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m (16 Sep 2008 18:20): Hey, how were her first interviews? Is she holding up to scrutiny / actualy unscripted spoken interaction? (though that first interview was a taped-over-the-course-of-the-preceding-week thing, wasn't it?)
R (17 Sep 2008 14:40): Looks like her next broadcast news interview will be aired Sept. 29th. Looks like she is also taping an interview with Sean Hannity, and will be participating in a Town Hall w/ McCain today.
R (17 Sep 2008 18:20): One of Sarah Palin's Yahoo email addresses got hacked
Password: 'popcorn'
Remember folks, do not use the name of a child or pet as a password.
G (18 Sep 2008 11:35): Popcorn was the new password set by the 'hacker' after answering Palin's security questions. Her original password is unknown.
Paul (20 Sep 2008 2:48): Shit, I didn't know yahoo lets you reset a password to whatever you want just by answering the security questions. I better remove my security questions, if I have any. Most security question systems only allow you to have a new password emailed to your email address on file, not to set a new password directly. If yahoo did this, I think they're highly at fault. (Palin still should do official business through official channels, though.)
Paul (20 Sep 2008 3:01): A third of Republicans surveyed said they "would be concerned" if for some reason Palin had to step in as president.