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Saw Mad Max

m (26 May 2015 6:55): yesterday. Liked it.
Thread Police (28 May 2015 21:47): ಠ_ಠ
m (29 May 2015 9:01): [ ᕤ ಠ (oo) ಠ ]ᕤ ︵┻━┻
G (29 May 2015 11:27): I have not seen Mad Max! (yet)
Without that vital context, I'm not sure if TP saw MM and didn't like it? Or if there's like, some scene where Furiosa flips a table and you're both psyched or something.

m (1 Jan 2016 8:59): So... Star Wars? Saw this one in regular ol' two dimensions. There's a theater that just opened three or four blocks away from us here, but they were only showing it in 3-D. Bummer.

Also a bummer: Did not like.
G (2 Jan 2016 16:12): Just watched it in San Jose, also 2D. Not really impressed.
m (3 Jan 2016 15:10): Ann just saw it with her mom in 3D and reports that it's the first 3D that she actually liked
G (3 Jan 2016 16:54): Fair enough! We put the $12 towards some excellent cheap Mexican food (El Paisa).
sam (3 Jan 2016 19:48): The most apt criticism I have seen is simply the word "remix". Though I should notes that Ezra Klein thinks this is its strength. Personally I was disoriented by the lack of downtime/sleeping/eating/changing cues that let one distinguish events that take four hours from events that take four months. (Maybe this is true of all kids movies? I don't know)
R (3 Jan 2016 21:19): Not sure how it could top Star Wars Ep. 1: When Senators Attack.
m (30 Jul 2016 9:58): Soylent Life