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m (1 Apr 2005 13:52): smart keywords. cool. now even when I'm not on a linux machine I can dict "blah" and (after fixing the default pref for dict) have answer.
m (14 Feb 2007 21:16): firefox/mozilla's config comes with the option --enable-leaky, which says "Build leaky memory tool". What does this mean? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? See, to me, "build mozilla with leaky memory" seems like an unwise option...
m (14 Feb 2007 21:18): --enable-wrap-malloc lets you put your own wrapper around malloc. paul, this is exactly what you want!
Paul (15 Feb 2007 17:48): Um, I don't know how to "put a wrapper around malloc". First, I forget how to use C; second, what would I tell it when it tries to malloc? I'd be like "NO", and it'd be like "<crash>"...
G (15 Feb 2007 20:54): Yeah, I think I see what this is really for:
It's a tool that allows you to log the usage of malloc so that you can diagnose memory leaks.
Which might not really do us any good.
Paul (28 May 2007 18:32): Are you unhappy with new Firefox bloat? It's not too late: Debian Sarge firefox is still security-supported for now. Just set /etc/apt/preferences to read:
Package: mozilla-firefox
Pin: version 1.0.4*
Pin-Priority: 1001
Download and enjoy lighting-fast browsing like you did in 2005!
G (30 May 2007 18:41): I thought you were still using links!
What turned you to the lazy side of graphical browsing?
m (30 May 2007 22:21): elinks!
Paul (24 Aug 2007 3:46): Finally, a top-ranked google page tells Firefox 2 for what it is. See especially the part about performance...

So I'm still on Firefox 1.0.4, but the problem is, websites I want to use (which previously worked only on FF1 and IE6) now work only on FF2 and IE7. For example and Dammit. This is almost as bad as back in 2003, before Firefox came out, when I couldn't use a decent browser on Linux to save my life, due to IE-only code taking over the world.
DK (24 Aug 2007 22:32): You could use Opera or Konqueror...

m (26 Aug 2007 18:05): or internet explorer in Wine
m (26 Aug 2007 19:20): I like the level of paranoia present in the Firefox review. Like, seriously. Paul, you're usually not on the privacy wagon this hard, and I dig the new move.
Down with firefox 2! Long live Tor!
m (29 May 2008 13:01): Aha! fucking finally!
(20 Oct 2008 7:53): A picture, and a comment I stole:

He's really upset because he has just realised he sat on the wrong side of the desk and now he can't see the very important pictures on the monitors. Instead he's stuck with some old office phones, which are boring and 20th century.

He was so looking forward to seeing that column of mostly purple numbers. But it's too late now, getting up and walking to the other side of the desk is an immense hurdle now that the depression of selecting the wrong side of the desk has brought on crippling ennui. Maybe he could form a noose out of the curly phone handset cables.