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Happy (early) New Year

zong (26 Dec 2004 1:35): To all mancalablog friends.
zong (26 Dec 2004 18:32): I take it nobody's in Seattle?
Grant (28 Dec 2004 3:44): I am in Seattle!
Sorry, I haven't been too up-to-date computer-wise.
Paul (1 Jan 2005 11:56): Happy New Year from Iowa, just back from New York
m (9 Jan 2005 11:24): happy new year from LA
Paul (4 Jan 2010 7:56): Free wifi in seatac airport! It says "sponsored by google" and makes you click a button before it works.
m (4 Jan 2010 8:32): They did that for Christmas at like 8 or 10 airports around the country, and (I think) they're making it permanent here and in SFO.
R (4 Jan 2010 10:41): Free wifi is great, but holy crap, the US is behind the times in this area. You know where else has had free wifi since circa 2005? The Estonian ferry terminal. Granted, the Copenhagen airport was paid wifi at the time...
G (4 Jan 2010 13:44): Yeah, US internet access is all lame.
Paul (4 Jan 2010 16:35): "US ___ is all lame" is a true statement for many values of ___.
G (4 Jan 2010 18:11): Oh yeah?
That's what I thought, commie.
Clippy (4 Jan 2010 22:54): Did you mean: There's only four things we do better than anyone else: music, movies, microcode, and high-speed pizza delivery.
m (4 Jan 2010 22:58): Ann just got a copy for christmas
G (4 Jan 2010 23:14): I was thinking of Autotune #5. I love how google autocompletes "exceptional fast food."
R (4 Jan 2010 23:55): It's pretty great, although you can tell NS is not super comfortable with female characters. Cryptonomicon is the manliest book I've ever read (Zero female characters, one "damsel in distress"). Rest of the Baroque Cycle is okay though. Y'know, if you're into 2700 pages of historical sci-fi. Goes a lot fucking faster than Infinite Jest, though. Shit is slower to read than Nabokov. Nabokov!
G (5 Jan 2010 0:45): I was amazed that Paul hadn't seen Autotune the News. At first I thought - hey, why don't you subscribe to my favorites, and then skip through all the video game movies, like my other friends? But then the horrible truth dawned on me - he can't watch YouTube videos. Maybe not even if he goes through the whole 'download an h264 version and watch offline' rigamarole.
G (5 Jan 2010 0:45): </i>
Paul (5 Jan 2010 5:49): I can watch them using youtube-dl (1. find the url, 2. 'youtube-dl (url)', 3. 'mplayer (result)') but not having preview-capability means I'm more reliant on someone else's recommendation of what to watch...
thread police (5 Jan 2010 9:22): what the fuck!
m (3 Jan 19:41): Happy 2019, guys