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mike (2 Jun 2004 15:04): ability to see some number of previous posts when posting replies to a topic

a "short view" which displays only topics and date of most recent post, but not actual posts (seems like paging of short view is still important if blog ends up getting long)
mike (2 Jun 2004 15:06): a login to some computer with gcc that's always online - either of you have any ideas? I'm going to lose my yale CS priveliges pretty soon, and all I've got access to right now is a laptop running XP
Paul (14 Jun 2004 4:42): A lightweight web browser for Windoze. Doesn't need to be fully loaded (I can live without Java, etc) but does need to not crash every fifteen minutes on an old machine.
mike (23 Jun 2004 15:54): a job
Paul (13 Feb 2005 20:11): Please to supply a "topic" when "posting"
(13 Feb 2005 20:52): I was just trying it out to semi-break the 'browse by topic.'
G (8 Nov 2005 20:08): I request a Mancalablog RSS feed.
Couldn't be too hard, right?
Paul (14 Jun 2006 7:10): So, if you wanted to buy a wireless access point, what kind would you get and/or how would you ensure that it doesn't have awful-windoze-only-interface or something?
Paul (15 Jun 2006 7:59): This request has now become: if you got a used linksys router which seems to work, how would you reset its admin password so you can actually use it?
Paul (15 Jun 2006 16:21): (The answer turns out to be excruciatingly obvious: hold the reset button for 30s or more, then use password "admin". I didn't think of it myself because the lights flash after 10s of reset-button-ing, making one think it already did as much resetting as it could. This "feature" protects network-breaking goons?)
Paul (2 Aug 2006 13:50): Q: In Mutt, how can I flexibly edit To: and CC: lines (to cut/paste, for example)?
A: Press "E" to edit message-with-headers using vi.
Grant (3 Aug 2006 8:05): What, no emacs?
Paul (29 Jun 2008 13:14): A brand of printer that doesn't do the ink rip-off thing.
G (29 Jun 2008 20:26): You can look into the syringe + ink replacement technology?
m (30 Jun 2008 11:13): At one point Kyocera laser printers were the way to go, but I don't know if that's still the case. "Cost Per Page" being the metric to go by. Also I remember seeing somewhere that they were environmentally responsible, though it seems a stretch for a company whose primary purpose is paper-consuming.
Paul (6 Jul 2008 14:20): Another question: What's it called when a laptop won't do anything at all? I tried and +won't+power+on and everyone says things like, "go in the setup menu diagnostics" which is not feasible when it won't, you know, electrically turn on. By swapping with a working computer, I'm sure the problem is inside the computer, not in the power supply, etc...
m (6 Jul 2008 15:53): 'bricked', perhaps?
R (7 Jul 2008 10:47):
IBM's instructions on testing and replacement of parts. Glancing through it, it seems like you may need a systems board.
These guys claim to fix stuff for $150
No idea how good or bad they are.
R (7 Jul 2008 10:48): FYI, use the search term "no power"
R (7 Jul 2008 11:23): We're all going to assume you've already tried plain AC power, no battery, and plain charged battery (good luck with that...) no AC.

Wait, isn't this the machine that doesn't have a battery? Nevermind then. Do verify the power output of the AC adapter, though. (page 36). Towards the end of the book, there are part numbers that you can search for... looks like a plain 10L1270 logic board (not sure if it's the right one for your model) can be had for $50 + shipping. Don't forget to order a bunch of nylon single-use screws! Also, this is wild speculation, but in some cases I've seen a no power symptom when a CPU card became loose. Good luck!
m (7 Jul 2008 13:44): ooh, loose cpu. I like that diag.
Paul (6 Sep 2008 12:31): A shell script that takes a filename argument, then runs pdflatex on that file with the working directory set to the location of the file. So, for example, typing "mypdflatex path/to/file" would execute "cd path/to; pdflatex file; cd back/where/I/was". The part I need is how to break up the path/to/file into path and file.
m (7 Sep 2008 13:19): zsh does this with builtin parameter expansion flags, something like
echo ${(t)fname}  #y/ttt/hre/ here will get you other filename-string effects
in not-zsh, use something like
echo `basename $fname`  #my non-zsh scripting syntax may be bad
Paul (9 May 2009 11:29): Say, can you "Enable 'FastCGI Support' on in the Dreamhost control panel (Domains -> Manage Domains -> Web Hosting Column, Edit -> Fast CGI Support?)"

This is to make an fcgi loader for Django
G (9 May 2009 18:04): Done
Paul (10 May 2009 19:00): Appears to work---thanks! .fcgi doesn't load, but .cgi loads and runs the fcgi script. I don't 100% understand this, yet.
m (19 Nov 2009 12:16): Satisfied.
Paul: you want me to email you my diffs and you can patch on grza? I know how you hate checking your email. You can always just copy the code from (that's ../bell when you ssh into grza)

Actually, you'll need to change the define(HOME,...) line in blog.php to point to m.grza instead of mike.grza.
Paul (13 Mar 2010 16:04): So it turns out my new goal is to totally overwhelm my monthly support package. Can you create "" for me?
G (14 Mar 2010 1:46): Done!
Paul (16 Mar 2010 17:40): Thank you! If you want to see what's up there now, it's here. It was powerpoint so it only works in IE :(
R (31 Aug 2010 15:31): Shouldn't <blockquote> work? It doesn't seem to.

m (9 Jun 2011 14:19): @G/R/RDex: who's our Top Pot connection? I need to scrounge up food sponsors for polo worlds this year in Seattle.
m (10 Jun 2011 14:05): Was it Ernie? Ernie's lady? Have we still got a top pot connection?
m (10 Jun 2011 14:06): I need some smooth jazz up in this piece!
G (10 Jun 2011 22:39): Ernie's wife, yes. But I don't really know about now - haven't seen them much (at all) since their child appeared.
m (17 Jun 2011 20:49): is there a simpler addon than greasemonkey to give myself a kind of css overlay to web pages? I'm thinking something like a custom stylesheet that could be applied on top of the default one, pattern matched to the page url.

@G Your objection to dashes is what makes me think of this. It would be a one-liner! And I wouldn't even know where to begin with a greasemonkey script.
m (17 Jun 2011 23:40): possibly the answer
m (17 Jun 2011 23:43): Certainly works. Just wrote up a one line "No-dash", but I've disabled it.
I like 'em.
m (14 Jul 2011 9:01): @g, can you set up a database for me on grza? I want to throw something together that's a cross between this and challonge
G (15 Jul 2011 22:54): Sure.
What is even your email address? I kind of want to not post all the info here.
m (12 Apr 2014 9:55): Guys I'm wiring the house for ethernet now - any tips?

Is cat5e good enough or should I have done cat6? (I sort of regret not going with cat6 which would have cost more, yes, but like $20 more. Not enough to whine about.) I ran the incoming coax from the roof down to the basement, then one line each from the basement to the first and second floors - that should be fine, right? I mean, really it's just my computer and the windows-box that are wired and everything else is on the wifi. We sort of forgot about ethernet and I had to pull the wires in a hurry before the drywallers arrived (but after the insulation went in, which meant getting elbow deep in fiberglass. ugh)

Should I buy cheapie keystone jacks from amazon or something name-brand and more expensive? (those fuckers are expensive!)

G/R - you guys have a crimping tool &/or keystone punch-down tool I can borrow?