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R (22 Sep 2015 22:59): Hey, S and Paul, this is the phone I was recommending, the 2015 Moto G. Make sure to set the storage to 16GB (which also bumps the RAM to 2GB). Here's the GSMArena review.

Much like the iMac, it comes in <strike>five&<strike>several colors.
sam (3 Oct 2015 15:01): i want berry flavor
sam (3 Oct 2015 15:16): i used to have that motorola phone that could only fit 6 characters on the screen in a row. motofone
sam (12 Oct 2015 8:45): Got a hands on review yet?
R (14 Oct 2015 0:00): The phone just showed up today. She doesn't have SIM for it yet, but nothing seems amiss so far. Very very few preinstalled apps, fewer than my Nexus 4 even, like 28 total? I thought the moto actions (twisting for camera, chop for flashlight, screen waking when picked up) seemed nice. Camera quality seems decent, a lot better than my Nexus 4. Size is a little longer and a little less wide than my Nexus with the case on, about the same thickness. Grippy back texture feels good in the hand. Screen is very bright, good saturation. Light colors have a very slight diagonal texture when viewed off-angle, something I've seen before with non-high-end LCDs, pretty much invisible from more than a foot away. Speaker is louder than my (pretty quiet) Nexus, vibration about the same strength but higher-pitched. Comes with a charger with an attached cord, weird. FM radio needs headphones for reception, works OK, nice to have the FM RDS text. 11.8GB free out of 16GB out of the box, and there's a microSD slot that supports up to an extra 32GB. Still seems like a good buy for the price, just make sure you get the 16GB version with 2GB of RAM. Feels Snappy™.
Only limitations are 720p screen and no gyro. Unless you want to do crummy phone-based VR or make photospheres, not a big deal.
sam (16 Oct 2015 15:07): Thank you!