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Paul (13 Feb 2005 10:56): I came here to mention the Global Consciousness Project, but Grant already did! I guess we have overlapping news sources, or perhaps overlapping consciousnesses?
Grant (13 Feb 2005 16:43): Actually, I have hooked up a Random Event Generator to my web browser - it just kind of posted that by itself.
zong (14 Feb 2005 18:20): well, i don't think they claim to be doing anything anti-causal.
sounds bizarro. they aren't very good at documentation. and if they were serious, they ought to isolate their random sources from any computers or whatever connected to mains power, and shield them from any radiation.
Paul (1 Apr 2005 11:30): I would think the GCP should pick up something about the Pope...
m (2 Apr 2005 15:57): or Mitch Hedberg!
G (1 Apr 2008 0:20): Faaaaaffffbloooooooggggg!!!

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