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Grant (23 May 2005 18:30): Well, anyway, I like Mirah, and have since my brother introduced me to her stuff a few years back ('you think it's like this but really it's like this'-album). Hokey? Well, yes, maybe. But a lot of music is, when you get right down to it...
And then about a week ago I found out that some other JETs here in Kagawa like Mirah, too! They are very cool, and first heard her play in her other band 'The Microphones.'
Also, let me re-iterate that we should set up an account for you on my ftp thing. I've already made the account, actually, and just have to create a link in it to the shared area, then get you the log-in info. Do you ever use GAIM or whatever these days?
Grant (23 May 2005 18:32): I'm not a big fan, but 50-cent (w/ The Game) has this great song called Hate It Or Love It. I hear the G-Unit remix is good, too. I'm sure it's crazy big-time over there, but I only heard it a month ago (another JET here is a big 50 fan... then she gave me a copy of his album The Massacre, and I wasn't very impressed, honestly.)
sam (21 Aug 2005 0:05): so, i've just now noticed that "the critics" really love beck. and mark really loves beck. so how come i can't force myself to love beck? and what kind of name is beck anyway?
m (5 Oct 2007 12:58): Sharon Jones: Delectable.
G (5 Dec 2007 21:54): Hey Paul, you heard of the Blue Scholars? I thought maybe this (old) song would appeal to the peace-monger in you.
m (5 Oct 2008 8:32): G/R, I need a good listen-to-on-repeat breakup album; your musical expertise suggest anything for inclusion?
In other news: Just dumped. It's shitty.
G (5 Oct 2008 15:08): Sorry to hear it man.
I don't have any new music since years ago. Then again, what could be better than listening to music that's really old. grza slash mm. depending on when you look may still be in progress.
G (10 Oct 2008 7:35): Will delete the mp3s in a week or so.
m (10 Oct 2008 12:41): for some reason it was hard for me to find them.
G (27 Oct 2008 0:16): I was thinking of this little remix the other day.
m (31 Oct 2008 0:38): Kimya Dawson: quirky lofi, cute lyrics. I think she's from Port Townsend. Featured prominently in the Juno sountrack (I disliked that movie pretty solidly). You guys know her? Her music, I mean.
G (31 Oct 2008 6:52): Yeah, we've got a few CDs.
G (30 Dec 2008 7:54): Lucky Star OP theme has crazy bassline, even if you can barely hear it.
Youtube provides evidence. Also, this.
G (30 Dec 2008 7:56): I didn't mean to link there. I meant to link here.
G (30 Dec 2008 8:00): Oh, I guess he might not be a very normal guy. Hey, I recognize that music...
m (31 Dec 2008 19:55): Lucky Star?
m (14 Jan 2009 1:32): Just picked up Fiona Apple's most recent Extraordinary Machine. Like it lots.
m (11 Mar 2009 20:41): new Mirah(!)
Up in FTP-Share!
m (13 Apr 2009 11:00): Finally sat down and listened to the new Mirah. Unenthused.
R (13 Apr 2009 14:06): I was sad that my initial favorite track was her third recording of 'While we have the Sun'. She did have a dance version of 'The Garden' that was pretty good.
R (27 Jun 2009 16:27): Quasi played a show at Vera this last Thursday. They played as a three piece (extra bass) with no keyboard. The set was pretty close to this one from the 18th. Although they also played Classical Gas and "Sugar" from R&B Transmogrification. Also, the song listed as "Eternal Life" is actually "Heaven & Hell" by The Who.
G (22 Dec 2009 16:30): The discordant part here made me think of, like, LA Style.

That's all.
m (12 Jan 2010 11:23): not my favorite, no.
G (12 Jan 2010 19:44): Yeah, but did you hear the English TECHNO REMIX VERSION? It's appalling.
G (12 Jan 2010 20:03): I was also surprised by just how badly some of the music wanted to be Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries. It was so similar, it was really distracting. They should have just used Flight of the Valkyries instead of copying it so blatantly.
G (12 Jan 2010 21:03): Also: Why don't we turn her into a human? If Sosuke's love is real, she'll lose all of her powers. And if it's not, then she'll turn into sea foam! Wait - what?
m (13 Jan 2010 16:06): nothing says spurned lover like sea foam
G (3 Feb 2010 3:17): Hey, I finished (?) making a VGM pack for Phantasy Star Adventure. The rest of the game is pretty unremarkable.
Paul (7 Feb 2010 6:12): What is the song that goes, AC..D----------.DE..A-----------? I need "search by melody" somewhere.
G (8 Feb 2010 7:06): I can't even read music. I need, like, an audio clip of you humming the melody.
G (10 Feb 2010 21:35): I heard if you listen to stuff like this for long enough, you can go crazy. I'll keep you posted.
R (31 Aug 2010 12:20): The Thermals have a new album out, "Personal Life". It's pretty good! (If you like The Thermals). Standout tracks for me are ... well, I like all the even tracks, and number three, "Never Listen to Me", and maybe number one, "I'm Going to Change Your Life" also. Anyway, that and their Record Store Day 7" track, "Separate" are on teh eff-tee-peezz. Date-Modified-Sort-Crew reprezent.
R (31 Aug 2010 12:24): Also up is their last album, "Now We Can See", which is good but not AS good, IMHO. Although "When We Were Alive", "Liquid In, Liquid Out", and "You Dissolve" are all fun tracks. Not to mention the title track, which has been dulled a bit by repetition for me, but is easily the most "catchy".
R (31 Aug 2010 15:23): And if you like 'em, buy 'em! Easy to do these days, what with Amazon and iTunes. And Amazon doesn't put user identification in the MP3s they sell (Apple does). I bought mine from the record label, and they'll send you a download link as soon as your card clears. It was super convenient!
Oh, and I guess that it's not out yet, so KRS is the *only* way to fly right now. I dunno, I was reading someone's comment on D-KOS, and they made the (often given lip-service, but rarely teased-out) point that one of the methods that concentrates wealth among the wealthy (redundant!)is purchasing from large chains, and it (just then) occurred to me that buying direct from a PDX label was a lot cooler for our local economy (and probably the artist) than buying from Amazon or what have you. Anyways, "buy local". Also, they're playing Bumbershoot on this Monday night. Also playing Monday — Laura Veirs.
R (31 Aug 2010 15:30): And lastly(!), posting this album is almost like fulfilling M's request from 2008 for breakup music. Sorry about the delay, there.

I did try to find appropriate music, but I realized that pretty much my entire music collection thematically revolves around "not getting over it." and thus I didn't have anything helpful to send. On that tip, track three from NWCS "I Let It Go", while not my favorite song has a pretty strongly worded chorus that might have been good:

I looked my fear in the eyes.
I looked at the water below.
I knew I could love or die.
I let it go. (x4)
m (1 Sep 2010 18:32): Well, now I'm in China, so no Laura Veirs nor Thermals for me. Boo!
But on the plus side: I'm in China!
G (8 Sep 2010 14:05): Personal Life is great. Gonna listen to the other album next.
G (4 Apr 2011 19:28): "Taco to my Bell," sung to the tune of "Stomp it to my Beat"
R (4 Apr 2011 20:27): Oh god, link plz.
R (4 Apr 2011 20:28): Seasoned meat'll come stormin' in, ground beef ground beef.
R (27 Jan 2012 13:29): I've been enjoying Blouse recently.
Into Black
R (27 Jan 2012 13:33): Might want to watch Videotapes before MINOLTA SUES IT OUT OF EXISTANCE!!1
m (3 Jan 2013 16:58): Platinum? It's a pretty great song. And I guess the second-ever rap single from Seattle to go platinum? That's cool. Did you guys know Ben? We played soccer together. Was he at Garfield?

Also: the first is exactly what you think it is.
G (3 Jan 2013 18:30): Yeah, although I don't know if its my favorite of his. It is good. And yeah, he went to Garfield. Class of, like, 2002 I wanna say?
G (17 Aug 2013 23:07): If you like the music in Fez and haven't bought it (;_;), you can pick it up as part of a bundle. Some other good stuff in there, too.
m (18 Aug 2013 7:36): Interesting. Any sense of the stuff in that $10 section? And what are those FZ size F/Z two?
G (18 Aug 2013 14:33): You can click on the albums at that web page and listen to the tracks, so there's no real need for speculation.
The FZ albums are mostly not that good IMO, but there's a few good tracks.
m (18 Aug 2013 18:08): clicking! sure enough.
R (10 Apr 2014 3:28): So, I got a haircut this afternoon and I heard a song I kinda liked during the haircut. The vocals were kinda auto-tune-y / filtered, and I only heard a couple of lines with any degree of confidence. I think to myself: "Remember these lyrics, and look them up when you get home." As I am trying to sleep, I remembered that there was a song I was going to try to find, and I drag back the words I was trying to remember, and I google and there are two plausible candidates (really generic lyrics), and hey, there's a music video on Vimeo. Damn, this basically never works.

Anyway, Neu Chicago is an OK song in the kinda cheesy electro / dance / romance / pop vein.
R (3 Jun 2014 7:43): Re: this post from 2008, when I listen to the
R (3 Jun 2014 7:43): Re: this post from 2008, when I listen to the Dallas theme, I can't help but imagine someone in cowgirl drag thrashing out the funky bassline. #OhYeah
m (8 Jun 2014 20:12): Ha! I missed the original post, but thumbs up to both crazy japanese bassist and cowgirl-drag Dallas bass-line fantasy. That said, how often do you listen to the Dallas theme, really?
R (11 Jun 2014 12:29): A wild single from the New Pornographer's next album approaches!

It's pretty good!

Kinda wall-of-sound-ey, I'm liking it.
R (18 Mar 2015 23:25): Clams Casino - I'm God
Apparently this is the instrumental version of Lil' B's I'm God, which is terrible. But this is good.
R (18 Mar 2015 23:29): OCDJ - Live at The Coward Shoe 9-10-2013
Has a some things that weren't on any album. Some are good! Actually the whole thing has grown on me a bit.
R (18 Mar 2015 23:30): "Got my pistol in my pants / rocks in my drawers / holla "Whoop whoop!" homie if you see them laws"
m (20 Mar 2015 15:43): like that clams casino
m (16 Apr 2015 15:42): OH SNAP

R (4 Jul 2015 11:56): Sometimes I wonder if I should make a Neil Cicierega topic.

R (4 Jul 2015 11:58): This is a much better new Neil C. track. I don't know why I posted the last thing.
R (5 Oct 2015 18:38): New Neil Cicierega thing on Youtube - Aaron. Catchy.
sam (6 Oct 2015 18:34): I'm digging this song lately (it is 2013)
G (24 Jan 2016 22:19): So smash mouth continues to be a thing.
G (24 Jan 2016 22:36): I knooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
m (25 Jan 2016 12:24): Smash the Past
m (25 Jan 2016 12:25): (No longer a thing)
R (12 Mar 2016 16:52): Have y'all checked out the new Lemon Demon album out yet? Lemon Demon is Neil Cicierega, of Mouth Sounds / Silence "fame". It's good! (IMHO). I didn't really like his previous LD albums all that much, but it seems to finally gel here. Mostly... occult-themed? Like a weird DEVO / We Are Scientists scored X-Files Monster of the Week / OG Deus Ex thing? I could badly describe the themes in more detail, or you could just listen. No-Eyed Girl is my favorite, I think. But the whole thing seems pretty decent, and a number of initially unappealing tracks have grown on me and the whole thing is fairly meticulously constructed.
Paul (17 Aug 2016 19:03): For those who don't see what I post on facebook, I wouldn't want you to miss "duet for French horn and squeaky chair"
m (24 May 2017 8:59): New Feist album?
r (3 May 2018 3:53): Nullsleep is on calculators now.
M (4 May 2018 0:03): Nullsleep?
R (8 Jun 2018 6:10): A mostly GameBoy-based chiptune artist that G introduced to me in high school, IIRC. Just sorta funny to see his name come up again, doing a very slight iteration on his stuff back then. An unexpected hit of continuousness.
m (9 Jun 2018 11:19): need link!
m (10 Jun 2018 20:25): Wait was that a month late answer to my nullsleep question? Yeah!

Good Music

m (14 Aug 2004 21:57): teh good: Ugly Casanova
well - good if you like Modest Mouse (also real good)
m (3 Jun 2005 10:48): Mirah, Ben Gibbard, Elliott Smith, Calexico, Nick Drake, Low
I guess I got a little lazy with those links.
sam (8 Jun 2005 23:37): three interesting reads. especially for somebody like me, who missed out on music during the second millenium.
m (9 Jun 2005 10:15): jesus. KLF is tremendously bizarre. I'd never heard of them.
G (9 Jun 2005 23:34): Seems crazy that you'd have missed out on the early-high-school-years single 'Justified and Ancient.'
'All bound for moo-moo land,' anyone?
sam (10 Jun 2005 8:35): ... there is at least one cow in scotland, at least one side of which is black.
R (4 Oct 2015 19:37): The Mountain Goats have a new albumen out, "Beat The Champ" (wrestling themed, obvs). It's pretty great, have had it stuck in my head for weeks now. The Legend of Chavo Guerrero has a music video, Heel Turn 2, that and Foreign Object are probably my other favorites from this album.
R (4 Oct 2015 19:45): Also, Chavo Guerrero is a real person, which I just found out today. Neat.
R (18 Oct 2015 4:09): Bob James - Take Me to the Mardi Gras — check the list of songs that sampled this, gawd damn.