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R (12 Sep 2008 22:20): “There aren’t too many men that can go after Ray-J. The man’s got a huge meat okay. He’s short the man is packing know what I’m saying. He’s got length on him, he’s got length…I got the width, shit is wide. It’s just, he got a foot on him, he may have a foot on him. Much respect Ray. Man to man no homo. I know when respect is due…man is swanging. Ya’ll seen that shit, ya’ll know the man is swanging.” —T-Pain
m (27 Dec 2008 13:07): Thinking of switching to dreamhost. Current (cheap) host doesn't even give me secure smtp, which I guess gmail does, but still. When checking in Dreamhost's support section, I was linked to their Dec 2005 newsletter:

2. Secure SMTP for all!

Yo, where's the email sendin'?
SMTP, dude!

Let's support SSL so true haters can't snoop.
I prefer TLS!
That's a good one too.

Gmail is the best!
True that! Double true!

You may get a warning.
Step on it sucka!
What you want to do, custs?
Just click okay, mutha-----s!
G (29 Dec 2008 14:47): Since I already use dreamhost, I would totally be happy to give you some webspace, a subdomain, or an email address or whatever.

But if you want your own account, you should let me give you an affiliate code so I get a kickback. We can even share it.
m (31 Dec 2008 19:55): Sounds good. If I do end up subscribing, I'll be sure to let you know beforehand.
Paul (6 Mar 2010 8:14): seems to have moved from to Okay, my files were moved. But I can't find any of my email. Is this a bug? Is my email still saved somewhere?
G (6 Mar 2010 10:12): If you have files that point to /home/.BLAH/dex it should point to /home/dex instead.
If you have stuff that points to it should point to or instead.
Check here for more details.
G (6 Mar 2010 10:15): Although I suspect that perhaps this is the issue.
Let me know if you'd like to have your email forwarded to a shell account.
Paul (8 Mar 2010 18:28): Thanks for the info---Yes, it looks like "this" is the issue, as they say, "on Server Moves formerly linked accounts become IMAP/POP only, possibly breaking your e-mail configuration."

Hm. So I have two open items.
1. I would like to get back an archive of all my old mail, which was previously in ~/Maildir (although I now understand that Maildir may have been a phantom directory linked from elsewhere). If I knew it would disappear on 3/4, I would've just made a copy on 3/3, but, well, that's life.
2. I'm not sure how to use the new setup. My grza login doesn't work on nor on, so I can't follow the directions to configure it.
Paul (10 Mar 2010 20:46): (bump) I feel like I shouldn't complain about grza, since it's awesome free hosting with no problems for years until now. but. I would like to get my email archive back, and I don't understand how to do it...
G (10 Mar 2010 21:43): ~/Maildir, you say.
Hm. Yes, if it were in your home directory, I'd think it would still be there. I guess the question is - where was it pointing?
2. -> You should be logging in to the domain name your email is at, I believe. So if your address is, you should just be logging into And your mail server would be I think.
3. -> I've submitted a support request, will you be receiving mail sent to dex in the present/future?
G (10 Mar 2010 22:44): Should be moved into your home directory now, as per the email.
I hope you can get everything worked out. Continue to post here, or perhaps send further issues as a reply to the email you hopefully got.
Paul (11 Mar 2010 19:25): Archive was restored --- thank you!! I just went in and appreciated some of my old emails. I'm so pathetic, I only appreciate them after they were lost.

No luck with or other web addresses. I redirected my pgd@ address to forward to gmail instead, so I'm okay for now.
G (11 Mar 2010 22:29): If you are trying to log in to those servers, no, that will not work. They are separate from your shell account, so you can't log in to them. You should still be able to use them for POP3 or IMAP, but that's it.
R (12 Mar 2010 10:13): Appreciating old mail is not pathetic!
Paul (13 Mar 2010 16:00): So following instructions I put this in .muttrc:
  set spoolfile=imaps://
  set folder=imaps://
  Password for
  Logging in...
  Login failed.
G (14 Mar 2010 1:58): Okay, uh, I dunno.
You've probably looked into this, but logging in for IMAP with other clients does or does not work?
Obviously you can log in for other stuff, so I'll just assume you know your password. Hm.
G (15 Mar 2010 19:07): If things still aren't working, let me know what relevant info you would like me to put in the support request. I was just, initially, wondering if it was a mutt issue, a Dreamhost issue, or a Dreamhost wiki documentation issue.
Paul (16 Mar 2010 17:38): I haven't tested much yet, but I think the issue may be simply that I need a reset of my IMAP password. I'm just trying to use my shell it expected to be the same?
G (17 Mar 2010 1:46): That might be the issue. If you would like, I will reset your password. Seems like a good thing to try.
Maybe email me a temporary password, and I'll set it to that?
Something that nobody would guess... like your middle name, the street you grew up on, and your mother's maiden name, maybe?
G (19 Mar 2010 11:49): But if you don't want, then I will do nothing.
It just seems kind of bad to reset peoples' passwords without their asking.
G (23 Mar 2010 14:22): So hopefully things are just peachy and hunky-dory now...?
m (23 Mar 2010 15:55): Paul's fonts are acting up again. He can't check mancala.
R (24 Mar 2010 0:34): But, there's always links! Or is the MC layout *too brutal* to navigate in text mode?
R (24 Mar 2010 0:35): Maybe he could just use the browser in that old iPod touch? Whatever happened to that thing?
m (27 Mar 2010 10:19): I'd like to quiet all this text-mode shit talk with an observation:
elinks has table- and frame-rendering, tabbed browsing, colors, a download manager, support for external image-viewing apps, support for pre-processing of pages with a number of scripting languages, arbitrary keymapping.

Everything you wanted, and more. Except fonts. Which paul didn't want anyway.