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Grant (6 Oct 2005 20:22):

The low-down? "Gays, lesbians and single Hoosiers would be prohibited from using medical science to help have a child under a bill being considered by an interim legislative committee."

Yeah. Exactly. Gays, lesbians, and single Hoosiers. Why the single Hoosiers? It's probably because they could be gay!! They're all around us! Reading further, it seems that's exactly what it's about:

She did concede it would stop single people from using methods other than sexual intercourse but said “all the studies indicate the best environment for a child is to have a two-parent family – a mother and a father.”
m (10 Oct 2005 18:10): all it needs is a little heehoo
m (15 Mar 2012 13:28): all it needs is a little heehoo
m (10 Apr 2012 13:33): I remember once seeing a map of US pronunciation/dialect variations. Can we dig this up?