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m (27 Aug 2007 18:41): I can't remember if I posted here before about Lessig's change of focus, but, uh. I definitely dig it. Insidious routes through which corruption via influence occurs: insidious! legal! shitty! fucking lobbyist-culture!

anyhow, now he's pretty upset with Senator Clinton. Buh!
m (27 Aug 2007 19:01): Lessig clerked for Scalia back in the day?!
DK (3 Sep 2007 0:16): And Posner - who is largely cut of the same cloth (albeit with a better grasp of economics) as Scalia.

I don't see why this is surprising at all - Stanford's law school is relatively conservative (in the libertarian sense), so it shouldn't really be a shock that Lessig at one point was aligned with the law & economics crowd at <wince> Chicago.
m (28 Oct 2007 15:26): lessig observes (or discussed / agrees with an observation of Robert Reich's) that letting corporations dictate policy is a bad idea.
m (28 Oct 2007 15:30): I suppose "trusting corporations to act responsibly in the absence of restrictive policy is bad" is what I mean as a paraphrase, not "allowing them to dictate policy is bad"