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m (8 Apr 2005 14:05): Barbara Boxer is a hottie.
m (8 Apr 2005 14:18): NYTimes coverage if Fox News and thinkprogress aren't your thing.
Paul (15 Apr 2005 7:33): The republicans don't do too well with their Senate Majority Leaders, do they? It was only two years ago that Trent Lott resigned after eulogizing a 1948 segregation campaign. Bill Frist has recently been in hot water for killing adopted cats and is now saying Dems oppose religion...
G (15 Apr 2005 20:36): This is mind-boggling, right here:
"In the past he has consistently balanced a determination "not to yield" on the president's nominees with appeals to the Democrats for compromise."
Since when is that a balance!? In what planet is that a compromise?
m (12 May 2005 11:05): Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona, who is sort of crazy, and whom I like a lot of the time, says (accurately) in support of John Bolton (Bush's controvercial nominee for the position of US Embassador to the UN, whom I rather dislike) "If a temper and unorthodox management style were disqualifiers from government service, I would bet that a large number of people in Washington would be out of a job."
m (26 Jul 2005 22:48): Arlen Specter - good guy, bad guy? He seems pretty reasonable, as far as conservatives go. I don't know about how cool I am with his chairing of the senate judiciary committee, but it's not like he's to fault for the conservative court packing of the federal judiciary. The pres, or possibly rove, makes those appointments.

And the man is all for stem cell research, even up against Bill Frist and his "adult stem cell" funding alternatives (is this umbilical cord stuff, or trying to get fully formed cells to revert back to what they once were?) he's pushing some appropriations (sure to be vetoed by General Ludd if they do make it through the senate) for the researching the real thing.

Nor does he seem in the pocket of corporate interests, if npr is to be trusted. He comes down decisively on the good-guy side of recent asbestos health care legislation.

Uh, he even finds some way to bring people together on the patriot act. Christopher Hitchens puts it well: "I can't eat enough to vomit enough"
zong (27 Jul 2005 8:28): Um, I think Specter has cancer of some sort. That may be why he supports stem cell research, hehe. Self interest trumps political interest you know.
z (27 Jul 2005 8:36): I think it's hard to label politicians as "good" or "bad." It's the system yo. I think there is selection bias at work where the ones who don't conform to the system never make it to the top. The ones who do survive aren't so much "good" or "bad" as much as good or bad at faking it.
z (27 Jul 2005 8:42): btw, totally unrelated, but I just suddenly realized that the style of humor frequently used by the Daily Show, heavy on absurd satire of life, especially between the host and "correspondents," is very much like cross talk, you know, the Chinese kind. Mike, you know what I'm talking about.

Too bad cross talk is a declining art form due to its obvious lack of visual appeal, so it's losing to skits and other such more TV friendly genres.

How are your twin cousins? I mean are they still doing anything with that?
m (27 Jul 2005 17:40): One of them (they're not twins) is at brown doing graduate psych work. The other (I think) hosts a Chinese talk show. But I'm not sure about that, and internet searches for her English name only turn up older stuff. I guess I don't know how to do searches with chinese characters, even if I did know what her chinese name was.
The worst was this time I remember when they did a crosstalk sketch for the family, and my mom and her brother would periodically laugh, having understood what they were saying, and I, of course, had no idea what was going on. Maybe not "worst" so much as sort of surreal.
m (16 May 2009 13:22): 60 vote super-majority or no, Arlen Specter is an asshole for his shitty treatment of Anita Hill at the Thomas confirmation hearings.
Paul (17 May 2009 14:24): Indeed. As a leftist I was glad he switched parties, but as a Pennsylvanian I'm not convinced to vote for him.
Paul (19 May 2010 4:32): Gov. Rendell on primary defeat of incumbent Sen. Specter: "None of these results should be taken as meaning anything."
m (18 Apr 2013 15:41): Nice index of recent congressional votes at nytimes (click through on those vote counts to see nice graphics and everything) - a lot nicer than the house's and senate's own vote tally pages (which I remember being worse still, the last time I tried to figure out on my own who voted which way on something)