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The Politics of Dancing

R (13 Jul 2007 9:34):
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User Commands touch(1)

touch, settime - change file access and modification times

touch [-acm] [-r ref_file | -t time] file...

touch [-acm] [date_time] file...

settime [-f ref_file] [date_time] file...

The touch utility sets the access and modification times of
each file. The file operand is created if it does not
already exist.

The time used can be specified by -t time, by the
corresponding time fields of the file referenced by -r
ref_file, or by the date_time operand. If none of these are
specified, touch uses the current time (the value returned

In other news, I went out to Neighbor's last night and danced. It was fun if a little awkward. Special thanks go out to "Prom King". Note to guy with moustace: I'm still actually straight, just like last time you asked. I'm totally flattered though.