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Paul (13 Oct 2004 10:05): I'm now working at Leepfrog Technologies (!)
Paul (21 Oct 2004 18:06): after last week's crash course in JavaScript and PageWizard (Leepfrog's content management product), I've been spending this week doing actual work for actual customers. Working full time makes me a lot busier now than I was before. I've been biking to work, which is a good route because it has few stoplights/obstacles, but is a bad route because it is long (4.5 miles?) so now my legs hurt. I've also tried taking the bus, which is good if I catch the bus and if I catch the transfer; this has happened 2 of the 5 times I've tried to ride the bus there. I hope I don't have to break down and get a car.
m (22 Oct 2004 11:54): or break down and get bionic legs.