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Robot Installs Drywall

Paul (18 Jan 2005 21:11): Slashdot headline: "Dancing Robot Helps Preserve Japanese Culture". See the videos.
m (2 Jul 2013 7:45): speaking of monthly subscriptions, you guys try The Magazine? I pay my $2/mo without complaint. Articles are good!
m (24 Nov 2013 8:26): Just moved from dd-wrt to openWRT - got a little enthusiastic after swapping out the cable modem for a modern-era docsis 3 model. Now working to reconfigure our public wifi (same router, a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH)

The old setup was to leave the wifi open/unencrypted, plus a few lines for iptables to allow all traffic from certain mac addresses but to permit only certain ports (22, 80, 443, a few others) for the general public (to discourage use of bittorrent, instigated after we got some angry letters from our ISP telling us to put a password on our wifi, which I'm sure doubles as a polite way of saying 'stop stealing movies', in this case Shrek 2)

New setup (attempt) as detailed here: I want a splash screen (ala nocatsplash which I could never get working) just to let people know whose internet they're appropriating with some kind of note about paying for some of it, along with a decent log of bandwidth consumption, a rate cap, and maybe a method to throttle connections. I don't know - if this is something I'm able to do with various scripts talking to tc/iptables, why isn't there a slick application that does this? Why hasn't this caught up with the modern world?
m (18 Jan 2014 8:13): NSA-o-matic
m (11 Mar 2014 7:36): I need someone to do my drywall...
m (6 Apr 2014 8:14): So I ended up doing all of the drywall at Ann's space myself - it was surprisingly(?) difficult. Hanging it (screwing the sheets to the wall) was hard because everything's so heavy, and cutting the drywall is a ridiculous mess, and Ann's new office is in this ancient building where the floor and ceiling don't run in nice planes but dip and wobble all over the place. Mudding/taping (putting this sort of liquid-drywall over the screws and on the seams and corners to make the whole thing look like one continuous surface) was difficult because nothing ever wants to be smooth, and the tape wants to show, and everything generally is just fucked. So it was a lot of work, but we got it done and now the space looks great.

Now the dudes doing our drywall out in Ruston - well it's a much bigger job, but these guys are professionals. The guy who hung everything was really nice, kind of a small dude, but somehow a sort of hercules. His kid (maybe 15yo?) was on spring break so he kind of helped, but I saw the man (Valentin) carrying around big 12ft sheets of drywall on his own, and he worked from 7am until late into the evening. He did a nice job hanging everything, though there are one or two things I wish he had done that he either forgot about or just didn't want to do. Oops. The guys doing the mudding, though - there are three of them and they are a whiny bunch! They want Valentin to come back and do some stuff that they shoulld probably be doing, they want me to do some stuff that they should definitely be doing, they make a ridiculous mess everywhere, they come late and leave early, and they've already ruined a bunch of the leftover drywall that I had plans to use. Nightmare. I want Valentin to come back.