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Gender Equity

Grant (21 Mar 2005 23:12): This is a link to the Daily Mainichi Newspaper.
Japan is awesome because of the gender equity they enjoy.
It's like the fifties, or something.
Grant (23 Mar 2005 21:16): Also like the fifties - people not wearing seatbelts, and everybody smoking.
R (5 Feb 2008 12:47): Goodbye To All That (#2) by Robin Morgan
m (12 Feb 2008 7:31): Most cogent pro-Hillary read to-date.
G (12 Feb 2008 9:52): Except even if I admit that Clinton has been treated unfairly by certain sexist jerks, it doesn't entail that she's the best candidate or even that any of the other people who don't support her are doing so because they are sexist jerks. It's a general airing of grievances towards Clinton, her campaign, and women as a group that doesn't mention any of Clinton's actual campaign issues or even really deal with the whole "She is competing against another actual politician" angle.

Also, the conclusion (I’m voting for Hillary not because she’s a woman—but because I am.) would seem to suggest that all women should vote for Hillary, and no men. Kind of undercuts the entire piece, if you ask me.
m (12 Feb 2008 13:26): The message I got from the piece (or, which seemed rather pointedly to address my own specific take on things) was: Yeah mike, racism is still going strong, and it's wonderful that we've got the likeliest black candidate for president yet, but if you think that gender-discrimination was an issue settled back in the sixties [as you seem to, impossibly], you should take a closer look at the world. Hillary's politics aren't perfect, but nor are Obama's, and this is far and away the best chance we'll have at a good female president in the next twenty years. Probably the next fifty. Try not to fuck it up.
m (12 Feb 2008 13:27): also: the last line doesn't make sense to me either.
G (12 Feb 2008 15:06): Yeah, that's fair. It certainly makes a strong point that gender inequality is still a huge issue.