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R (7 Apr 2015 0:18): <shaver> I just really want something to show up in the stack trace other than 0x10034fb4
<biesi> write your own debugger ;)
<shaver> that is an unusually unhelpful answer, even for this channel


<jorendorff> The terminology could be better... "finding ways to exploit child Workers", not what i want in my linkedin status


<sdwilsh> we have an nsFixedString?
<sdwilsh> I don't even want to know...
<gavin> we couldn't remove nsBrokenString due to compatibility constraints
<joe> nsUnusedString is used surprisingly often


Killing time looking through Mozilla IRC
s top rated quotes
. Anyone have any other good QDBs I should check out? This one is good but too long to paste here.
R (7 Apr 2015 0:27): I remember most of the first half-dozen pages of's QDB. Why.
R (7 Apr 2015 0:50): "best answers" are a mighty rough proxy for actual quality

Some of my favorite askme threads are the ones where someone's like "should I put my dick on the hot stovetop?" and 99% of the answerers are like "no, please don't do that, you will burn your dick" and the one that gets best answer is like "OP, you DESERVE to put your dick on the stove, I believe in you"
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I am probably going to put a lot of MeFi quotes here. Also, when my RSS links to MeFi, like half the time I mean the comment thread is good.
m (7 Apr 2015 7:42): R: This one is good but too long to paste here.
Hilarious! Uh oh

R: I remember most of the first half-dozen pages of's QDB. Why.
R (8 Apr 2015 5:03):
Deus Ex: Human Revolution sequel?

I never asked for this.
InfoSec Taylor Swift
m (8 Apr 2015 7:52): how to erase holodeck history -- @RikerGoogling
R (21 Apr 2015 5:31): " Never plug in an unknown USB key or cable. Never plug in an unknown Lightning cable. Never touch computers. Everything is a computer. Run."
--Jeff Waugh @jdub
R (20 Oct 2015 2:45): "I’d like to toast the future prime minister of Canada: to Justin Pierre Trudeau” —Richard Nixon
m (21 Oct 2015 11:07): John Oliver's take on the Canadian election (the night before it took place)
(23 Oct 2015 20:30): Wow. We were living in canada during its last election when the libs got creamed. It is amazing how much things can swing in a three party system!
R (26 Nov 2015 17:31):
R (26 Nov 2015 17:33): "War... war changes radically. Eg. the nuclear bomb, that made war pretty different, as you can see about this video game about how it completely transformed the entire world in a way previous type of warfare ever did.

However, it is safe to say that war never entirely goes away — you could argue that"
R (26 Nov 2015 17:34): Mancala quote bugs on preview... mancala quote bugs on preview never changes.
R (26 Nov 2015 17:35): "A lock-picking "pick-lock" lock picker is always handy."
(23 Feb 2016 2:25): well, this sucks. toilet sauna, my chain restaurant where the restaurant is normal but the toilets are very, very hot, just went bankrupt
(24 Jun 2016 17:06): >>Anyone care to explain why Liverpool voted so strongly for Remain?

>Because we know what it's like to be scapegoated for a problem we didn't cause, by powerful assholes who claim to speak for the working class.

That's the harshest description of The Beatles that I've ever seen.
posted by drezdn at 7:18 PM on June 23