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Paul (8 Jun 2006 12:51): Sounds like now is the time. :-S
Paul (8 Jun 2006 13:04): (Seattle Times article)
Paul (9 Jun 2006 18:25): I might've tried to make it to the reunion bash, but I'm kind of far, and I only really heard about this yesterday. Nostalgia is weird like that.
Grant (11 Jun 2006 18:01): I'm kinda far, too.
(12 Jun 2006 23:21): I went, for all of 15 minutes. I was very late, and only saw one person I recognized, besides Rick. I walked through all of the hallways, and remembered things. I tried to get out onto the roof via the annex, but the windows were locked, at least to a superficial inspection. It still smells bad.
Paul (3 Oct 2011 20:02): Reading a NYTimes article, and then I see "Isolde Raftery contributed reporting from Seattle." How many of our classmates can get positions of influence on the scale of NYTimes reporting?
m (18 Jan 2013 11:32): Down with standardized tests!
m (18 Jan 2013 12:07): (more at npr)