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Grant Laughlin (8 Jul 2004 20:05):
Paul (9 Jul 2004 9:01): Thanks for posting odd links! Seriously, it gives me something to do when on the internet. "In Train Simulator 1.0...When the train crosses switches or climbs a steep hill, the engine may separate from the cars....Resolution...Method 1: Install the Train Simulator update"
All I can say is, it's a good thing Microsoft doesn't build real trains
Grant (9 Jul 2004 20:48): Have they gone too far?
Grant (10 Jul 2004 16:43): Okay, what about now?
m (12 Apr 2005 22:42): awesome (may have some NSFW banners)
Grant (14 Apr 2005 1:49): How's this for awesome?
Specifically, note the last entry in the yellow box on the right.
Are oh eff ell, lesser than three!
sam (19 Apr 2005 9:05): i always knew i needed a mac. but now that the offer the korn shell, i don't think i can function without one!

seriously, that whole site is hilarious. the sad part is that it's addressed essentially to me; i'm a swap-capping-elite-emacsing-korn-shell-junky.
DK (19 Apr 2005 13:26): Are you sure that isn't super 1337 m4c use?
Grant (19 Apr 2005 23:15): I know you're just kidding about it, but I'll point out that it's not like they've done something ridiculous and made korn standard. Instead, they've only just now included it.
Grant (19 Apr 2005 23:18): Also, using a Mac instills the amazing power to actually care about processor speed-bumps, and to consider them somehow newsworthy. It also allows you to get more of the jokes on As the Apple Turns. Worth it, right?
sam (20 Apr 2005 9:25): seriously, though, i keep thinking i want a mac. do i? i'm worried about having to pay for the operating system (and updates) and i'm also worried about having all the software i would need. i'm not very good at pirating or porting or figuring stuff out.
DK (20 Apr 2005 9:39): Why not just use Linux on PPC?[hardware][apple]=1

Although to be honest, I think it's pretty silly to get a Mac when you could get a pSeries workstation for a similar price.

sam (20 Apr 2005 16:58): the whole point of using a mac isn't the hardware, it's the sanity of the interface.

on this topic, does anybody know a good sane gui setup for linux? i'm ever searching, so i'm interested in what the heck people do. i'm especially interested in how people do mp3s. here's a screenshot of my setup. it's all pretty self-explanatory; you can see sawfish, and gnome gives me a few buttons. i use mpd together with some cheap scripts to play songs. it sucks.
King of Carrot Flowers (20 Apr 2005 19:19): Nice screenshot. "The Way of the Sam" sounds pretty bad-ass, you know. I also like the candy-fied aqua-esque buttons, and the Neutral Milk Hotel desktop.
This doesn't really look like it's what you're looking for, but I don't know how many files you have kicking around.
They're probably mostly usable, but I'll bet one of your requirements is a nice, sane interface; preferrably with a 'mini' mode that only displays basic functions and the ability to use an FKey or something to automate play/pause/stop. I can't tell about that from just the screenshots.
Only Zinf seems to have a small face? And the performance is 'abysmal'? And skins are kind of dubious... I'm hoping the others have one, too, and just failed to provide screenshots.
DK (22 Apr 2005 22:43): 1. Paul, have you thought about using a threaded forum? I find those much easier to navigate.

2. If you want a mac-like interface you can simply get a skin for most windows machines. I'd assume you could do the same for linux...

g (23 Apr 2005 1:25): 1. This is a threaded forum.
sam (23 Apr 2005 12:19): i like this forum style.

the problem with "skin"-type interface hacks is that they don't actually do anything. they are just designed to look mac-like, but don't actually implement the details like flow, placement, drag&drop, etc. a good interface requires thought. also they don't actually look good, just mac-like.
Paul (23 Apr 2005 14:39): As for Linux gui's, I'm using ultra-simple blackbox, which a good for slow hardware, but isn't extra friendly... I think it's extensible, though. For mp3s, gjay looks promising as a top to xmms... How am I doing at not answering the question? I use Alsa, but don't know why.
DK (24 Apr 2005 15:28): Sorry, I think I mean hierarchically threaded, like usenet/google groups.

<A HREF="">See this example</A>

Using a hierarchical forum, you can implicitly see who each person is replying to and it makes reading easier. One alternative is to implement a 'quote' function so that you can quote who you are responding to.

DK (24 Apr 2005 15:30): Sorry that link didn't quite come out right. For an example of hierarchical threading see:
a my website
G (27 Apr 2005 16:43): Okay, so this forum is 'threaded' but not 'hierarchical' (not generally, anyways).
The bad part seems to be that you might have difficulty discussing two parts of a topic in tandem, or talking about something mentioned previously without seeming off-topic.
I guess a good point might be that users are more likely to read an entire thread before responding. Although, with the user-base being what it is, that might already be a given.
Also, I just personally doubt that Paul considers that a priority, frankly. Seems like a lot of work. A 'quote' feature might be feasible, though.
We'd just end up with a version of 'Kareha,' though. Which is also not hierarchical.
m (28 Apr 2005 11:01): By quote feature, do you mean static links to individual posts? Because if you mean quoting text that someone has written, I use copy and paste (occasionally memory) to implement that.
DK (29 Apr 2005 19:59): Mike, by 'quote' function I mean essentially copying and pasting their post.

What I really like is something like what google groups uses, where prior posts are colored, and the actual new text is in black. Typically, the 'quote' is indicated by a prefix like >

It really help to keep everything coherent.
m (9 May 2005 12:54): "Since he stopped reading sports scores, Keith has attracted fewer viewers than a test pattern, and his career has been nothing short of a train wreck. We pity his tortured soul and wish him all the best"
Grant (17 May 2005 19:23): Wise fwom youw gwave! (spoken to deceased forum thread)
This is something I think we can all enjoy. But especially you, Sam.
m (17 May 2005 21:55): man, McSweeney's is great.
sam (18 May 2005 15:53): yeah, these are all fantastic. i especially like the blender one.
sam (18 May 2005 15:56): anyone going to be in tokyo or osaka later this month? because yo la tengo is playing there. i caught them last sunday in bethlehem, pa. i have very strong feelings about them.
sam (18 May 2005 16:03): also, ira smiled at me. he's so dreamy.
Grant (18 May 2005 17:09): Yeah, it is great - and don't be all like I didn't tell youse guys before, eh?
So good! I especially like the availability of the archives. Yeah. Good.
m (19 May 2005 4:24): Paul, your link to McSweeney's is the best thing to ever happen to me. I can't thank you enough.
Grant (19 May 2005 17:03): Paul? Paul?
Fuck you, too!
Grant (19 May 2005 17:03): Paul? Paul?
Fuck you, too!
G (19 May 2005 17:04): I get tripped up because no longer resolves for me.
It posts just fine, but then it says 'host can't be found' or some similar thing. So then I reload the page, and of course it posts it again and doesn't resolve again.
Paul (19 May 2005 19:04): Looks like is dead, perhaps permanently. :-( Have adjusted this site to work regardless.
Grant (19 May 2005 23:48): Now adjust Mike to give me the recognition I deserve for being the first to link to something that somebody else linked me to.
Thanks in advance.
m (22 May 2005 19:25): Louis XIV in august, and Mirah was just there this past week. Man, everyone's going to Japan for the summer. Lucky Grant!
Grant (23 May 2005 2:24): Yeah, too bad that the closest she got to my island was Osaka - on a Monday night. Bleah.
But August - August I might be able to handle. I don't really know Louis, though... they good?
Also - is Mirah big now? Or do you all know about her because of me and Reed and stuff?
(23 May 2005 2:25): Well, and K Records, and all that.
My question rephrased: Mirah - now big-time? still indy? somewhere in-between?
Grant (23 May 2005 2:27): Also, it looks like Reed will be in Japan for the concert that Louis will go to. Maybe we'll go see it!
m (23 May 2005 8:10): doh. I didn't think anybody knew about Mirah, except you're the third person I've come across who's like "Mirah -- I love Mirah!" and not in the Fresca sort of way. I guess my sister didn't actually love her - she was like "her style was kind of hokey - you know, how like Mirah sat on the ground and everyone sat gathered around her and she played stuff on her guitar." I'm pretty sure she's still super-indie. Her concert here in LA kinda blew. She said something about having a fever and cut the set way short.
m (23 May 2005 8:26): why is it so hard to get a dedicated line that's visible to the internet? Don't we know anyone with like a Class C space and a couple IPs to spare?
Paul (24 May 2005 4:37): Two reasons. I would think if you don't have an IP address yourself locally, it would be hard to use one remotely---you mean like with VNC or VPN? What do you need it for? I got my sshd working with Qwest's (free DSL feature) "port forwarding".
m (24 May 2005 22:12): That Vietnam one is awesome.
m (24 May 2005 22:24): also, Diary of a Congressional Candidate in Florida's Fourth Congressional District is good. quite good.
m (2 Jun 2005 13:10): Ponder This
m (3 Jun 2005 10:50): PEP 340 -- I swear my next language is going to be good and functioning.
Grant (6 Jun 2005 17:56): Restoring Our Lost Pride, as a Nation.
Paul (7 Jun 2005 5:01): Well, if there's one good thing about the direction we're headed under Bush's presidency, it's the potential for the US to lose whatever "global mandate" it used to have, and take a seat in the back with the other gun-toting poverty-exploiting states.
m (7 Jun 2005 10:12): Zing!
G (10 Jun 2005 20:31): So You're Being Tortured to Death in an American Military Prison...
m (11 Jun 2005 14:32): google website excerpts yield good quotes. for ex:
"Possible serious side effects of taking Accutane include birth defects and ... Birth defects."
m (13 Jun 2005 15:15): Big piece on torture in this weekend's NY Times Magazine. You'll need to sign up for a free account to read that guy - I'm not happy about that either. But at least nytimes (maybe?) won't send you penis pill emails with excerpted emily dickinson at the front to throw off your spam filter.
DK (13 Jun 2005 22:34): Any email that comes bearing quotes from Emily Dickenson are obviously originating from either:
1. A very devious Nigerian scammer (or pharmacist)
2. The devil

In either case, you should probably set your spam filters to delete any emails with poetry in them : P
Grant (16 Jun 2005 16:29): Now, on the lighter side (!!! :D) of being tortured to death in an American military prison, from Harpers(.org):
Jun 12 It was reported that interrogators at Guantanamo Bay tortured prisoners with the music of Christina Aguilera; it was also revealed that American military torturers performed a satirical puppet show for one victim.
Grant (21 Jun 2005 16:42): More about the Mac-Intel deal!
Because we're not sick of it, yet.
Grant (21 Jun 2005 17:46): The HRWiki is pretty neat, too, since last time I checked (a year ago), (it's dot com!) no longer had all of its awesome contents.
G (21 Jun 2005 17:56): TBC playes footeballe.
TBC interreviewes.
Matt Chapman on IMDB!?!
Grant (28 Jun 2005 18:23): Feeling lucky? If you've got a computer that's been compromised with the taint of evil, why not try running Google Earth?
Grant (13 Jul 2005 1:19): It's a flash game. But, uh, this one is actually kinda neat.
m (14 Jul 2005 0:00): glorious!
G (14 Jul 2005 18:02): Thank you, Mike.
God that felt good.
Grant (14 Jul 2005 18:03): What I want now is for the news of about half the politicians in Washington to have died in their sleep, apparently from terminal cases of hypocrisy, greed, etc.
G (14 Jul 2005 18:08): Actually, if I could rewrite that article you linked to, it would conclude in a slapstick sort of beating. I think that would have been extra glorious.
z (15 Jul 2005 18:21): McC: "We're going to continue not to comment on it while it's ongoing."

Is that pleading the 5th?
m (15 Jul 2005 23:25): or executive privilege?
m (17 Jul 2005 21:53): Yahoo buzz log. Entertaining. Like a combination of google zeitgeist and google blog. Only google's blog blows, and zeitgeist doesn't come with an editorial section. I don't usually like giving the propers to smug big-market champs, but as long as I get a good npr link in here my conscience is clean.
m (7 Aug 2005 15:44): Jimbo Wales is blogging at Lessig's right now. I don't know if that's of interest to anyone besides paul. Though to be fair you, grant, were (by a margin of several years) the first place I ever encountered the word 'wiki'.
m (8 Aug 2005 18:45): Summer of Code. Whoah!!
DK (12 Aug 2005 22:35): Heh, I had no clue that Lessig used to be at UofC, although it makes sense given who he has worked with...
m (27 Aug 2005 19:48): buh!
Grant (28 Aug 2005 9:02): So... this is AIM with some built-in email support? Or is it a different protocol altogether offering what AIM clients do, but with email support? (AIM is kinda fugly and old, though...) I assume it either is or supports AIM, or else who would you talk to, right?

Not to be too critical - I really think that email support is a very good idea. If you were using an IMAP client, you could even share 'sent messages' folders and stuff.

But seriously, like, is this innovative? Or is it just Google trying to get it's little fingers into everything.
G (28 Aug 2005 11:07): Outside of PA news-posts, and the almost-always-excellent, run-by-assholes (it's .com!), I get all of my gaming news from UK Resistance!
Grant (28 Aug 2005 11:34): Woohoo, more Google being evil.
m (28 Aug 2005 14:21): Oh, yes. excellent.
m (28 Aug 2005 14:29): Google Talk can't support AIM because AIM uses a closed protocol (and, I think, looks the other way when someone traps packets and duplicates the protocol for a linux client and whatnot)
for the text messaging, they use Jabber's open(!) protocol, but for the voice they use something closed that they promise to document soon. or release an api for it, or something.
m (28 Aug 2005 14:34): good advice. should go up outside of federal buildings, though not in courtrooms, except for the supreme court, where it's ok, and possibly other courtrooms if you're very careful about it. man, those guys sure know how to make confusing precedent.
Grant (28 Aug 2005 22:14): No, seriously, though.
UK Resistance is all kinds of great.

Also: Sega releases The Homestar. Everybody!
Grant (28 Aug 2005 22:18): Look the other way? I was really hoping that they were beyond reproach. iChat is made by Apple. But... I guess it's licensed. Let me say how much I dislike the official MSN client thingy, though. Actually, I dislike the 'standard' AIM client almost as much, but nobody uses that. Right?

Jabber always seemed like a good idea, but it seems like there was never a good client which actually worked. Maybe that will change, now. Or maybe Google will continue to not support anything that's not on Windows oh snap.
m (28 Aug 2005 22:45): well, I certainly am jonesing for some golden axe, but will settle for some lux.
ah, good old shareware. I had almost forgotten about you between pirated free software, open source free software, and pirated software which itself pirates open source software by violating the license and not including any mention of the stolen source used.
Grant (29 Aug 2005 17:01): You know, as I was playing X-MEN (the four-player arcade game) via MAME on a friend's X-Box, I was struck by just how crappy some of those older games really are. At the time, I just didn't see it. I guess maybe I can be forgiven, because I was probably twelve, but still.

Golden Axe... Quite possibly not any better, although I probably shouldn't open up MAME to find out until I get home from work. It got a hell of a lot more love than X-MEN, though, for whatever that's worth.
Grant (11 Jan 2006 8:07): Revolution!
Let's rock and roll, baby.
Grant (25 May 2006 23:37): Check out this great blog about Animal Crossing!
Grant (15 Jun 2006 18:48): This link makes me think of Sam. But then again, I don't know if he's seen it (or if he'll see this).
R (3 Jul 2006 20:51): It's MeFiFilter, and old, but hey — "Flesh Shoe"
Grant (4 Jul 2006 22:31): Pretty awesome - and the genpets thing is cool, too (although my guess is everybody's seen it).
m (6 Jul 2006 3:35): Hats of meat! (thanks, grant)
Grant (6 Jul 2006 23:02): Good times, good times.
But I foresee even better times to come for the next spoiled generation.

If you can't be bothered to read through any of that, here's the tip:
In this patent, liquified animal extract is fermented to produce a meat liquor.
Paul (7 Jul 2006 18:39): Awesome! Hatsofmeat had been down for several years iirc...
Grant (11 Jul 2006 19:25): Creating 8-bit sounds.

Comes complete with a link to the YMCK magical sound plug-in which you can use with various programs (including GarageBand!). I'm going to play with this when I get home, if I have time.
Grant (12 Jul 2006 7:39): Easy & fun.
Popular Vote (13 Jul 2006 22:35): Robots are having more sex and fun than we are.
R (5 Aug 2006 1:43): You may wish to read tongodeon's LJ. Examples of why. Bonus.
R (5 Aug 2006 1:46): And I manage to avoid linking the post that made me think of linkfest. Congress strikes down elevator neutrality
Grant (6 Aug 2006 16:48): Good stuff!
Although sometimes I wonder if maybe you didn't just link to it because of that LJ buddy icon who'sit.
R (6 Aug 2006 22:22): D'oh.
Congress strikes down elevator neutrality
R (12 Aug 2006 14:16): Ars Technica has a number of good journals of links. My favorite is probably Nobel Intent.

Post Moar!
R (12 Aug 2006 14:16): Ars Technica has a number of good journals of links. My favorite is probably Nobel Intent.

Post Moar!
G (19 Sep 2006 21:45): Do I recall reading about Paul's bike woes?
His comment about a cheap bike with an expensive lock reminds me of this.
G (21 Sep 2006 23:03): I was looking at Something Awful to see if there was any news about the upcoming Uwe fight, but instead I found this. It is very funny.
G (27 Sep 2006 21:21): From Daring Fireball: Joe Mathlete Explains Today's Marmaduke. It's much funnier than the comics alone. It really started to set in after I read four or five.
R (10 Oct 2006 22:27): "Some might think that the way I describe the elephant attacks makes the animals look like people. But people are animals."
Having not read much about elephant society, I was kind of stunned to find it so similar to human culture. Although mostly the above article is about humans destroying elephant society. Get clicky with it, and set sail for the mysterious island "Melancholy".
G (11 Oct 2006 23:41): I know what makes bicycle brakes squeal.
Friction. Get on that.
G (12 Oct 2006 0:15): There was a recent movie released in Japan called "hoshi ni natta shonen" (the boy who became a star), concerning the first Japanese person to become an elephant trainer. I hear it's pretty good.
G (17 Oct 2006 8:44): Computer blog
G (24 Oct 2006 22:55): For the love of God, RTFHM.
m (25 Oct 2006 5:54): a friend here's advisor put this together. it's pretty sweet.
m (31 Oct 2006 2:48): Tycho linked this. It's pretty startling.
Paul (1 Nov 2006 14:58): That's really spooky about the ant brain control. Maybe zombification is spooky because I worry what it would be like if I was zombified...
G (1 Nov 2006 16:01): Yeah, that was my favorite part, too.
m (25 Dec 2006 23:36): Mathematical singularity in aerodynamics? Buh!
R (1 Jan 2007 18:13): Utah Baby Namer!!!
Favorites include: "Thermos", "Tugdick", and "Davenport Shore" for the boys, "Zion Anakin", "Southern Justice", and "Pork Chop" for the girls.
G (2 Jan 2007 14:13): Pork Chop is brilliant.
m (3 Jan 2007 0:34): Pork chop sandwiches!
R (3 Jan 2007 1:17): Oh, okay. This is what "Pork Chop" reminded me of. McSweeney's Lists FTW.
G (3 Jan 2007 13:06): Get with the times. It's already just MLFTW.
R (25 Jan 2007 8:07): Can't remember where I saw the link, but this odd blog entry is pretty funny. The other stuff there is also ok, but not as good. I guess the other best entry was this. "WINTER," indeed.
G (1 Feb 2007 17:49): I know, I know - OOOOLD.
Still - you guys check this?
Looks totally awesome to me. It's brilliant, and kind of amazing that nobody's done it, yet.
'Course, I haven't used it yet. But if it works at all, it's great.
Paul (1 Feb 2007 18:06): Reminds me of painstaking attempts to do that manually. If it's easier than tabulating meeting-time-prefs manually, indeed it's great. (Hopefully they don't do evil things like harvest email addresses...I don't know who to trust these days.)
G (1 Feb 2007 23:03): Well, hopefully is right.
It seems to me like the best thing you can do to protect yourself is probably just to invest in a good spam filter. At least, if you're going to be worrying about the long-term.
m (2 Feb 2007 19:16): Linked from Emma at caoine: a particularly good daily wtf.
R (2 Feb 2007 23:40): That really saddens me for some reason. But! It reminds me of a post from 2003 about the charming neurotic clichés authors think about themselves. Mike, check it, indeed. Also the rest of y'alls. Or not.
Grant (3 Feb 2007 18:59): I still remember that last one. I remember laughing about that one for days.
G (3 Feb 2007 19:41): Pya is an image board.
Also note the (daily?) image rankings on the left hand side, about half-way down.
G (3 Feb 2007 23:29): Oh, right, image categories are the links across the top.
m (4 Feb 2007 10:15): Those authors' afflictions are pretty biting. The one I'm hoping I'll get to use: "I write brilliant sex scenes. How come you keep cutting them?"
m (4 Feb 2007 10:30): At first I thought that everything on the imageboard seemed to have "nya" in its name, but then I realized that I was just in the nya section.
G (4 Feb 2007 23:07): I can't tell you how often that comes up.
"Ohhhh. I'm in the nya section!"
R (18 Feb 2007 0:26): Things That Get Way More Fun When You Add a "G" to Them.
Then, again, what isn't more fun when you add G? (Aww...)
MancaGla? MancalaG? Well, that's a bad example.
m (20 Feb 2007 11:38): Qooqle?
G (20 Feb 2007 17:50): I like how Qoogle video is, uh, YouTube.
m (22 Feb 2007 20:45): CYA security.
G (25 Feb 2007 23:13): It's the eva store. The top image changes. Refresh 'till you get the one with Asuka and Rei.

What's new? The Eva drink set. A set consists of five cans.

Two are black coffee with "I mustn't drink" written on them.
Three are 'LCL' orange juice.
And you get an extra coin bank.

The box looks like this. Gendo sez, "If you're going to drink it, then hurry up. Otherwise, go home." Shinji sez, "I don't even know what's inside it! I can't drink that!"
G (25 Feb 2007 23:24): Holy crap.

It has been a while, and Gainax clearly is not going to let up until every character, monster, robot, household pet or identifiable piece of furniture has been monetized, preferably through porn.
R (28 Feb 2007 9:49): Macrochan. Ever thought about making some sort of organized-by-keyword image directory of those mildly amusing text on an image pictures you see so often. Macrochan went and did it. Maybe if the back-ed was open-source, GIS could use it?
R (28 Feb 2007 12:25): I clearly have not slept enough. Please swap the "?" from the last to first sentence in my previous post.
m (28 Feb 2007 13:58): wait, snape killed dumbledore? what the fuck?
G (28 Feb 2007 20:50): I had been thinking about doing this for some time, but the only such image categorizer that I really knew of was danbooru. (And there was one other one, but I couldn't remember its name)

From the comments page, though: "I'm working towards a public release of the software powering macrochan, but I'm not anywhere near actually doing it yet. There's too much black magic stuff that needs shiny pages to control."

But he also mentioned some other indexer/searcher thingies, which I'll look at.
G (3 Mar 2007 2:18): For S, if he still reads this. Melonade!
G (5 Mar 2007 16:06): Worldmapper. Because the Daily Mail didn't link to it.
G (11 Mar 2007 20:15): New EVA fighting game for PS2.
Presumably cover artwork (?) and very small screenshots (?) on the site show evas, angels, and...

Jet Alone.
Paul (26 Mar 2007 19:16): "When [Dr. Shen] has to get up to write on a whiteboard, he thinks, 'If I can reconfigure myself and take off my left arm and connect it to my right arm, I can do so without standing up or leaving my chair.'

Robotics researchers talk like that." (article)
m (27 Mar 2007 9:07): Peace Department Proposal Rattles Small Town:

Kortuem, who served as a Navy bomber pilot in Vietnam, worried that if Congress were to create a Department of Peace, Americans would become "a bunch of wusses," he said.
Paul (27 Mar 2007 20:18): Say "no" to peace...because you're not a real man unless you've put an AK to the head of a starving orphan.
G (10 Apr 2007 14:36): WASHONGTONNNNN
(10 Apr 2007 23:37): Don't make me post it twice.
m (12 Apr 2007 21:13): Google's got a database of word counts for sequences up to five words long from a tremendously big corpus. This is super useful.
m (12 Apr 2007 21:30): born to roam
G (12 Apr 2007 23:45): The word counts are totally great.
R (17 Apr 2007 17:03): So very, very, very NSFW: Vagina Power. It starts fairly reasonably... kinda stereotypical relationship adivce... then we have things like: "She insane - her mind ain't good 'cause the p***s has e********d all in her brain."
Stuff *'ed out to keep mancala out of search results.
G (17 Apr 2007 19:03): tke ths, srch rslts!
u cnt fnd us w/o vwls!
(17 Apr 2007 23:43): No results found.

Did you mean, "You can't find us without vowels?"
m (18 Apr 2007 0:20): My spam filter now trashes mancala because of "cnt". Thanks a lot, G.
G (18 Apr 2007 1:59): You have a spam filter for web pages?
And it cuts out a whole page based on a single word?
G (18 Apr 2007 2:00): And, uh, it filters 'cnt' but not 'vagina'?
m (18 Apr 2007 10:28): Not just webpages, but anything that I look at. It's a very agressive spam-filter.
G (18 Apr 2007 18:41): I didn't ever read your last comment because it was filtered out for being sarcastic.
m (19 Apr 2007 0:31): A guy can lose whole threads on the sarcasm-filter.
m (22 Apr 2007 9:50): The Bush Administration cares
(27 Apr 2007 10:51): Make the logo big.
G (28 Apr 2007 7:25): "The best portuguese pop group ever"
G (30 Apr 2007 17:24): Water in BioShock.
BioShock is a video game, sequel to System Shock.
m (30 Apr 2007 19:04): EOF
G (1 May 2007 8:24): More VGNA PWR!
So, there are other episodes. This one is from Halloween! Her costume? M. Bison.
G (1 May 2007 8:37): Okay, one more.
The beginning isn't interesting, it's the story that starts at T minus 4:14.
R (1 May 2007 10:27): Wow. I think Square-Enix should consider using her penis/vagina power mythology as the basis for the next final fantasy. Either that, or a DS game. Possibly with a custom stylus. SNK is already going in this direction.
m (2 May 2007 11:34): saucy old maps
m (2 May 2007 15:34): hddvd key propagation
m (2 May 2007 15:37): loltrek (of The Trouble with Tribbles)
m (3 May 2007 20:56): thinking about moving? I am.
G (21 May 2007 22:04): Hilarious! All the one-eyed/metal-headband-wearing/gender-confused/spitting/japanophile/royal/etc/etc/etc fighting game characters.
Well, hilarious if you know a lot of fighting game characters.
G (25 May 2007 3:46): From the Japanese flash file:
G (26 May 2007 21:32): Cat-with-Bow Golf
m (27 May 2007 0:28): and stick removal!
G (27 May 2007 8:50): Everybody knows by now, but Odin Sphere is great in several ways.
G (27 May 2007 21:55): Buy Odin Sphere before it's too late.
G (27 May 2007 21:55): If you want it, anyway.
m (28 May 2007 18:35): But I don't own a ps2...
G (30 May 2007 2:47): Those without PS2s watch this and cry.
G (30 May 2007 18:40): Genetics + Linguistics
m (30 May 2007 22:25): is that odin sphere?
G (31 May 2007 1:55): Regarding the 'watch and cry post'
That bandolier-thing (what are they called) that he wears says 'Sukebe Delegate.'
Sukebe means 'pervert.'
G (9 Jul 2007 14:22): Hey, you still read memepool? Seems like they only update a couple times a month, now. Not like those heady times in days past.
m (3 Aug 2007 21:07): I did the dishes. +5 bonus against grease!
G (4 Aug 2007 7:43): I saw that. But even if I did sign up, it'll be just me... and that just makes it seem even more lame.
m (26 Aug 2007 20:06): wonderful
m (27 Aug 2007 18:57): you guys here about this?

[note: this post may appear blank for any of you viewing mancala via an AT&T network node]
m (28 Aug 2007 17:30): 15 minute temporary email address. most useful tool ever.
m (30 Aug 2007 8:01): 60's film you've never heard of in which an author (turned producer/director) you have heard of gets a little bit fucked up.
m (8 Sep 2007 8:44): more like millennium development ... holes!
G (10 Sep 2007 23:21): Prolly seen it by now, but: bloxors shows a lot of polish. I'm on level 24 (pass: 088198)
G (11 Sep 2007 11:16): Oh, hey, I beat it. 33 levels, total.
m (2 Oct 2007 13:17): Greasemonkey is pretty remarkable. I need filters like these for my other senses, too. My non-http senses. Shit.
m (2 Oct 2007 13:18): ah, gits.
Grant (3 Oct 2007 18:04): Mmm. Grits...
I use Greasemonkey. It's pretty cool; especially for web-games like Travian and stuff.
People say it's awesome for improving the gmail interface, too.
p (5 Oct 2007 9:52):
p (5 Oct 2007 14:08): Sorry for random links---mancala was the fastest way to bookmark things in a hurry.
m (11 Oct 2007 17:58): robotfindskitten.
m (12 Oct 2007 6:54): New York is toxic.
G (12 Oct 2007 14:27): Now that's scary.
Paul (13 Oct 2007 5:32): The rfk documentation is pretty awesome. "To touch an object, make a move as if you were trying to occupy the square currently occupied by the object you want to touch. Sorry if that seemed obvious, but you never know. I don't want to be accused of writing incomplete documentation."
m (17 Oct 2007 15:51): well...
m (19 Oct 2007 9:59): damnit. missed it
m (24 Oct 2007 18:01): Southern California is on fire. One firefighter responds:
"Yes, we have better tools, the fire engines are bigger, the crews are better trained and the aircraft are more modern. But we're dealing with Mother Nature, and she dances a mean boogie."
m (25 Oct 2007 19:24): This stuff is pretty funny. I don't know. I wish I could've presented that to you in a way that makes me seem less like a 13 yr old. It is pretty funny though!
G (26 Oct 2007 14:53): Hah gang.
Nah harm bang bang man!
Ah hab hambargar?
Zambaz grab mah manbagz!
m (26 Oct 2007 17:49): mah manbagz!
m (28 Oct 2007 7:41): Internet will not listen to reason
m (30 Oct 2007 5:01): Oh, FEMA, you never get anything right.
m (30 Oct 2007 21:31): carrying on a time honored tradition
(the Orwell essay is really quite nice)
R (16 Nov 2007 20:51): Cal-State Marching Band does video game covers. It's great.
R (28 Jan 2008 14:40): Mirror Neurons! Exciting article! Sober wikipedia article!

"For example, a mirror neuron which fires when the monkey rips a piece of paper would also fire when the monkey sees a person rip paper, or hears paper ripping (without visual cues). These properties have led researchers to believe that mirror neurons encode abstract concepts of actions like 'ripping paper', whether the action is performed by the monkey or another animal."

If this doesn't seem totally cool, it's probably because you were reading about it 10 years ago when it was brand new. And didn't tell me.
m (29 Feb 2008 9:32): what is
G (1 Mar 2008 18:57): Hey dudes, welcome to the past! Check out my profile - note that the account was made in 2002.
G (1 Mar 2008 23:11): But, uh, seriously. Yes, it's pretty cool. Would you believe that a college room-mate's friend was involved with it in it's early stages?
G (2 Mar 2008 12:14): Seriously, though.
Got a profile?
It would be pretty interesting to be able to listen to each others' "channels."
G (2 Mar 2008 16:51): LOL TECHNOLYZE
G (4 Mar 2008 2:07): Tastes horrible, yet subtly refined!
G (2 Apr 2008 13:45): Gif
m (3 Apr 2008 10:08): incredible
the big square looks like Hilbert's (Peano) space filler. any idea what the tree and triangles are?
G (20 Apr 2008 23:07): "If Philip K. Dick wrote the Puppy Bowl"
G (7 May 2008 0:48):
Do you guys still check? Sometimes he updates, now.
The May 1 post is funny, P will like it.
Friends of P! Friends of P!
If you're down with P, well then you're down with me.
Paul (22 May 2008 6:44): Bookmark for calculating the bearing between two Lat/Long points: here
Paul (23 May 2008 3:23): "Maybe it didn't have to be an actual war, though. Maybe you coulda just met the president halfway by settin a big pile a money on fire an shootin a buncha random people." (source: fafblog)
G (29 May 2008 10:38): RAMback will cause Firefox to issue an internal notification to free up memory that is otherwise held for performance purposes. Hahaha.
Paul (31 May 2008 14:58): bookmark: GRE registration
g (10 May 2009 22:04): takoluka
m (9 Mar 2010 19:26): More Bars.
More Grocery Stores.
m (12 Apr 2010 19:08): Dear Deficit Commission,
(Note: There is no more Soviet Union.)
m (11 Oct 2010 1:19): Lady Gagas of Meat!
m (27 Oct 2010 4:03): Old article on scam baiting featuring an apparently scammer-carved Commodore 64.

The takeaway: Does interaction at a distance disinhibit the urge to degrade? Is there some dynamic at work wherein the Scamosphere calls forth the scam-baiters to do good deeds, in response to bad deeds by scammers, but then the very doing of the deeds somehow draws forth a kind of deplorably vicious joy in inflicting psychic injury?
m (27 Oct 2010 18:45): (wsj): No child has ever been killed by poisoned candy. Ever.
m (4 Jul 2011 8:19): lots of hats!
m (26 Aug 2011 12:46): Comparing modern day cybersecurity with ocean piracy of old!
Paul (31 Aug 2011 21:17): It says, "a 75-year-old woman was able to outdo the entire Russian cyberwarfare apparatus using a mere shovel. Out hunting for scrap metal, she accidentally cut a cable and took out all of neighboring Armenia's Internet service"
m (12 Sep 2011 14:15): 2006 article from The Atlantic that has (well, I guess references) a wonderful image: an hour-long parade of "every person in the economy" whose height (as a percentage of average height) is exactly what his income is (relative to mean income). That is, a whole lot of shorties and a pretty colossal last few seconds.
m (12 Sep 2011 14:32): Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg (and inventor of the eBook? does that even make sense?), was kind of a crazy dude.
z (14 Sep 2011 13:53): it mentioned in there that copyright lengths are getting longer? is that true? that's odd, one would think that with quicker technological pace it should get shorter.
m (15 Sep 2011 9:09): Yes, it's true, in spite of the fact that the Copyright Clause in the US Constitution calls for limited terms of copyright. Lessig (who argued the do-not-extend side before the supreme court the last time this came up) has a sizable amount of argument against on his wiki.

And from a really good Jonathan Lethem article that's a sort of plagiarist's collage (see the impressive endnotes where he sources it all): "It's only a slight exaggeration to say that each time Mickey Mouse is about to fall into the public domain, the mouse's copyright term is extended."
z (16 Sep 2011 11:37): "to promote the progress of science and useful arts." i think this implies that copyrights should last exactly as long as the time it took to develop the original work, minus the time it takes to make a knockoff. this ensures knockoff-making is not profitable compared to making original stuff. and that's it, why would you need any more protection?
G (18 Sep 2011 18:47): And how long would that be, exactly? In years.
I think we're all in favor of shorter copyright and patent terms. But that strikes me as very arbitrary. What is the reasoning behind that period?
z (22 Sep 2011 14:05): Suppose we're speaking of patents. The agent applying for patent protection would include, as part of the application, the amount of time it took to develop the thing -- documented. In years, it may be 5, 10, who knows. In any case it would not last more than a lifetime.

The reasoning is as I've stated previously: to incentivize the person creating the idea just enough so that they get to benefit from being the first to the table, but don't get to benefit further from a subsequent monopoly of no beneficial purpose to the rest of the world.
z (22 Sep 2011 14:13): This has the further benefit of eliminating such trivial contributions as the Amazon "1-click" patent, since Amazon would not have been able to get anything more than a few months worth of patent protection -- exactly how much time it took them to dream up this nonsense.
m (22 Sep 2011 22:17): But this could easily be more than a lifetime - Boeing could have, for example, many millions of man-hours of work on the 787 that they're patenting (Actually, how does Boeing maintain control over IP that consists of many interconnected components, each patented by an entirely different entity? Is the 787 like one giant patent? Or, rather, a number of patents each of which is the smallest grouping of other patented objects that doesn't already have a patent on it?)
z (23 Sep 2011 10:25): obviously don't use man-hours, just hours.
G (24 Sep 2011 19:27): This seems hard to enforce, and punishes those who work in large groups.

What would the period of protection be for, say, Mickey Mouse? Wikipedia says that Steamboat Willie was completed over the course of three months.

How is the value or validity of a patent determined by the amount of hours that it took from the project conception to completion?

If I spent 3 months making a cartoon, why bother getting any sort of copyright at all? My work would not significantly shorten the length of time needed to make a new cartoon, so my copyright would expire before any derivative work would be completed anyway.
m (25 Sep 2011 9:25): Boeing just delivered their first 787. $32 billion spent on the program so far.
z (27 Sep 2011 12:47): $32 billion for great engineering is worthwhile, especially compared to the $32 billion in bonuses paid out by the financial industry in 2008 to celebrate terrible engineering (i.e. making the market more, er, ... efficient).
m (18 Oct 2011 18:33): Who wants to see top campaign donors so far this (2012) election cycle?
Ron Paul's top three: US Air Force, US Army, US Navy (though I guess it's unclear where this money came from exactly - a PAC or from individual servicemen or what)
Obama: Microsoft, Comcast, Harvard. I wonder why Comcast?
Romney: Bank, Bank, Bank, Bank, Bank. Or at least, Barclays (#5) sounds like a bank.
z (25 Oct 2011 19:54): what is this...
z (25 Oct 2011 19:55): Oh what? "Picking up a team of Zongers along the way, we've grown in leaps and bounds to where we're now processing millions of payments a month in over 40 countries worldwide."
m (26 Oct 2011 17:43): Mancala has its own team of Zongers
m (28 Oct 2011 9:19): duck duck go?
m (12 Nov 2011 10:14): pretty great map of twitter language use
m (24 May 2012 14:24): guys, what's GNU Health?
z (25 May 2012 23:13): indeed
m (21 Jun 2012 10:51): Cory Doctorow: technology lowers the costs of what makes us super-human
m (21 Jun 2012 11:48): Also, the deduction here is extra-wonderful. Email scammers send out particularly laughably obviously bad scam emails because this works in their favor.
Paul (5 Aug 2012 6:14): Moar linkz!
clickable electoral vote scenarios
barking up the wrong tree - blog about humans
m (5 Aug 2012 8:39): While we're linking, it would be kind of great if this petition to get the TSA to do this court-mandated stuff hit 25K signatures (threshold for getting a response from white house folks)
Paul (5 Aug 2012 9:25): Another link: Basic GIT branching and merging. This one makes it seem easier than the others.
Paul (5 Aug 2012 9:42): Huh! How is it that this is the first time I've been directed to I would've meant to be on this site since it was started! While we're at it: Support the Restoration of Copyrights to their Original Duration of 28 Years
G (5 Aug 2012 12:54): Kickstarter for laws.
Paul (12 Sep 2012 6:44): The Department of Education asks colleges to name peers for "comparison groups". The asymmetrical results (Penn names Harvard, but not vice versa) are plotted, giving an estimate of each college's prestige.
m (18 Sep 2012 17:53): And have you seen this Scott Pilgrim review? Or the movie itself?
m (19 Sep 2012 8:45): you know, I honestly thought that that was a contemporary movie when I posted that review link. August review. Just from the wrong year. Oops.
So did anyone ever see it? Is it worth seeing?
G (22 Sep 2012 10:37):
I saw Pilgrim, it was okay. I guess when I read the comic I thought the main character was a lot more tolerable. In the movie, he's a a complete whiny loser. Sandra says she read him that way in the comic, too? Not the biggest fan of that actor, in any case.
Paul (23 Sep 2012 20:32): I hadn't realized the police would prosecute theft of a $300 bike less seriously than theft of a $300 ipod. We bicyclists seriously need to strengthen our political power.
G (23 Sep 2012 23:06): To be fair, there's no 'find my bike' app that connects to nearby wireless networks and reports its location. Maybe tape an iPod to your bike?
m (25 Sep 2012 18:43): G's economics of stolen bikes post linked to the story of Igor, the Toronto guy who bought and sold stolen bikes on Queen St (and I guess kept warehouses full of them?) - he was busted while I was there and I remember the cops laying all of the bikes out in the street, free for anyone to come by and claim as their own, stolen bike(?!)
m (2 Nov 2012 8:40): Distorted US maps based on political spending (because we love maps!)
(hey - that link from grant back in 2007 is a bunch of distorted maps, too!)
(also: jesus christ, I never noticed before that we have both a linkfest and a Linkfest topic! Grumpy! A mysterious 'p' is to blame for starting the lowercase version back in 2008)
Paul (9 Nov 2012 21:47): We petition the Obama administration to: Stop the drone strikes. Sign the petition on and pass it on. Need more info? Here's a starting point
m (10 Nov 2012 8:27): But drone strikes just got so cheap!
Paul (10 Nov 2012 15:56): Look at me, I'm the top post on r/antiwar
Couldn't get much traction on r/politics, though
m (20 Nov 2012 12:42): Krugman's pissed! Kinda almost makes you feel sympathy for Hostess, milquetoast though they were
m (2 Jan 2013 17:08): wonderful:

"Come on," Jillette (Penn Jillette, of Penn/Teller fame) said. "Steal something from me."

Again, Robbins begged off, but he offered to do a trick instead. He instructed Jillette to place a ring that he was wearing on a piece of paper and trace its outline with a pen. By now, a small crowd had gathered. Jillette removed his ring, put it down on the paper, unclipped a pen from his shirt, and leaned forward, preparing to draw. After a moment, he froze and looked up. His face was pale.

"Fuck. You," he said, and slumped into a chair.

Robbins held up a thin, cylindrical object: the cartridge from Jillette’s pen.
m (2 Jan 2013 17:10): Robbins, who has studied tapes of Borra’s act, recognizes in him a kindred spirit, and has made the eyeglasses steal a regular part of his own act, adding a seemingly impossible twist: sunglasses.
G (9 Mar 2013 22:39): "Once I saw the photo of the newborn foal hoof, in the book Equus ... I just knew I wanted to see this for myself"
m (11 Mar 2013 15:57): "Once I saw the photo of the newborn foal hoof, I just [BLARG]"
Winston Churchill (12 Mar 2013 0:46): Madam, I may be drunk, but you're a newborn foal, and BLEARGHGH
newborn foal (12 Mar 2013 17:34): BLEARGARGH
Paul (21 Mar 2013 9:36): Convenience link: Avoid death by powerpoint
m (21 Mar 2013 14:39): Convenience link: Av͜o̧į̵̶d̴̴ ̵҉͟d̀è̶͡ąt̨̕h̢ w͟͠i̡҉͝t͠h͝ ͘e̡͡ś̷ch̶a̸̴͏t͏̛o͠l̡̧o̧gy̛
Paul (10 Apr 2013 6:05): Someday when I have time, I should read about this:
One Hundred Years of Sound Change in Philadelphia:
Linear Incrementation, Reversal, and Reanalysis
G (8 May 2013 20:46): This was a single stanza generated by rapbot.

Try to step to me and I'mma wreck your reply
You hear my freestyle and you drop your di
You can try and battle me, but you're too oversize
My rhymes bring the power like a raging sky
If a rapper tries to step I'm gonna get standout
You're nothin' but a scrub, word to your handout
I've battled every MC, every Tom, Dick, and Slough
When I'm on the stage the fellas get gruff
My rhyme profile makes the fellas enroll
*skratch solo* ... (s-s-skoal!)
Try to step to me and I'mma wreck your rapport
You know I rock the mic so heretofore
R (9 May 2013 0:58): In the future, bigots will reference "Markov chains vs. black people" inappropriately.
m (9 May 2013 9:20): Cast off your markov chains?
m (22 Oct 2013 18:41): Filled with gems: Poor keith olbermann

Also, where did sam go?
G (23 Oct 2013 0:17): Google plus I think. -_-
m (24 Oct 2013 7:59): Texts from Peter Pan and The Little Prince
m (31 Oct 2013 8:26): Halloween Quiz from Kate Beaton:

4. Before Jack o’ Lanterns, Celtic cultures used:
- The carved heads of your enemies
- Bog sacrifice of your enemies
- Oatmeal in the shape of a face (of your enemies)
- Jack o’ turnips

5. Which Malevolent Old Woman Spirit from Japan is the scariest?
- Cackling old woman
- Old woman bleeding from the eyes
- Floating head of weeping old woman
- Old woman inquiring about your marital status
Paul (4 Nov 2013 14:32): LOL repost from Reddit
R (11 Feb 2014 23:24): CUBE
R (14 Feb 2014 22:29): Your Constant Vigilance Is The Only Thing Keeping The Shape At Your Window From Coming Inside

The Toast and Mallory Ortberg continuing to kill it.
m (16 Feb 2014 21:30): CUBE!
Paul (11 Jul 2014 5:17): New frontiers in viral internet marketing
m (11 Jul 2014 7:32): (at first I thought that the blacked out signature was an example picture of the 'black laminate top' they were out of)
m (11 Jul 2014 7:33): whole thing: pretty weird.
R (30 Sep 2014 0:45): I saw Negativland at Bumbershoot, and liked it a lot. Especially the "advertisements", which are on YouTube for some reason! Chipotle, Bud Lite
R (30 Sep 2014 0:47): "Made from food that is over five million years old to hasten your understanding and acceptance of the brand-new Five-Million-Year-Old Brain that will soon replace all errant thoughts of our modern world. Food with integrity is a journey that never ends, filled with respect for the animals, the environment, and you—the music makers and the music lovers, the ones that are letting it all happen."
m (30 Sep 2014 7:42): All hail the dark lord of the twin moons
m (1 Oct 2014 20:17): Whoa. What are those ads? Who is Negativland?

"Brand new! And forever!"
R (3 Oct 2014 1:08): Negativland is a band that has been doing weird sample-based make-fun-of-media things for like, a long time. Most famous for their cover of U2's "Still haven't found what I'm looking for" with a bunch of samples of Casey Kasem swearing on top of it (and then getting sued by Island Records). I've watched 2/3rds of "No Other Possibility" and that was pretty interesting. The bit about the Mercury Monarch was my fav.
R (3 Oct 2014 1:13): I know what you're thinking: "Linkfest isn't linky enough!" Well. Composing posts for Mancala is kinda a pain. At least compared to tagging a post in one of my RSS feed reader apps. And luckily for me, Bazqux will let you share items tagged as an RSS feed. Sweet! No commentary though. But still. If you want to get roughly two links from me a day in *your* RSS feed, subscribe to this thing: slash feed slash 4b29e487961ad8a5d596 (that's some useless obfuscating!!1)

I will still be posting here about as often. I've been tagging things "shared" for months now, but hadn't ... shared the RSS link. Huh.
m (3 Oct 2014 7:37): I'm still using The Old Reader... :(
R (3 Oct 2014 9:08): Hm. I just paid for another year of service from BazQux, and I do like using Mr. Reader on iOS (which The Old Reader doesn't support), but they do look to be doing a lot better than two years ago, when I was figuring out my post-Google Reader options. Two years ago, the original team was barely keeping the thing up, and the app support was super lacking. Are you a premium subscriber? How's the service? Last I looked, it seemed to have a similar feature, where you could publish some set of things to a blog it would generate for you, if those have RSS feeds, I would deffo add yours...
R (3 Oct 2014 13:22): New Homestar: Fish Eye Lens. Make sure to click around at the end if you're out of practice.
G (10 Oct 2014 0:53): Good stuff!
R (11 Oct 2014 23:50): I KNOW SO GREAT> "I don't like boys playing drums. <pause> I'm thinking about girls playing drums."
MSPA lol (16 Oct 2014 6:13): From the MSPA News section (which doesn't seem to have an RSS feed):

Let's see if I can "tldr" a few things up top, since this news item might begin to nose dive dramatically through the vertical space of this web layout. Am I finished HS yet? Um, nope. But I think enough is probably enough on the site's indefinite period of hibernation, so it's likely I will just start posting some stuff I have anyway, starting next month. Either mid or late October, let's say.

For those who are new to Homestuck, there's a GameFAQ styled guide on Metafilter. It recommends you might start with the Felt intermission, but I just started re-reading it and it makes no goddamn sense. Stylistically though, yeah, that's kinda what it's like. But with added color-coded chat logs.

Since today is the one-year anniversary of the Gigapause, you'd expect maybe today there'd be an update? But no dice yet. I checked.
R (16 Oct 2014 6:17): I checked again, still no update.
m (16 Oct 2014 7:05): Homestuck?
m (16 Oct 2014 7:06): Not knowing makes me feel like a fogey...
R (16 Oct 2014 20:59): It's the current comic at MS Paint Adventures. Previously known for Problem Sleuth (shorter) and Jailbreak (pretty short!). There's a sorta intro / explainer that Andrew wrote for the Homestuck video game kickstarter here. That's probably the one to read to get an overview without spending an hour on it.
m (17 Oct 2014 6:41): I remember Problem Sleuth!
R (18 Oct 2014 14:05): Looks like Caliborn has a DeviantArt page. (This will not make any sense unless you are fully up to date with Homestuck. Yes, there was an actual update this morning ~5AM).
G (19 Oct 2014 13:05): Goatee Saver.

Q: ive been having problems with my waxer, so i decided to just to let it grow down there, will this work on my pelvic area?
A: Absolutely. I have used this several times to get perfect Goatees all over my body. I have 2 chest goatees, and 3 which I will not mention over the internet due to personal reasons
m (19 Oct 2014 13:49): I love my Goatee saver so much, I've taken to wearing it around the house. The fit feels natural, and it discourages between-meal snacking. It could easily replace an actual goatee for those who find they can't grow decent facial hair.
R (24 Oct 2014 7:25): SPOLIER: EARTH DIE
G (24 Oct 2014 8:54): Spolier than thou.
m (24 Oct 2014 9:48): like
G (26 Oct 2014 11:58): A Visual Comparison Documenting the Volkswagon Golf 1974-2009
R (27 Oct 2014 13:25): So, one of the creators of Soylentdid a 4L/day water challenge:"Throughout the challenge I did not defecate. ...
In lieu of showering I sprayed myself with AOBiome’s custom skin bacteria blend."
R (27 Oct 2014 16:24): "Bacteria is the new black."
m (27 Oct 2014 21:04):
m (27 Oct 2014 21:07): For a moment I consider following Clinton’s advice: "if it’s yellow let it mellow", but decide to go full Bukowski instead: "sometimes you just have to piss in the sink". Could we engineer more efficient kidneys?
m (17 Nov 2014 14:19): Some new Cory Doctorow fiction for you, Reed. It's quite short, so no harm if you still don't like.
R (21 Jan 2015 19:04): Terbil Draems #35:

It 1907,but alsoe 1886.Youm duno whaet to weare.
Everbodey thinkyu got it rong!Youm kepe spileing gravey.
Youm hide in A cubberd.Nowe it 1825

From the Crimer Show guy, obvs.
m (23 Jan 2015 8:22): Werneing : Donot atemp theses draems at hom.
R (19 Apr 2015 21:27): Egg Hand
R (19 Apr 2015 21:55): Garfeidlf
m (20 Apr 2015 15:23): (reposting from Reed's RSS-starred feed): Are you just LARPing your job?
(and for more, linked from there we have Slate on Slack)
R (27 Apr 2015 12:02): never go on reddit
G (27 Apr 2015 13:35): Oh, wow. That is my new jam.
I am going to send that to some specific people.
m (21 May 2015 11:33): Long article Reed just starred/shared but I refuse to read past the second paragraph:

I've had mixed luck with impulse buys.

As a kid, I impulse-bought Marble Madness for my Sega Genesis. I saw it in Electronics Boutique, the box looked really cool, and it was only $40. Without having read any magazine reviews, I took the chance. It ended up being the worst Genesis game I owned.
R (24 May 2015 22:21): Hm, I thought the NES version was generally well-regarded, and took the author's word that the Genesis version was trash. I was mainly interested to see his opinion about the new 12" MacBook kbd and trackpad. G and I played around with the trackpad and generally found it to be fine, better than the old style for taps at the top of the surface.
R (24 May 2015 23:04): @rygorous discusses audio simulation relative to light sim
m (26 May 2015 6:51): I loved the NES version way back. No idea about on Genesis.
m (26 May 2015 6:52): Also the whole thing was interesting (and finally cleared up for me what's going on with the MB, MBA and Pro lines)
m (26 May 2015 6:54): Also: Audio sim sounds nuts! But if everything is so reflective and sound is so slow, why don't I hear a real smear of the same audio source arriving at lots of different times depending on what it's bounced off of? Or... do I?
m (4 Jun 2015 8:03): The Economics of Neko Atsume. Reed linked. Pretty great.
R (24 Jun 2015 3:19): worldwide computer gangster secret containment policy

it gets racist :C
R (22 Sep 2015 23:10): This is the Linkfest post with my RSS feed in it, for those who care. Couldn't find the post with M's RSS feed. It is a PITA to make a URL for posts here if you aren't sure if preceding zeros are needed.
m (23 Sep 2015 21:35): Mine
m (23 Sep 2015 21:36): Also: sorry about the bad mechanism for linking to posts. In my defense, it was easy to implement...
R (5 Oct 2015 3:07): Fafblog, sorta!!!!
R (5 Oct 2015 3:31): With BazQux you can paste a Youtube playlist URL into the "subscribe" field and it will figure out the URL. So great! I was already impressed that it did that for Twitter. Add your YT "Liked" videos to your RSS reader so you have some idea of what got pulled, later.
R (5 Oct 2015 3:33): It will figure out the "RSS URL", it doesn't just figure our the URL you pasted in. PROBABLY A GOOD TIME TO GO TO BED.
R (5 Oct 2015 18:46): "I ate those food."
G (6 Oct 2015 20:38): Physically based rendering:
Apologies for the lack of formatting.
R (25 Nov 2015 23:20): HAMIDASUMO

g (26 Nov 2015 13:06): Seriously these mods are like, the best reason to even play skyrim am I rite
R (21 Jan 2016 3:12): Songs about the RS232 Interface Lead
m (21 Jan 2016 8:31): To be clear: that's the cable for your old serial port.
R (22 Jan 2016 1:03): Nah, my old serial ports were mini DIN 8. Although for modem use, I think I did use a mini-DIN to DB25 cable that was probably talking in some variant of RS232.
R (6 Feb 2016 17:16): Evangelion Ending - Congratulations In Different Languages

The Russian dub is apparently just people talking in Russian over the Japanese version? :(
G (2 Apr 2016 11:43): Let us all stop and appreciate the separate "linkfest" and "Linkfest" topics. You're welcome, guys! Can't stop the caps.

I didn't bring you here for that, though. I wanted you to know that I know that Homestuck is updating again. Homestuck will be 7 years running on 4/13! Blearrrrrgh.
sam (5 Apr 2016 12:23): I thought this belonged here.
Paul (27 Jun 2016 21:27): garbage truck of the future, according to Reddit
m (29 Jun 2016 9:10): Glenn Greenwald on Brexit:

Obviously, those who are the target of this anti-establishment rage -- political, economic, and media elites -- are desperate to exonerate themselves, to demonstrate that they bear no responsibility for the suffering masses that are now refusing to be compliant and silent. The easiest course to achieve that goal is simply to demonize those with little power, wealth, or possibility as stupid and racist: This is only happening because they are primitive and ignorant and hateful, not because they have any legitimate grievances or because I or my friends or my elite institutions have done anything wrong.

Because that reaction is so self-protective and self-glorifying, many U.S. media elites -- including those who knew almost nothing about Brexit until 48 hours ago -- instantly adopted it as their preferred narrative for explaining what happened, just as they've done with Trump, Corbyn, Sanders, and any number of other instances where their entitlement to rule has been disregarded. They are so persuaded of their own natural superiority that any factions who refuse to see it and submit to it prove themselves, by definition, to be regressive, stunted, and amoral.
m (29 Jun 2016 9:11): and I guess on a lighter note, here's GRRM and Stephen King from like a week ago
Paul (29 Jun 2016 16:55): Linkfest: tantalizing details about the brain and how complex it is at a molecular level. Not sure it proves the author's claim that GAI is decades away, but worth reading about.
(25 Mar 2017 18:58): “A Swiss Army peacock!” Dennett rumbled, approvingly. He was in his element: he loves parties, materialism, and the sea.
R (25 Mar 2017 22:37): Jackson Regular, Oblique, Rotated, and Italic
G (25 Sep 2017 20:16): I guess this is the canonical Homestuck thread?
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