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m (13 Nov 2010 19:29): The train is dead
God, it hurts to read the things these idiot Republican governors-elect are saying. The train in China is so fast, easy, and cheap. Really, really fast. I've been just shy of 350kph on the fast lines (and these are conventional trains, not maglev trains). That's Seattle to Los Angeles in 4 1/2 hours. Seattle to Chicago in 8. On the train!
Paul (15 Nov 2010 17:55): My secret backup plan to move to China is looking better and better
Paul (14 Aug 2011 5:47): Children with autism, connecting via transit: "an adviser to the 'Subway Sleuths' program, said that when she asked how to get anywhere in the city, some of the participants could tell her not just which train to take, but the exact number of stair steps in each of the stations."
Paul (6 Jan 2012 19:18): How did this not reach mancala before?: Creme That Egg
G (6 Jan 2012 21:46): Holy shit that's old. I think I watched that on memepool.
m (11 Jul 2013 7:59): CREME THAT EGG
m (31 Aug 2014 16:23): next project: cheap smoker