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Space Humor

Paul (10 Jun 2007 20:11): Before reaching the space station, Atlantis commander Rick Sturckow told Yurchikhin that shuttle astronaut Clayton Anderson was ready to relieve Williams on the station.

''Are you sure Clay is onboard?'' Yurchikhin said.

''Yes we checked before we launched from Florida,'' Sturckow said amid laughter.
(from NYTimes)
Paul (22 Nov 2009 5:45): posts containing donuts are automatically exempt from the thread police
m (22 Nov 2009 11:43): See you later, Space Cowboy.
R (23 Nov 2009 10:17): Are we sure we want to continue the "Space Humor" topic on Mancala? The competition is fierce.
R (23 Nov 2009 10:18): Also, check that fucking "HTPortal" banner.
G (29 Nov 2009 16:13): Oh, man.