent nor legally equivalent, and bizarrely (and predictably?) the theft with the worst social consequences (i.e. banks and the recession, nicaraguan death squads) is punished by law the least. Better, a good reminder that the law and moral imperatives are not terribly well aligned.

That said, the whole thing is a little confusing as applied to those of us not ourselves among the unjustly poor.
m (11 Sep 2013 18:23): I've been trying to get into more of The New Inquiry, but christ it's just been painful. Quick synopsis of my most recent attempt, the one that led to this post:

First two sentences:
In Our Aesthetic Categories, Sianne Ngai argues that cuteness, interestingness, and zaniness are the characteristic aesthetics of our ďlate capitalistĒ age. While it seems somewhat arbitrary to limit the possibilites to three, I can easily see how these can be used to taxonomize most peopleís online presence: There arenít many that canít ultimately be reduced to attempts to be cute, interesting, or zany.
Hey, this seems like an interesting premise

Next sentence:
Ngai links the promience of these categories to neoliberalism and our ambivalent response to its demands for flexible subjects, immaterial labor, real subsumption, and progressive commodification of experience.
m (11 Sep 2013 18:52): meant to include an article link in that last post.
G (11 Sep 2013 22:26): Anything a person does can be called an attempt to be interesting, or zany. There's a new Eminem album coming out? Whatever, he's just trying to be interesting. Contrarians are 'zany' and zany is defined as anything that's not interesting.