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linkfest (7 Aug 2010 4:23): Societal Value of a Good Kindergarten Teacher: about $320,000/year
This Blog (7 Aug 2010 4:26): Evidently this topic is reserved for me, for when I accidentally swap the "name" and "topic" fields.
m (4 Nov 2010 6:42): ay!
Paul (24 Dec 2010 5:44): arriving in Seattle today
G (28 Dec 2010 9:29): Barf.
Have been/am working double shifts (S's and mine) basically all the way until the 31st, when I catch a plane to San Jose.
I'd like to hang out, but I'm not entirely sure when I can.
Paul (21 Jan 2011 6:33): Maybe this is strange to post to mblog, but I'll post it anyway. Gee-gee (my grandmother) entered hospice care on Monday with a large mass blocking her cecum. She's entirely calm and cheerful about it, which makes it easier for the rest of us. She's said for a long time that she's ready to be done living, so now we are able to support her wishes.
G (21 Jan 2011 9:17): Yikes.
Well, congratulations on a race well run.
z (22 Jan 2011 21:50): Sorry to hear that, Paul...
Paul (26 Jan 2011 19:23): Her new quote: "I love the publicity"
m (16 Jun 2013 18:31): poor Philadelphia!
m (10 Aug 2013 8:08): Poor Philadelphia!
m (13 Sep 2013 19:33): Poor Philadelphia!