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Paul (18 Sep 2004 13:11): What am I doing in Iowa? Well, here we are--Carla and me--in Coralville, IA 52241. Time to look for a job. We're supposed to get DSL on Monday and my computer should arrive soon thereafter, so I'll be online more after that.

Compared with life on the coasts, Iowa is a bit more relaxed, a bit friendlier...not too provincial nor conservative (partly thanks to U of I)...
Paul (18 Sep 2004 13:18): I don't have pictures here yet, so this will have to do.
m (20 Sep 2004 17:14): neat. how was italy?
m (22 Sep 2004 18:54): and how is Iowa? What are you doing these days?
Paul (23 Sep 2004 13:44): DSL is now working
m (1 Oct 2004 16:29): Is Cedar Rapids commutable?
m (7 Oct 2004 16:35): so, you busy these days? want to write an mpeg decoder?
m (31 Mar 2005 12:06): Bush was just in Cedar Rapids to drum up support for his Social Security reform. woo.
Paul (31 Mar 2005 20:48): There was a protest, but I tend to feel it's not worth protesting if the people of the US willfully bring upon themselves a government that screws them... Can I give them common sense? doubtful
Grant (31 Mar 2005 23:17): ...but you can give them glorious death.
A warrior should be proud die on the point of the KRAHH-LESCHGAR!!
This 'Bush' is no warrior. Our leader eats more babies before breakfast than Bush does in a week!