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tech fun (29 Feb 2008 11:38): For some reason, I found reading about the North American Numbering Plan interesting. There are many technical requirements that go into having hoes in different NPA codes, it seems! And if we had separate NPA codes for mobile users, we might have ended up with a caller-pays system.
(29 Feb 2008 11:38): fuck
MSPA (1 Oct 2012 23:48): So. Nobody besides R & G read MS Paint Adventures. And maybe, that's totally fine. But there are some good bits, I swear. And I will copy/paste them in this topic thread. You can, too! Especially if you are prompted to start reading!

TT: I will be the unseen hand whose nimble digits are behind every subtle twitch in our session's bulbous foam ass.
TT: At least those gyrations not happening by the volition of its own quivering absorbant proboscis.
TT: If you ever need help, Jane. If you're ever in any trouble at all, let me know. Just say the word.
TT: I'll whip the toggle stick of this ludicrous marionette, cavorting its humongous bottom to intercept your freefall through the abyss.
TT: Snowcone you up in the fluffy crook of its cleft. Don't be alarmed if you're in no hurry to unpry yourself.
TT: For the great jut of this impudent rump has more yield to your touch than you ever dreamt. Remember to catch your breath as it cherishes the imprint of your hand like a memento from a lover gone to war.
TT: There's a lot of give to that ass, you may say.
TT: Might like to settle in. Make myself comfortable. Start a family.
TT: Bounce a coin off that ass, you'll demand of visitors. It's not going anywhere.
TT: Bet that coin'll take a good nap there.
TT: It's a gamble you win every goddamn time.
TT: Yeah.

Note the re-use of "coarse". Yeah.
(2 Oct 2012 0:20): "(29 Feb 2008 11:38): fuck"
(2 Oct 2012 0:27): "It keeps happening"
R (20 Dec 2012 11:20): Remember way back in 2008 when I posted about the North American Number Plan, aka NANPA? Well, when I tried to find it again today, I learned there is a japanese term 'nanpa' which means something very different.
Paul (27 Dec 2012 5:22): This led me to a database of exchange names
m (27 Dec 2012 12:49): Mpemba effect?(?!) Leidenfrost effect!
m (27 Dec 2012 23:14): more mpemba
G (3 Nov 2013 17:14): So you guys hear about the news re: mpemba?
m (4 Nov 2013 8:54): Not thrilled with the last two lines (last one is particularly bad), but seems like a cool idea!

It's worth noting that the work isn't peer-reviewed yet, but it does seem to neatly explain the theory. And considering nobody else has a decent explanation, it seems likely to be right.
m (22 Aug 2017 16:45): Hairpin candle column
m (22 Aug 2017 16:46):
m (9 Oct 2018 19:37): Kelly Conaboy (see) writes for The Cut now.

Drop Everything and Read

Paul (3 Sep 2008 18:45): This year I have to find something for my 11th grade students to read each day, for "Drop Everything And Read". So if you find anything good for this, post it in this topic and I'll see about having them read it.
Paul (3 Sep 2008 18:49): (links from Morgan):
students' ideas about discipline
paying students for good AP scores
not enough money for schools
one student describes supporting Obama
skipping school to see Obama
voting issues: Obama v McCain
register to vote!
Paul (6 Sep 2008 5:15): NYT editorial on teen pregnancy prompted by Palin's family
Paul (14 Sep 2008 4:29): Felons can vote at least more than they used to
Paul (22 Sep 2008 15:33): school results in Phila
Paul (5 Oct 2008 5:21): Obama and Racism without Racists
Paul (17 Oct 2008 15:00): Nature alleviates ADHD
Paul (18 Oct 2008 4:23): Obama's advertising spending vs McCain's reaches 4:1 thanks to my donation, I guess, among others...
DK (21 Oct 2008 11:55): Interesting, that's pretty cool. I guess the moral of the story is that if you have ADHD, make sure you live in a green city?

One of the things I really dislike about ADHD is that doctors use totally sketchy measures of attention span. Having something truly quantitative to measure is import...
Paul (17 Apr 2009 13:11): Buffett slams tax system disparities
R (17 Apr 2009 16:40): That's a nice article, but I think I read a different report of the same event, around the time of it's occurrence back in 2007. Hopefully he will be kind enough to publicly discuss his overall taxation rate this year.
Paul (18 Apr 2009 6:25): (lest you misinterpret the meaning of "drop everything and read", it is directed at Bartram students, not m'bloggers)
G (18 Apr 2009 17:07): So you're telling them to drop all their classes?
Paul (20 Apr 2009 3:35): probably...probably.
R (29 Apr 2009 10:48): Torture and Civilization by Kevin Drum
R (29 Apr 2009 13:34): Fatal Distraction
Forgetting a child in the back seat of a hot, parked car is a horrifying, inexcusable mistake. But is it a crime?
Paul (12 May 2009 3:41): "What color is that baby?" A murder at Wesleyan goes on the front of Murders near Bartram don't.
Paul (24 May 2009 19:33): A Prom Divided
R (26 May 2009 10:17): Man... there are certainly some nice individuals in the South, but I cannot say I'd be willing to live there. What the hell.
R (4 Nov 2009 18:07): Can Prosecutors Be Sued By People They Framed?

I'm pretty sure Scalia thinks the answer is no.
Paul (5 Nov 2009 4:05): At least in limited circumstances, yes. Limited circumstances: 'prosecutor':'CIA', 'framed':'framed and tortured', 'sued':'prosecuted in Italy'. I guess it's a start.
R (5 Nov 2009 15:10): I had not heard of that. I have to say, I'm impressed with those judges. Of course, no actual punishment has yet been meted out to the criminals. A start, though.
Paul (21 Nov 2009 10:09): myth of the scofflaw cyclist and philadelphia bicycle insurrection
m (21 Nov 2009 12:25): what's all this about your city councilman and twenty dollars? those bike stories sound horrible.
m (21 Nov 2009 17:18): the next time someone uses the word annular and this makes you grumpy, reply with the equally obnoxious synonym circinate (which I on seeing it thought referred to Circe)
Paul (22 Nov 2009 5:38): ...because if they knew better, they'd say, 'donut-shaped...mmm...donuts...class dismissed'
Paul (17 Dec 2009 4:06): Time to drink bottled water
m (17 Dec 2009 9:48): The arsenic one over here has got to be Tacoma from the old smelter (here's our seattle arsenic fact sheet).
And tetrachloroethylene (perc? what? I've never heard of this.): It's on this "substances monitored but not detected" list, so I guess we're off the hook.
At least we're not under a water boil warning.

I'm looking at the 2008 water quality sheet for Philadelphia, remembering your complaints about all of the organic shit in your tap water, and I see that they give a WHOLLY HUMAN UNREADABLE metric of "Ratio of Removal Achieved Divided by Removal Required [by EPA]" for the Total Organic Carbon category. For no other category is the data obscured like that. Annoying.
m (17 Dec 2009 17:40): new favorite quote, from a Cory Doctorow speech on books and reading (and how the shift from ownership to licensing is such a terrible thing):

I have a 21-month-old daughter, and when she was two weeks old, my mother, who holds a PhD in early childhood education, came to visit us in London, where I live, and she said, Have you stuck your tongue out at her yet? And I said Why, no. And she said, Stick your tongue out at her and watch. And she started sticking her tongue out at Poesy, and Poesy started trying to do the sameshe copied her. Poesy had never seen a mirror by this point. She didnt even know she had a tongue. Thats how deeply ingrained in us copying is. We copy like we nuzzle for the breast. Its right in there at our most fundamental level.
Paul (23 Dec 2009 15:27): Logic exercise: Does
(1) some hospitals spend more than others on patients who die anyway
imply (2) patients will typically die regardless of money spent
m (2 May 2010 9:29): Gail Collins loves teachers!
G (3 May 2010 11:47): Huh.
m (3 May 2010 15:21): This guy starts off whining about the biased and non-causative nature of alcohol studies that tout the health benefits of drinking, and then gives his bar graphs arbitrary ranges (50-100, 50-100, 40-90, 50-100 and 0-90, all percents) to emphasize the differences across demographics. What a dick.
G (3 May 2010 15:23): hahaha.
Seriously, though, Paul, time to hop on the booze train.
G (3 May 2010 15:24): I'm pretty sure that that word means 'smart.'
Paul (5 May 2010 19:46): loquacious! loquacity opacity capacity salacity! burbulurbulurbulurbul
G (5 May 2010 19:52): Oh crap! Don't drink that much, Paul!
m (12 Aug 2010 16:54): McSweeney's picks the best e-reader. My favorite is the bit about pre-installed apps, like "fly swatting" and "making a hat".
R (30 Jun 2011 22:51): "[T]he United States Sentencing Commission, voted unanimously to apply retroactively a new law that brings penalties for crack cocaine offenses more closely in line with those for powder cocaine."
"About 12,000 federal prisoners could now be eligible for reductions, with the average being about three years."
m (1 Jul 2011 16:51): about fucking time.
but, wait, doesn't the constitution say that retroactive laws are no good?
m (1 Jul 2011 16:57): In Article 1 Section 9: no bill of attainder (law finding an individual guilty), or ex post facto law shall be passed. That doesn't apply at all here, in the domain of sentencing mandates/guidelines.
Paul (4 Jul 2011 10:03): I just dug up M's link to a youtube video on the current dilemma of public education from RSA Animate. RSA Animate is an amazing way to teach lessons online. Also check their video on Empathic Civilisation.
m (3 Nov 2014 21:11): yet another article on just how fucked Philadelphia's public schools are
Paul (29 Jan 2015 21:48): Philosophy of free technical support (The original is in German. The questionable machine translation adds to its charm.)
m (16 Apr 2015 8:05): New Neal Stephenson novel, Seveneves - he's got a preview up of the first 26 pages.
m (20 Apr 2017 16:17): On the whole, "Those Who Trespass" is a not a bad potboiler: a love triangle between a detective, a killer, and a journalist; a cat-and-mouse game through a series of four murders, culminating in a large explosion. There are some legitimately, if perhaps unintentionally, comical moments: at one point, O'Malley arrests a teen-ager in a gang called the Bitchin' Boys. But the book is a nauseating read because you know, while reading it, that it was written by Bill O'Reilly.
R (22 Apr 2017 15:02): Dang, I did not realize this was by Jia Tolentino, who wrote a bunch of great stuff at The Hairpin. Also great!


"Van Buren is the only major female character in the novel. (An “unattractive woman” named Hillary appears briefly, before Michaels knocks her out and throws her body out the window into an alley.)"

R (22 Apr 2017 15:11): Build a Better Monster: Morality, Machine Learning, and Mass Surveillance by "Pinboard" Ceglowski

"In a setting where attention is convertible into money, social media will always reward drama, dissent, conflict, iconoclasm and strife. There will be no comparable rewards for cooperation, de-escalation, consensus-building, or compromise, qualities that are essential for the slow work of building a movement. People who should be looking past their differences will instead spend their time on purity tests and trying to outflank one another in a race to the fringes."
Paul (16 May 2017 17:12): The Atlantic's story of a modern slave is hard to stop reading
m (6 Jun 2017 14:55): Agreed, Jia Tolentino is great
G (14 May 2018 12:02): The latest issue of the Ezra Klein podcast is about consciousness and psychedelics; I thought it was pretty interesting. I was going to say, "and it's short!" but I guess it was actually 1.5 hours.

Instant Runoff Voting

Paul (16 Jun 2004 5:03): Whether you already support Instant Runoff Voting or have never heard of it, visit They need 200,000 signatures of registered Washington State voters by December 2004.
The idea is: when you vote for, say, President, you can rank your choices: if your first choice wins, okay; if not, your vote counts toward your second-choice. Cambridge, MA has been using this system for 60 years to elect its 9-member council (the IRV rules for electing to multiple-seat bodies ensure that, say, if 33% of Cambridge wants Republican councillors then the council will include 3 Republicans).
Paul (14 Nov 2004 11:35): Having read a lot at, I no longer strongly support Instant Runoff Voting. They prove not only that Condorcet (pairwise) voting is better, but also that IRV is hideously bad whenever a third candidate is a viable winner.
Paul (14 Nov 2004 12:08): Consider the following fantasy:
44% - 1st:Nader, 2nd:Kerry
22% - 1st:Kerry, 2nd:Bush
33% - 1st:Bush

IRV would say: Kerry has fewest 1st-choice votes, so loses; now Bush wins.

But note that the pairwise defeats here are cyclical. This is an inherent ambiguity of the voters' preferences:
Nader beats Kerry (44% vs 22%)
Bush beats Nader (55% vs 44%)
Kerry beats Bush (66% vs 33%)
Condorcet drops the smallest defeat, Nader's over Kerry, then Kerry wins.

And if the Bush voters ranked Bush, Nader, Kerry? Then
Nader beats Kerry (77% vs 22%)
Bush beats Nader (55% vs 44%)
Kerry beats Bush (66% vs 33%)
dropping the smallest defeat, Bush's over Nader, then Nader would win.
m (15 Nov 2004 0:26): wait - by smallest defeat, you mean defeat in which the victor got the lowest percentage?
m (15 Nov 2004 1:10): Ok. I thought about your description of condorcet for a while, and I'm convinced that in an election with three political factions, no one group can swing the election their way by changing how they rank the candidates (which I initially thought would be the case after looking at your example where bush voters didn't rank the other candidates). I guess two groups can collude and make things go their way indefinitely, but that's the same thing as reducing the number of groups.

When there are more than three, it's confusing.
m (16 Apr 2015 9:57): Bruce Schneier on the problems with this year's Hugo Award:

(1) I think the best choice would be to do nothing. It's not at all obvious that this is anything other than a temporary aberration, and that any fixes won't be subject to a different set of abuses and need to be fixed again. I think the worst situation would be a series of rule changes in a continuous effort to stave off different abuses. I don't think highly of a bureaucracy that tinkers with election rules until it gets the results it wants.

(2) If we choose to ignore (1), the second-best choice is to modify the electorate. The problem isn't the rules of the vote; the problem is that a voting bloc was able to recruit voters from outside the usual community. Trying to fix that problem by changing the voting rules is very difficult, and will have all sorts of unintended consequences.

(3) If we choose to ignore (1) and (2), this is the thread to discuss how to fix the voting rules.

and here's the follow-up where he summarizes possible fixes to the Hugo voting mechanism
m (16 Apr 2015 10:00): But I mostly just wanted to point out that George R.R. Martin's blog IS SECRETLY A LIVEJOURNAL (maybe not so secretly)
m (16 Apr 2015 10:47): BLAST FROM THE PAST

Current Location: Santa Fe
Current Mood: depressed depressed
m (17 Oct 2016 12:40): holy shit I think Maine is going instant runoff


R (7 Apr 2015 5:26): Some fun spitballing by Alan Yates of Valve on potential long range VR improvements
R (11 Jun 2015 0:28): The Night Cafe

I kinda want to try this. Not enough to get a Galaxy S6 and a GearVR, but maybe when the final Oculus Rift is released there'll be a port? I *heard* that there are demo phones one can buy with disabled SIM slots / cellular connectivity. Which could possibly make it worthwhile. Eh, probably not. Still like $400 on eBay. Pfft.
m (13 Jun 2015 18:22): Tycho, yesterday: I would have to use the new Oculus stuff to know how it compares, and what it enables. I think they get to a lot of the same places. I was initially worried that with three players in the space, it would be kind of a mess, but I think I might have been wrong. I think that whats happened is that weve reached the teen years of the technology very fast, and we actually need these beasts to snarl and war with each other if were going to find the path.
R (5 Nov 2015 12:46): Stereoscopic 360 video on Youtube is now a thing! There's also a blog post, but whatever. It's good? Irritatingly, they seem to restrict my phone to it's native screen resolution (720p), which looks pretty blocky all stretched out. Regular 360 videos from Youtube are basically not good on my phone for that reason. But with stereoscopy... it kinda works. Could be better, but still pretty cool.

Also! Available on Chrome! Via red-blue anaglyph, ah ha ha ha. Still good, and if you have a 1080p screen, you can see that setting the quality to 1440p helps significantly.
R (13 Jan 2016 3:24): Budget Cuts, a title in development for Vive using motion tracked controllers.
R (13 Jan 2016 3:28): Oh yeah, I guess also 100ft. Robot Golf for PS4 and PS4VR. Maybe not motion controllers though.
m (11 Apr 2016 18:13): I feel like the conversation for gamers is almost completely about Room Scale, even though most of the best stuff is technically standing only. Oculus will do room shit sooner than later, I'm sure - sooner than they intended to, at any rate. One can almost hear the roadmap contracting. I think their philosophical mission is to make VR a reality as a cultural practice, which was a process they saw as taking a specific amount of time, meeting people where they live, whereas by comparison the Vive basically just has its dick out, spinning like a rotor, generating thrust. Oculus believes, and they are correct, that most people don't have the kind of room a Vive requires. But then you see it, and you're like... how important is a couch.

Reed I just want to make sure you're reading basically all of Tycho's posts these days. Honestly, I just sort of assume you're on the same page as them. How important is a couch, really? Anyway, chime in here with a status update. You got some crazy apparatus all up in this piece? Cause I want to come try it out!


mike (2 Jun 2004 15:04): ability to see some number of previous posts when posting replies to a topic

a "short view" which displays only topics and date of most recent post, but not actual posts (seems like paging of short view is still important if blog ends up getting long)
mike (2 Jun 2004 15:06): a login to some computer with gcc that's always online - either of you have any ideas? I'm going to lose my yale CS priveliges pretty soon, and all I've got access to right now is a laptop running XP
Paul (14 Jun 2004 4:42): A lightweight web browser for Windoze. Doesn't need to be fully loaded (I can live without Java, etc) but does need to not crash every fifteen minutes on an old machine.
mike (23 Jun 2004 15:54): a job
Paul (13 Feb 2005 20:11): Please to supply a "topic" when "posting"
(13 Feb 2005 20:52): I was just trying it out to semi-break the 'browse by topic.'
G (8 Nov 2005 20:08): I request a Mancalablog RSS feed.
Couldn't be too hard, right?
Paul (14 Jun 2006 7:10): So, if you wanted to buy a wireless access point, what kind would you get and/or how would you ensure that it doesn't have awful-windoze-only-interface or something?
Paul (15 Jun 2006 7:59): This request has now become: if you got a used linksys router which seems to work, how would you reset its admin password so you can actually use it?
Paul (15 Jun 2006 16:21): (The answer turns out to be excruciatingly obvious: hold the reset button for 30s or more, then use password "admin". I didn't think of it myself because the lights flash after 10s of reset-button-ing, making one think it already did as much resetting as it could. This "feature" protects network-breaking goons?)
Paul (2 Aug 2006 13:50): Q: In Mutt, how can I flexibly edit To: and CC: lines (to cut/paste, for example)?
A: Press "E" to edit message-with-headers using vi.
Grant (3 Aug 2006 8:05): What, no emacs?
Paul (29 Jun 2008 13:14): A brand of printer that doesn't do the ink rip-off thing.
G (29 Jun 2008 20:26): You can look into the syringe + ink replacement technology?
m (30 Jun 2008 11:13): At one point Kyocera laser printers were the way to go, but I don't know if that's still the case. "Cost Per Page" being the metric to go by. Also I remember seeing somewhere that they were environmentally responsible, though it seems a stretch for a company whose primary purpose is paper-consuming.
Paul (6 Jul 2008 14:20): Another question: What's it called when a laptop won't do anything at all? I tried and +won't+power+on and everyone says things like, "go in the setup menu diagnostics" which is not feasible when it won't, you know, electrically turn on. By swapping with a working computer, I'm sure the problem is inside the computer, not in the power supply, etc...
m (6 Jul 2008 15:53): 'bricked', perhaps?
R (7 Jul 2008 10:47):
IBM's instructions on testing and replacement of parts. Glancing through it, it seems like you may need a systems board.
These guys claim to fix stuff for $150
No idea how good or bad they are.
R (7 Jul 2008 10:48): FYI, use the search term "no power"
R (7 Jul 2008 11:23): We're all going to assume you've already tried plain AC power, no battery, and plain charged battery (good luck with that...) no AC.

Wait, isn't this the machine that doesn't have a battery? Nevermind then. Do verify the power output of the AC adapter, though. (page 36). Towards the end of the book, there are part numbers that you can search for... looks like a plain 10L1270 logic board (not sure if it's the right one for your model) can be had for $50 + shipping. Don't forget to order a bunch of nylon single-use screws! Also, this is wild speculation, but in some cases I've seen a no power symptom when a CPU card became loose. Good luck!
m (7 Jul 2008 13:44): ooh, loose cpu. I like that diag.
Paul (6 Sep 2008 12:31): A shell script that takes a filename argument, then runs pdflatex on that file with the working directory set to the location of the file. So, for example, typing "mypdflatex path/to/file" would execute "cd path/to; pdflatex file; cd back/where/I/was". The part I need is how to break up the path/to/file into path and file.
m (7 Sep 2008 13:19): zsh does this with builtin parameter expansion flags, something like
echo ${(t)fname}  #y/ttt/hre/ here will get you other filename-string effects
in not-zsh, use something like
echo `basename $fname`  #my non-zsh scripting syntax may be bad
Paul (9 May 2009 11:29): Say, can you "Enable 'FastCGI Support' on in the Dreamhost control panel (Domains -> Manage Domains -> Web Hosting Column, Edit -> Fast CGI Support?)"

This is to make an fcgi loader for Django
G (9 May 2009 18:04): Done
Paul (10 May 2009 19:00): Appears to work---thanks! .fcgi doesn't load, but .cgi loads and runs the fcgi script. I don't 100% understand this, yet.
m (19 Nov 2009 12:16): Satisfied.
Paul: you want me to email you my diffs and you can patch on grza? I know how you hate checking your email. You can always just copy the code from (that's ../bell when you ssh into grza)

Actually, you'll need to change the define(HOME,...) line in blog.php to point to m.grza instead of mike.grza.
Paul (13 Mar 2010 16:04): So it turns out my new goal is to totally overwhelm my monthly support package. Can you create "" for me?
G (14 Mar 2010 1:46): Done!
Paul (16 Mar 2010 17:40): Thank you! If you want to see what's up there now, it's here. It was powerpoint so it only works in IE :(
R (31 Aug 2010 15:31): Shouldn't <blockquote> work? It doesn't seem to.

m (9 Jun 2011 14:19): @G/R/RDex: who's our Top Pot connection? I need to scrounge up food sponsors for polo worlds this year in Seattle.
m (10 Jun 2011 14:05): Was it Ernie? Ernie's lady? Have we still got a top pot connection?
m (10 Jun 2011 14:06): I need some smooth jazz up in this piece!
G (10 Jun 2011 22:39): Ernie's wife, yes. But I don't really know about now - haven't seen them much (at all) since their child appeared.
m (17 Jun 2011 20:49): is there a simpler addon than greasemonkey to give myself a kind of css overlay to web pages? I'm thinking something like a custom stylesheet that could be applied on top of the default one, pattern matched to the page url.

@G Your objection to dashes is what makes me think of this. It would be a one-liner! And I wouldn't even know where to begin with a greasemonkey script.
m (17 Jun 2011 23:40): possibly the answer
m (17 Jun 2011 23:43): Certainly works. Just wrote up a one line "No-dash", but I've disabled it.
I like 'em.
m (14 Jul 2011 9:01): @g, can you set up a database for me on grza? I want to throw something together that's a cross between this and challonge
G (15 Jul 2011 22:54): Sure.
What is even your email address? I kind of want to not post all the info here.
m (12 Apr 2014 9:55): Guys I'm wiring the house for ethernet now - any tips?

Is cat5e good enough or should I have done cat6? (I sort of regret not going with cat6 which would have cost more, yes, but like $20 more. Not enough to whine about.) I ran the incoming coax from the roof down to the basement, then one line each from the basement to the first and second floors - that should be fine, right? I mean, really it's just my computer and the windows-box that are wired and everything else is on the wifi. We sort of forgot about ethernet and I had to pull the wires in a hurry before the drywallers arrived (but after the insulation went in, which meant getting elbow deep in fiberglass. ugh)

Should I buy cheapie keystone jacks from amazon or something name-brand and more expensive? (those fuckers are expensive!)

G/R - you guys have a crimping tool &/or keystone punch-down tool I can borrow?

Robot Installs Drywall

Paul (18 Jan 2005 21:11): Slashdot headline: "Dancing Robot Helps Preserve Japanese Culture". See the videos.
m (2 Jul 2013 7:45): speaking of monthly subscriptions, you guys try The Magazine? I pay my $2/mo without complaint. Articles are good!
m (24 Nov 2013 8:26): Just moved from dd-wrt to openWRT - got a little enthusiastic after swapping out the cable modem for a modern-era docsis 3 model. Now working to reconfigure our public wifi (same router, a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH)

The old setup was to leave the wifi open/unencrypted, plus a few lines for iptables to allow all traffic from certain mac addresses but to permit only certain ports (22, 80, 443, a few others) for the general public (to discourage use of bittorrent, instigated after we got some angry letters from our ISP telling us to put a password on our wifi, which I'm sure doubles as a polite way of saying 'stop stealing movies', in this case Shrek 2)

New setup (attempt) as detailed here: I want a splash screen (ala nocatsplash which I could never get working) just to let people know whose internet they're appropriating with some kind of note about paying for some of it, along with a decent log of bandwidth consumption, a rate cap, and maybe a method to throttle connections. I don't know - if this is something I'm able to do with various scripts talking to tc/iptables, why isn't there a slick application that does this? Why hasn't this caught up with the modern world?
m (18 Jan 2014 8:13): NSA-o-matic
m (11 Mar 2014 7:36): I need someone to do my drywall...
m (6 Apr 2014 8:14): So I ended up doing all of the drywall at Ann's space myself - it was surprisingly(?) difficult. Hanging it (screwing the sheets to the wall) was hard because everything's so heavy, and cutting the drywall is a ridiculous mess, and Ann's new office is in this ancient building where the floor and ceiling don't run in nice planes but dip and wobble all over the place. Mudding/taping (putting this sort of liquid-drywall over the screws and on the seams and corners to make the whole thing look like one continuous surface) was difficult because nothing ever wants to be smooth, and the tape wants to show, and everything generally is just fucked. So it was a lot of work, but we got it done and now the space looks great.

Now the dudes doing our drywall out in Ruston - well it's a much bigger job, but these guys are professionals. The guy who hung everything was really nice, kind of a small dude, but somehow a sort of hercules. His kid (maybe 15yo?) was on spring break so he kind of helped, but I saw the man (Valentin) carrying around big 12ft sheets of drywall on his own, and he worked from 7am until late into the evening. He did a nice job hanging everything, though there are one or two things I wish he had done that he either forgot about or just didn't want to do. Oops. The guys doing the mudding, though - there are three of them and they are a whiny bunch! They want Valentin to come back and do some stuff that they shoulld probably be doing, they want me to do some stuff that they should definitely be doing, they make a ridiculous mess everywhere, they come late and leave early, and they've already ruined a bunch of the leftover drywall that I had plans to use. Nightmare. I want Valentin to come back.

Rural Japan ni Ikou

Grant (30 May 2004 18:16): So, I got my contracting prefecture - I'll be heading off to KAGAWA Prefecture this july. It's on the north-eastern part of Shikoku island, just west of Osaka. Check out the prefecture HOME PAGE! Seems a little bit rural, with only a million people in the prefecture (and 300k in the capital city Takamatsu). Anyway, that's the news on my side.
mike (30 May 2004 23:46): wow. bitchin'
I expect plenty of compromising photos of you and schoolgirls.
Paul (1 Jun 2004 5:12): That's really cool--- do you know what town you'll be in, or what grade you'll be teaching, or other such details?
Paul (3 Jun 2004 7:29): I am suddenly reminded of Mr. Anderson's 9th grade World History class: Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu
Grant (4 Jun 2004 20:06): More compromising pictures? Haven't you had enough?
m (31 Mar 2005 11:05): You ever coming back to the states? What are you doing in Japan, again? Teaching English? Setting high-scores on Money Idol Exchanger machines?
Grant (31 Mar 2005 23:22): Oh, hells yeah. Both of those. Except now that MELTY BLOOD: ACT CADENZA is in the arcades, I'm moving over to that. Broken doujin fighters + arcade level competition = vampire/schoolgirl knife-fight~!
As far as coming back to the states, well -
It's now the end of spring vacation, here. It passed by pretty quickly, but it would have been hard for me to travel, anyway, because a) it's not a very long break, and b) I would have to miss rehearsals (I'll be in a couple of performances of Grease).
I can't really just take off when there are classes, so my next chance to really travel will probably be this summer. I might go somewhere during the first part of this summer. I don't know where.
At the end of summer, my brother will be coming to visit! So, I may do a little bit of traveling then, but it will probably all be within Japan.
Grant (31 Mar 2005 23:23): Oh, Melty Blood has maids, too. And robots. Robot maids, that is. Also, cat-vampires.
I knew I was leaving something out.
Is this sounding like a great game, or what?
Grant (31 Mar 2005 23:25): And when I said 'cat-vampires,' I really just meant a cuter, be-cat-ear-ed version of the vampiress that's already in the game. Not a vampire house-cat. That would just be silly.
G (23 Jun 2005 0:42): Here is a funny article from a disreputable online newspaper! I know I could have posted it in LinkFest, but there's a strange glee in resurrecting threads, y'know?
m (17 Jul 2005 22:38): google maps now does japan! At least, I think it does -- I have no idea if that's kagawa prefecture or not, since it's <blink>not in fucking english</blink>. man, the fake blink tag is more functional than the real one, which really only served as a "navigate away from this page quickly" tag. kind of like if you could make your webpage smell like poop.
m (17 Jul 2005 22:53): grant, when I maps osaka, in the lower left under the distance key is something that resembles, I don't know, a raccoon head, or maybe the head of a cartoon bear. They're not very detailed about it. What does the caption say?
(18 Jul 2005 11:38): it says "southern port wild bird park"

some sort of bird zoo i guess.
z (18 Jul 2005 11:41): this is zong, by the way.
kagawa is or "fragrant stream" so i think you are in the right ballpark.
Grant (18 Sep 2006 5:09): Got my tickets - looks like I'm going to the Tokyo Game Show next weekend.
m (1 Apr 2007 7:04): Does Japan always do this? It seems pretty shady to me.
G (3 Apr 2007 2:23): That, and the whaling, man.
m (3 Apr 2007 10:40): whaling?
G (5 Apr 2007 6:25): You know that thing where you kill whales and eat them?
That thing that every other country has stopped, and has been condemning for, like, a score of years?
Yeah, that.
G (5 Apr 2007 6:38): Although, for what it's worth, I personally don't know a whole lot about whaling.
I mostly base my negative opinion of it on these two things:
1. Everybody else has stopped, and says it's bad.
2. The JWA basically just says that it's traditional and not hurting anybody, to which I say, 'who cares?' and, 'only because everybody else stopped doing it, jerks,' respectively.
G (5 Apr 2007 6:58): Yeah, it's a sham.
G (5 Apr 2007 14:47): GRZA GOT THE QUAD-POST
G (20 Jul 2007 22:45): I'll be back in Seattle on the 25th!
m (23 Jul 2007 20:32): party at G's place!
G (24 Jul 2007 21:45): Woot!
G (31 Oct 2008 6:52): Lols.
m (31 Oct 2008 10:30): hm. awkward.
m (17 Sep 2013 8:02): hey - tentative plans to head to Japan in Feb. Two week trip. Hokkaido, Osaka, Kyushu (dictated by Kai's dad's work itinerary). Probably in and out of Tokyo where Kai has a cousin who's busy studying for entrance exams, so likely little/no time in Tokyo. Any tips, particularly for the Tokyo -> Hokkaido -> Osaka legs?

Also, I don't know how expensive things are in Japan - how much should we budget for the trip?

Also I want to buy FANCY COOKING KNIVES, please tell me where to go.
G (18 Sep 2013 20:20): Super jealous.
G (19 Sep 2013 0:12): Not sure about knives, really... All I can say is that Kiya is well-known in Japan as a store where you can buy knives. Maybe kinda expensive, but that's true of most well-known/department stores in Japan.


Paul (28 Sep 2008 8:27): "In the final hours of negotiations, Democratic lawmakers, including Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois and Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota, carried pages of the bill by hand, back and forth, from Speaker Nancy Pelosis office, where the Democrats were encamped, to Mr. Paulson and other Republicans in the offices of Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, the House minority leader."

Huh. Sounds like our nation's leaders aren't up on instant messaging.