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G (18 Jun 2004 21:20):
G (18 Jun 2004 22:20): Well. This one's the king of all time, of course. I just assumed you'd seen it.
R (20 Jan 2010 1:40): "Seattle Police Department Rolls Out Fixie Unit"
R (20 Jan 2010 1:41): And that should have read: "fixed link"
R (20 Jan 2010 1:43): The french have a term for it: "L'esprit_de_l'escalier".
m (20 Jan 2010 12:57): watch out!
m (20 Jan 2010 12:59): god damnit, wrong link.
Paul (22 Jan 2010 19:57): Hey - it's a video I can watch! Only thanks to "youtube-dl". But it's all in Chinese so I can't understand it. But I think I can tell the late night hosts apart, but maybe not. Also, the Chinese is very clearly spoken and carries Chinese subtitles at the bottom, so if I spend some time with a dictionary I could probably understand it. Hm.
G (25 Jan 2010 10:38): Is there a vimeo-dl?
And could you just watch the HTML5 version of youtube instead of mucking around with flash these days?
m (25 Jan 2010 14:27): Tickets to Iceland are cheap right now.
Just bought a pair at $583/ea for a trip with Ann to Belfast with a three day stopover in Reykjavik. Woo!
m (28 Jan 2010 11:19): My polo bike was stolen yesterday evening from the back of my truck.
According to a drunk neighbor, it was abandoned a few blocks away (I mean, it doesn't exactly have any brakes), but it was gone when I looked for it about an hour after the fact.
Pic here.

Paul (26 Apr 2010 18:23): wtalk working in under 2 minutes, just edited the server locations at the top of the scripts.
G (27 Apr 2010 20:18): I think it would be cool if when you used that, it would save the log, and people could read what had been said before.
But maybe you could just show, like, messages from the last week?

And the white background is kind of boring.
I was thinking maybe you could go with like a sort of pinkish tan white-person's-skin color.
Then you just need a catchy name like Kalah...
R (28 Apr 2010 0:16): Do you like, pre-arrange a time to chat? Or just stay in the chat room, waiting? How exactly is this supposed to work?
G (28 Apr 2010 4:37): Call them on the phone and tell them to log on...?
m (29 Apr 2010 10:16): zing!
Paul (29 Apr 2010 20:09): The easiest way is to open two different browser windows and chat with yourself. Note that the only security is your username, so if you use a name like "grza", others can read what you write, but if you pick a more obscure name like jbkmqwbq then they probably won't see it.
R (29 Apr 2010 21:24): The easiest way to... type shit in a window? GOT THAT ONE HANDLED, THANKS ANYWAY
R (30 Apr 2010 15:06): But wait. If I opened a few windows, with all the usernames I know, and left them open, eventually I could chat with someone? I guess at that point, the confusing part is remembering what username corresponds to which window. Also, if I had these empty chat windows in tabs, I'd have to be pretty lucky to notice when someone was trying to chat.
R (30 Jun 2011 22:44): Nobody seems to be on wtalk these days.
m (4 Nov 2014 22:01): you guys listening to Serial?