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(22 Apr 2008 19:10): ha ha ha ha ha
G (23 Apr 2008 7:33): You should add it.
R (8 Oct 2015 1:20): RFC 5841: TCP Option to Denote Packet Mood
sam (13 Jan 2016 13:49): ...

and my glasses don't look anything like Gendo's, if that was indeed being implied!
G (14 Jan 2016 10:14): Maybe that's your problem!
sam (16 Jan 2016 20:34): Ah, I would like to buy these!
R (2 Mar 2017 19:55): * Never put portable computing devices in your mouth!!
* Never join subcultures predicated on misusing $500 electronic devices!!
* Always have the humility to let a departing bus go!!
And, although this wasn't mentioned, always record videos in landscape orientation!!
Thread Police (3 Mar 2017 9:39): Appropriate use of topic. Please, carry on.
m (3 Mar 2017 9:39): Also: excellent!
m (6 Mar 2017 11:20): A Shaenon Garrity sourced game? What?
m (24 Nov 2017 11:58): from n+1
I live in Philadelphia, where every day, the prospect of Amazon HQ2 competed with the corruption of our most powerful local congressman for the top story. The city unveiled a website dedicated to its bid - more attractive and user-friendly than any other municipal page - that gloried in Philadelphia being the "biggest small city in America."
In comment sections, in conversation, in social media, Philadelphians turned overnight from citizens into urban branding experts. Years of reading Curbed and thinking about “smart cities” had had their effect. Person after person blandly laid out the humble virtues of Philadelphia as a case for Amazon’s noblesse oblige.
By the same token, all cities were forced to realize their basic inadequacy: that ultimately, all their tireless work to cultivate their urbanity amounted to nothing if they did not have Amazon.