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Paul (11 Dec 2004 15:27): I know you may not use Debian, but can you try to help me find the Lame .deb package? It's gone from Is Debian losing packages or something?? This is lame...
Grant (12 Dec 2004 23:16):

You won't find it in dselect because of issues with the Frauenhoffer patent, if I recall.
Specifically, it's not open source, so it can't go in the main directory.
It's also not distributable internationally (Germany), so it can't go in non-free.
And the US is not the only exception, so it can't go in non-US.
And I guess they don't feel like making a category for stuff that everybody wants to use, but which is even more frequently illegal. Or something.
Grant (12 Dec 2004 23:18): Speaking of which, when last I spoke with a know-it-all Debian user, he said that basically as long as you're not running some sort of ultra-important server and you're not going to do anything too hairy, it was a pretty good idea to go ahead and use packages from unstable, since there's a lot of good stuff in there, and it can sometimes take way too long for packages to be promoted.
Paul (16 Dec 2004 18:54): Well, I got Lame source from and sudo make install actually worked! (I've had bad luck with make in the past...)

Yes, I think I'm using unstable. Actually, I'm rather confused about how packages get migrated from unstable to testing to stable, and how I decide which to get... Like, when my computer boots, it says "testing/unstable"; what is that?
Paul (16 Dec 2004 18:55): Isn't it open source? I thought I got the source code from sourceforge...
(20 Dec 2004 6:58): Open source doesn't really apply in this case, as I understand it.
You see, that open source happens to infringe upon software patents. At least, it does the way some countries interpret it.