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Rural Japan ni Ikou

Grant (30 May 2004 18:16): So, I got my contracting prefecture - I'll be heading off to KAGAWA Prefecture this july. It's on the north-eastern part of Shikoku island, just west of Osaka. Check out the prefecture HOME PAGE! Seems a little bit rural, with only a million people in the prefecture (and 300k in the capital city Takamatsu). Anyway, that's the news on my side.
mike (30 May 2004 23:46): wow. bitchin'
I expect plenty of compromising photos of you and schoolgirls.
Paul (1 Jun 2004 5:12): That's really cool--- do you know what town you'll be in, or what grade you'll be teaching, or other such details?
Paul (3 Jun 2004 7:29): I am suddenly reminded of Mr. Anderson's 9th grade World History class: Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu
Grant (4 Jun 2004 20:06): More compromising pictures? Haven't you had enough?
m (31 Mar 2005 11:05): You ever coming back to the states? What are you doing in Japan, again? Teaching English? Setting high-scores on Money Idol Exchanger machines?
Grant (31 Mar 2005 23:22): Oh, hells yeah. Both of those. Except now that MELTY BLOOD: ACT CADENZA is in the arcades, I'm moving over to that. Broken doujin fighters + arcade level competition = vampire/schoolgirl knife-fight~!
As far as coming back to the states, well -
It's now the end of spring vacation, here. It passed by pretty quickly, but it would have been hard for me to travel, anyway, because a) it's not a very long break, and b) I would have to miss rehearsals (I'll be in a couple of performances of Grease).
I can't really just take off when there are classes, so my next chance to really travel will probably be this summer. I might go somewhere during the first part of this summer. I don't know where.
At the end of summer, my brother will be coming to visit! So, I may do a little bit of traveling then, but it will probably all be within Japan.
Grant (31 Mar 2005 23:23): Oh, Melty Blood has maids, too. And robots. Robot maids, that is. Also, cat-vampires.
I knew I was leaving something out.
Is this sounding like a great game, or what?
Grant (31 Mar 2005 23:25): And when I said 'cat-vampires,' I really just meant a cuter, be-cat-ear-ed version of the vampiress that's already in the game. Not a vampire house-cat. That would just be silly.
G (23 Jun 2005 0:42): Here is a funny article from a disreputable online newspaper! I know I could have posted it in LinkFest, but there's a strange glee in resurrecting threads, y'know?
m (17 Jul 2005 22:38): google maps now does japan! At least, I think it does -- I have no idea if that's kagawa prefecture or not, since it's <blink>not in fucking english</blink>. man, the fake blink tag is more functional than the real one, which really only served as a "navigate away from this page quickly" tag. kind of like if you could make your webpage smell like poop.
m (17 Jul 2005 22:53): grant, when I maps osaka, in the lower left under the distance key is something that resembles, I don't know, a raccoon head, or maybe the head of a cartoon bear. They're not very detailed about it. What does the caption say?
(18 Jul 2005 11:38): it says "southern port wild bird park"

some sort of bird zoo i guess.
z (18 Jul 2005 11:41): this is zong, by the way.
kagawa is or "fragrant stream" so i think you are in the right ballpark.
Grant (18 Sep 2006 5:09): Got my tickets - looks like I'm going to the Tokyo Game Show next weekend.
m (1 Apr 2007 7:04): Does Japan always do this? It seems pretty shady to me.
G (3 Apr 2007 2:23): That, and the whaling, man.
m (3 Apr 2007 10:40): whaling?
G (5 Apr 2007 6:25): You know that thing where you kill whales and eat them?
That thing that every other country has stopped, and has been condemning for, like, a score of years?
Yeah, that.
G (5 Apr 2007 6:38): Although, for what it's worth, I personally don't know a whole lot about whaling.
I mostly base my negative opinion of it on these two things:
1. Everybody else has stopped, and says it's bad.
2. The JWA basically just says that it's traditional and not hurting anybody, to which I say, 'who cares?' and, 'only because everybody else stopped doing it, jerks,' respectively.
G (5 Apr 2007 6:58): Yeah, it's a sham.
G (5 Apr 2007 14:47): GRZA GOT THE QUAD-POST
G (20 Jul 2007 22:45): I'll be back in Seattle on the 25th!
m (23 Jul 2007 20:32): party at G's place!
G (24 Jul 2007 21:45): Woot!
G (31 Oct 2008 6:52): Lols.
m (31 Oct 2008 10:30): hm. awkward.
m (17 Sep 2013 8:02): hey - tentative plans to head to Japan in Feb. Two week trip. Hokkaido, Osaka, Kyushu (dictated by Kai's dad's work itinerary). Probably in and out of Tokyo where Kai has a cousin who's busy studying for entrance exams, so likely little/no time in Tokyo. Any tips, particularly for the Tokyo -> Hokkaido -> Osaka legs?

Also, I don't know how expensive things are in Japan - how much should we budget for the trip?

Also I want to buy FANCY COOKING KNIVES, please tell me where to go.
G (18 Sep 2013 20:20): Super jealous.
G (19 Sep 2013 0:12): Not sure about knives, really... All I can say is that Kiya is well-known in Japan as a store where you can buy knives. Maybe kinda expensive, but that's true of most well-known/department stores in Japan.