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New Name

Grant (10 Jun 2004 16:39): I suggest a new name for the blog, more fitting with the actual content:
Alternatively, you could start reading your own web page. Man.
Paul (13 Jun 2004 5:33): Sorry. I graduated this last week and things were hectic...
Grant (13 Jun 2004 22:33): It's cool. I thought that 'no-paul-a-blog' was an awesome pun, though, so I couldn't pass it up.
Paul (19 May 2005 20:33): Looks like has disappeared from I guess that's what sucks about Free DNS: if they offer it free, they have no obligation to keep it available. Well maybe I should buy my own domain, now that they're like $10 a year (right?), it no longer seems obvious that people should have to pool together to get DNS without getting ripped off. Or maybe I should find someone I know with a domain I can get a subdomain off of? Hm.
Paul (19 May 2005 20:36): PS. if you wanted, use for now
Grant (19 May 2005 23:47): You want to put it on Just a thought.
(19 May 2005 23:52): That is... will point here, just for fun.
(when the DNS propagates)
However, if you would actually like to toss the files up there, that can be arranged, too. Or whatever.
Paul (20 May 2005 21:19): Thanks Grant! well, sorry folks, we all have to type seven more letters to get here now, but at least we have a way to get here. (I guess for ten additional chars, you could use, but 26 chars seems pretty long)
Grant (21 May 2005 6:39): Well, if keystroke-scarcity is your metric for awesome-osity, then I've got something else for you:
I don't know, is that better, somehow?
(again, this is pending DNS propagation)
Paul (22 May 2005 6:03): Awesomeosity! 10 keystrokes! btw, are you and me the only ones that can still find this page now?
m (22 May 2005 12:34): tells me "stop searching. happiness is right next to you." it's awesome. also, grza doesn't have that second period, but I think punctuation rules mandate that I stick it there inside the quote instead of after it. I am tremendously vexed by that particular rule. also, is there content beyond the hellsing-styled portrait of you, grant? c'mon, man -- gimme some candy.
Grant (22 May 2005 16:37): Well, yes and no. How's about this?
The Hokochan Wiki and HokoChan? There's, uh, nothing there right now. But I'll try to fix that.
It's just that I've been busy or something ever since I came back from Korea. It's kind of stupid how little I've gotten done, when I think about it.
Grant (22 May 2005 16:38): Oh, right- and there's also an FTP thing set up.
So, I should give you an account and such.
m (24 May 2005 14:41): grza is your own machine running sshd, right? Man, I'll just fill your HD via scp...
Grant (24 May 2005 17:20): Actually, no. I only have one computer at the moment, and it's an iBook. I quite like it, really. I miss some of my desktop amenities, but they're just a faint memory, now.
Anyways, because I have a laptop and stuff, I actually take my computer with me. Every day, to work. So while I thought about setting it up as a server for some stuff (I've got some crazy bandwidth), it might be a little inconvenient, with it only actually up for half the time.
Right now, I have around a 2.5 GB disk quota for, and a bandwidth quota I'm not really worried about.
m (24 May 2005 17:20): grant -- origin of grza? RZA?
Grant (24 May 2005 17:42): Yes, actually.
Embarassing, isn't it?
alex (8 Nov 2008 15:16): CIm82M fkjgh62vDfulv0s5FvSa
G (8 Nov 2008 15:34): Wow. Pretty funny, really.

Maybe mancala needs a pseudo CAPTCHA field for posts.
Something like: "In this field, type the name of the animal that symbolizes peace. Four letters."
alan (10 Nov 2008 1:11): 8HJhG5 blkOpwF7nnBsJ42K7La
Paul (10 Nov 2008 3:32): Maybe I could use some kind of honeypot like Mike suggested...a hidden field that must be left blank...
Paul (10 Nov 2008 3:34): That was Grant's suggestion, wasn't it. Not Mike's...
mike (10 Nov 2008 8:52): 8HJhG5 blkOpw

(a) Change the labels so the spam-bots don't catch on that this is a message-board.
(b) Add an invisible honey-pot field.
(c) Change your robots.txt to read "Disallow: spam"
G (10 Nov 2008 16:22): d) Add a captcha, or a fake captcha. I imagine that the latter would be equally effective as the former, and would be fairly easy to implement.
m (10 Nov 2008 20:18): Fake-captcha honey-pot field.
G (11 Nov 2008 1:30): I guess I didn't mean 'fake,' I really meant 'trivial.'
It doesn't have to be randomly generated or anything.
Just a single field with a known, correct answer.
m (11 Nov 2008 14:18): Quick! Fix!
G (11 Nov 2008 15:07): :(
G (11 Nov 2008 15:08): What's the frowny equivalent of :3 ?


It's gotta be 3: , right?

G (11 Nov 2008 17:40): New name: Spamalablog.
R (11 Nov 2008 19:29): Personally, I'm fond of :C
m (5 Aug 2013 17:15): Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names