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Paul (27 Dec 2005 16:03): Apparently my resume triggers a potential employer's spam filter, because it contains "Cum Laude".
DK (28 Dec 2005 21:14): LOL...that's quite amusing. Perhaps you should put 'with honors' in...

Are you looking to stay in Iowa for work?

m (15 Jan 2006 14:30): why does our president say nucular? that's a problem, right?
Because if it is a real word, it means related to pearly shelled mollusks.
m (15 Jan 2006 18:59): (paul thinks that he does it to rub elbows with the common [read: uneducated] man which, I'll admit, is an appealing hypothesis)
m (17 Jan 2006 7:06): oops. So I've had 3-400 spam messages in the last few days in the form of bounces with the from field as my address.
except for this:

From: james riley <snip>
To: [my address]
Date: Jan 17, 2006 9:39 AM
Subject: Automatic response to your mail

Please STOP spamming my mailbox, I want NO e-mail in my
mailbox and do NOT respond or review any mail sent here.
If you do NOT cease and desist, you will be reported as a
SPAMMER to your web host/DNS host and legal authorities.
Thank you.