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G (14 Nov 2005 3:09): Did you guys know that amaretto in ginger ale tastes great? I put it in Canda Dry's Italian Lime Fizz, it tastes like Coke. But better.
m (14 Nov 2005 13:15): awesome.
these days I'm on this Jamaican-style ginger ale kick - it's like, ginger ale times one million. powerfully gingery.
G (14 Nov 2005 13:49): Is that the same as what I have heard referred to as 'ginger beer' and 'real ginger ale'?
If so, yes, that is some good stuff.
You can make a passable replica yourself - just boil some ginger in water with a bunch of sugar, add some carbonated-water-type stuff, and enjoy.
m (14 Nov 2005 14:08): Seriously? I'm giving that a shot, but if that's actually a secret recipe for "hemlock root" or something, I'll be sorely disappointed.
Grant (14 Nov 2005 17:12): I'm completely serious. I've done it myself, actually. Here are the points which I think might bear some thinking:
- You want this stuff to be strong, so you want to boil your ginger root in a small amount of water. Not too small, though, lest it burn.
- You probably are better off adding your sugar after the ginger is already in there, but what the hell do I know?
- Adding tonic/club soda tends to cause a lot of fizzing immediately, but it's short lived. If you want something well carbonated, you may have to look towards other methods. Or, you know, just buying the stuff.

Then again, you can probably make a whole lot of stuff on the cheap, to taste, and it shouldn't take very long, either. And you could add booze to it, theoretically. Feel free to check the web for recipes, but I don't think there's much to it.

I have also heard about people boiling ginger in Coca Cola however. Seems like it might be awfully sweet, but maybe that's part of the charm. Supposedly it's very good for sore throats.
Paul (12 May 2006 6:04): Organic Pepsi? It's bizarre, but it's hard for me to see how it's bad. But I suspect someone will soon explain how it's bad, and then I'll see.
R (16 Jun 2006 18:28): So - back to ginger ale/beer/flavored drinks. Bundaberg Ginger Beer is my favorite at the moment. Not as sharp as many of the stronger ginger drinks, but still very flavorful. Bevnet gave it five stars, and indicates there are other, uhm, interesting products in their lineup not available in the states. (If anyone is physically in .au, or .nz, give 'em a try!)
Reed's Ginger Brews also makes a very tasty beverage that is readily available in the U.S.A.
m (19 Jun 2006 6:01): Yhar! Trader Joes always carried Reed's. I was a big fan.