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m (22 Sep 2014 18:37): Tomorrow!
m (22 Sep 2014 18:38): Eating some sichuan beforehand, I think. God I want some of that pepper chicken. Real bad.
G (24 Oct 2014 19:32): Tickets are Sunday @ 8:00 PM! Spread the word!
m (24 Oct 2014 19:45): Oh no! Gonna be at Cory Doctorow + Neal Stephenson Sunday night!
Maybe town hall has free wifi?
G (24 Oct 2014 23:20): Just post your credit card info and I'll try to get you some tickets!
G (25 Oct 2014 10:10): Probably too far out of your way to be worthwhile, but gonna try to have a Soylent Brunch at my place, 1:00 Sunday. Because I got some Soylent!
m (27 Oct 2014 8:50): Talk was great! Cory Doctorow: incredible. Wish I'd gone to the two(?) other talks he gave this weekend.

Neal Stephenson: bit of a downer. When asked by a maker-space type what role he thinks amateurs can take in making these big-deal things happen, he somehow parlayed that into "Investors have piles of cash they're dying to give to start-ups - just rolling in capital - but they only want to give it to people they trust with it. CEO types." Which I guess meant amateurs: give up, you're useless. Cory Doctorow said something like "email your stuff to us at boingboing" (to get a wider audience?) which didn't make a ton of sense either, but at least was something.

Also a bummer: when asked who he thinks might take the role of NASA in the future as society has lost trust in government to handle the big stuff (which is a shitty premise for a question), Stephenson replied glibly "Benevolent billionaires". Oof.

Doctorow was telling us that he's periodically asked "hey, aren't you worried about AI and, you know, Skynet?" which he interprets as a fear that we'll create some kind of trans-human creature that "uses us humans as its carrier medium" - but he points out that we already have corporations which treat people as its gut flora. The matrix isn't predictive - it's metaphor. It's already here.
m (27 Oct 2014 21:05): R: opinion?