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Good Music

m (14 Aug 2004 21:57): teh good: Ugly Casanova
well - good if you like Modest Mouse (also real good)
m (3 Jun 2005 10:48): Mirah, Ben Gibbard, Elliott Smith, Calexico, Nick Drake, Low
I guess I got a little lazy with those links.
sam (8 Jun 2005 23:37): three interesting reads. especially for somebody like me, who missed out on music during the second millenium.
m (9 Jun 2005 10:15): jesus. KLF is tremendously bizarre. I'd never heard of them.
G (9 Jun 2005 23:34): Seems crazy that you'd have missed out on the early-high-school-years single 'Justified and Ancient.'
'All bound for moo-moo land,' anyone?
sam (10 Jun 2005 8:35): ... there is at least one cow in scotland, at least one side of which is black.
R (4 Oct 2015 19:37): The Mountain Goats have a new albumen out, "Beat The Champ" (wrestling themed, obvs). It's pretty great, have had it stuck in my head for weeks now. The Legend of Chavo Guerrero has a music video, Heel Turn 2, that and Foreign Object are probably my other favorites from this album.
R (4 Oct 2015 19:45): Also, Chavo Guerrero is a real person, which I just found out today. Neat.
R (18 Oct 2015 4:09): Bob James - Take Me to the Mardi Gras — check the list of songs that sampled this, gawd damn.