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Paul (19 May 2004 12:43): So I'll be graduating in a couple weeks. The good news is various people come and see me graduate. The bad news is, then I have to figure out what to do with myself.
asdf (7 May 2004 23:12): test message again
mike (1 Jun 2004 8:17): You done yet, dude? I just drove back to seattle (via tucson, where my roommate's family lives) - pretty intense drive. I'd post to my blog about it, but the cs lab computers are being upgraded to red hat enterprise linux, so no blog (or programming) for me.
How about you, grant? This quarter your last?
mike (2 Jun 2004 15:00): Paul - you going to be stopping back in seattle at all?
Grant (4 Jun 2004 20:07): Monday is my last final. I'm sure I'll have a few things to keep me busy, but overall I think my free time will be on the up and up. Or perhaps more importantly, needing to wake up in the morning will be on the down and down.
mike (7 Jun 2004 17:03): you done, yet? I'm only around for a couple more days...
Grant (8 Jun 2004 13:47): Who's 'you'? I'm done.
It's the 206 to the 286 to the 1994 if you wanna leave a message the old-fashioned way.
Paul (13 Jun 2004 5:49): So I graduated Thursday; in attendance were Carla, Mom, Dad, Cheryl (stepmom), Gee-gee (grandmother), Betsy (aunt) and Audrey (cousin). It's nice to visit everyone, though the visiting is brief. This picture shows a PhD on the subway; I took the bus.
mike (20 Jun 2004 16:08): Tatsu and I have an <A href="">apartment in LA now. He starts work tomorrow. I am still very unemployed.
(20 Jun 2004 16:09): wait - what? Do you only allow lower case a tags?
Grant (21 Jun 2004 17:50): Haha. That's hilarious.
I'd suggest running futaba or something on here, but I guess image boards have a habit of eating up massive quantities of bandwidth.
mike (21 Jun 2004 19:29): I'm dumb. I forgot to close my tag.
mike (21 Jun 2004 19:30): I'm dumb. I forgot to close my tag.
mike (21 Jun 2004 19:30): woo. watch out, guys. I'm on fire.
Paul (23 Jun 2004 6:56): Sounds good--what's Culver City like?
Also, what is futaba? ("Futaba dominates F3A World Championship!")
(23 Jun 2004 17:46): Futaba is the image-board script that they run on, uh, futaba-chan. Think 2-channel, but for images. "Futaba" can also mean "two-leaves" in Japanese. 'Chan' is a shortening of 'channel,' as well as the well-known name suffix. So, you see, it's actually quite clever. Chortle!

NOTE: You may not be able to read Japanese very well, or well enough to be bothered (it's an image board, after all!). But, uh, if there's like a warning page before that particular gallery, do the math. Me, I just check the NEKO board (cats).
(7 Jul 2004 17:36): more ayanami rei pornography. awesome.
Grant (8 Jul 2004 17:12): Just check:
I mean, that's what I do.
Grant (8 Jul 2004 17:27): Actually, while we're at it:
Kingdom of Loathing!
(10 Jul 2004 18:52): Automated fun. Because manual fun is simply too taxing.
G (29 Jun 2005 0:20): Just an update, here:
Kingdom of Loathing has implemented ascension! It's as good a game as it ever was, and maybe it's now better, even.
Also, is searching by text slightly broken?