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The Weather

m (9 Sep 2013 16:27):
m (9 Sep 2013 20:12): I like that diagram a lot
m (5 Feb 9:46): omg so cold
m (8 Feb 22:24): it is like a snow globe over here
G (9 Feb 1:41): Saw a couple of buses struggling to make it up/down our street; one with a police escort that must have been going 1 mph or less. A few cars that people had given up on. I hear the grocery stores were very depleted. Anything exciting down in Ta-snow-ma?
m (11 Feb 21:23): We live at the top of a hill and neighbors have been going a little nuts trying to get their cars up and out of our dead-end block like it's a gravity well. Which I guess it is? One guy spinning his wheels wildly, sparks flying from his chains. Another trying to just get up enough speed to make it to the top, and an oblivious little car coming slowly down to the corner at right angles to him. That one was terrifying. Thankfully no collision, though there was shouting.
G (12 Feb 8:35): S and I both worked from home yesterday, which was nice. Took a break early afternoon to start a roast (!), which was delicious. Watched the sky light up with frying transformers, and then sure enough power went out.
It was back by this morning, but no internet :(