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z (15 Jul 2005 18:12): Chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting currently being investigated for asserting political control over content.
Paul (10 Dec 2005 19:31): gotta love anti-terrorist comedy based on "The Three Stooges"
Paul (10 Dec 2005 19:43): Guess I'm quote-happy or something, but this one is a gem: "...reality has always been America's greatest enemy in Iraq."
Grant (11 Dec 2005 21:55): Fafblog is the best. The best, and I wanted desperately to link to that one myself, but I'm happy just knowing that we're all reading it.
m (11 Jan 2006 11:39): Larry Lessig is going to give a virtual talk on Second Life in a week, but sadly (for you, paul) they have no native linux client.
Actually, second life looks totally crazy. But not necessarily in the good way. Just crazy. Thriving online currency exchanges? What?
Paul (11 Jan 2006 14:25): In fact, Second Life has such no-linux-support, that I can't view its website in Firefox on my highly standard "stable" Debian system. I have the same problem with Friendster's website. This is not so cool.
m (11 Jan 2006 16:17): It has some google-maps-style interface on the main page, which I assume is the thing that is fuxing your browser. are you cool with java applets (I cringe to type that word) or is that the problem?
Grant (12 Jan 2006 17:04): Speaking of which: More news from the Mac Ghetto (previously iGhetto)!
So, Google Earth for OS X was released a few days ago. It's pretty cool, but I guess you already knew that, huh?
Paul (20 Jan 2006 19:08): My Firefox is now fixed, so I can load,, etc., that wouldn't load before! The solution: mv ~/.mozilla ~/mozilla-broken; echo doh.
Paul (25 May 2006 4:14): Say, does anyone know what's happened to Fafblog recently? How can I stay informed about major world events without Fafblog?
Grant (25 May 2006 19:29): It's true. Fafblog was a media watchdog, and we're all lost without it.

Well, I check Talking Points Memo, now (Thanks, R!). It's good for news, but it's just not the same.
Paul (26 May 2006 5:37): Is that the same Matthew Yglesias that used to write incoherent editorial opinions about anti-war protests in college?
Grant (29 May 2006 17:31): Well, he was a 'guest blogger.' Now Josh Marshall is back!
Paul (30 May 2006 4:58): WTF? As J.M. notes, this "is very much the sort of thing the constitution means to prohibit."
Paul (15 Jun 2006 16:16): Check it! Fafblog is back, complete with Balloon Animal Jesus.
Grant (15 Jun 2006 18:42): Yeah! I saw that! I'm happy to have them back. But, then again, I don't miss many updates on my regular sites because I'm using an RSS feed reader to check them, now. It's really great, and I highly recommend it. It saves me lots of time that I'd spend checking pages that haven't been updated. That time is then filled by reading updates I would have missed.

Here's Fafblog's RSS feed, by the way.
m (16 Jun 2006 2:59): paul, where's mancala's feed?
R (16 Jun 2006 18:11): M, mancala's feed is at scp://


Also, here is the biggest p0r|\| site I've ever seen!
m (19 Jun 2006 6:03): Yeah, my mom _always_ checks my "don't look here mom" directory. Damnit.
Paul (13 Jul 2006 18:08): Thwarted? Don't forget to file a writ of neener neener.
Paul (27 Mar 2008 15:53): Anyone know how to get streaming radio on Linux? Like, I don't insist on getting _every station_ that's available with WMP and Realplayer, but I'd like to get *something* with mplayer. Mplayer seems semi-capable of playing .ra streams, but I can't actually find any .ra streams that actually work. (I did get BBC to eventually stream me a 1-second audio clip saying "Sorry we can't bring you the program." Just use this command:

mplayer `curl`
m (28 Mar 2008 8:31): I've never had problems with mplayer and streaming npr -- but my machine with mplayer is off-the-net now -- what are your symptoms?
m (28 Mar 2008 8:32): I've never had problems with mplayer and streaming npr things -- but my machine with mplayer is off-the-net now -- what are your symptoms?
m (28 Mar 2008 16:24): fuck! and then I posted to complain about the internet and how I took every effort to make sure I wasn't double-posting, and that post got swallowed up.
Paul (31 Oct 2009 17:33): Believe it or not, I'm now watching the world series streaming live on my old computer running Debian Etch! I followed these steps:
1) Find the world series on, and view source to get the sop:// address
2) Download some dangerous binary from
3) Run the dangerous binary (as a sandbox user...I'd rather use a chroot for this, or better still, another machine) as:
./sp-sc-auth sop:// 6666 6667 > /dev/null
where 6666 and 6667 are arbitrary unused ports
4) mplayer http://localhost:6667/tv.asf
m (5 Dec 2015 9:20): TheAwl link from Reed
Long article, but pretty great: Trump, Kotaku, the new Star Wars, Nicki Minaj, that Missouri protest debacle -- it covers a lot of ground tying things together!