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Grant (10 May 2005 0:39): So, I just spent a week in Korea. I spent a day in Busan, then three days each in Seoul and Jeju. It was pretty fun.
m (11 May 2005 11:26): whoah
sam (16 May 2005 14:27): yeah, yeah great. but when are you going to north korea?
m (9 Aug 2007 11:38): what is this Lunia I hear talk of?
G (9 Aug 2007 22:42): I still wanna play War of Genesis, or Magna Carta (which even got an English release on the PS2!)
I remember how cool I thought Ragnarok Online was when it was in beta. Or Pangya, that matter, when I first saw a link to that. I remember they were pushing the Kooh 'media kit' for webmasters to make their fan pages with. Cue a hundred people unzipping the archive and uploading it to Geocities as a 'fan page.' Download section: Media kit.
So, clearly I'm more interested in reminiscing about old games I've never played than new games I might possibly. It looks cool, though! Korea seems to get all the cool MMOs. Because they're willing to pay lots of money, I guess. It does look good, and the promise of 'arcade action' seems kind of interesting to me. Presumably there'll be more than three characters, or just some customization options added later. Level 65... I wonder how long that'd take...
G (26 Oct 2009 19:21): I don't think I ever heard mention of Lunia past that day. But I just did a web search, and I guess they're still around. I don't know - It's no DFO...

Meanwhile, Magna Carta 2 is out for the 360.
Paul (5 Dec 2009 9:38): On Wikipedia In The News: "In the process to revalue the North Korean wŏn, current banknotes cease to be legal tender, and businesses throughout the country shut down until new notes are released."
G (5 Dec 2009 12:46): North Koreans were given seven days to exchange a maximum of ₩100,000 (worth approximately US$40 on the black market) in ₩1,000 notes for ₩10 notes, but after protests the limit was raised to ₩150,000 in cash and ₩300,000 in bank savings.[7] The revaluation, seen as a move against private market activity, will wipe out many North Koreans' savings.[7]
Paul (5 Dec 2009 13:01): obviously they shouldn't have been saving money. saving money is a notion of the capitalists.
m (9 Dec 2009 14:29): saving money is a notion of the capitalists.
money is a notion of the capitalists.
money is a capitalists.
R (10 Dec 2009 17:39): Money is explicate order bullshit from the dogon system.