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m (29 Jul 2013 23:22): Can't figure out what to do with this giant bell, but I'm desperate to get the water level to drop and I feel like the bell is the ticket.

Stupid glyphs everywhere.
G (30 Jul 2013 17:49): I want to give a series of cascading hints that are increasingly spoilery. But instead I'll just say this, and you can ask again if you want something just a little bit more helpful.

That is two puzzles and they are unrelated. You can lower the water level, but doing so is something that will happen in an area that's more... watery...

The bell was a really tough puzzle for me to solve. As you have noticed, each face has a different glyph on it, and you need to know what those glyphs mean. Have you tried to work out some of the glyphs, yet? Do you want some extremely limited hints about the nature of those glyphs?

Maybe mancalablog needs spoiler tags...
m (31 Jul 2013 18:22): So (afaict) I understand alphabet-glyphs and gesture-glyphs, but numbers still totally confuse me (i.e. there's that diagram from dot to cube, 0 through 3 dimensional objects, with what seem to be numbers next to them, but then other numerical looking recipes like UC[BL-Dot]=[4-dot], or [UR-Dot]=^). So numbers: definitely not yet.

Still can't sort out this water level thing. I was hoping that lowering the water level in gameboy-color land would lead to lower level back in water land, but obviously that was a silly plan. Water level varies room-to-room in gameboy land.

Actually, I was hoping that a lot of stuff would become clearer once I sifted through the cryptogram part of things, but not at all. Everything I've translated so far is just flavor text. Most egregious: "Please send help / trapped in a fez factory"

And there are various post-type things I can't make sense of. One type that's made up of four vertical rods, and one that's got a floating dot in the middle. They're all just question marks for now.

Lots of question marks.
G (31 Jul 2013 18:51): I think I might have mentioned this before, but you can't get full completion your first time through, so don't worry about it. The posts are for New Game+.

It seems you figured out the letter glyphs! Good job! Yes, you are right, almost all of them are just flavor text.

Water level is going to be the 'same' for some of the overworld (?) areas, so you have the right idea. Just have to find the right spot.

As far as number glyphs go, I had a lot of trouble with them. I don't understand your notation at all. But I'll tell you the big assumption that I made about number glyphs that kept me from figuring them out: It is not true that there is a one-to-one map from fez numerals to arabic numerals.
m (31 Jul 2013 20:23): I am on New Game+! I'd hoped to get some enlightenment there, but it was just right where I'd left off. Did I miss something important?
G (31 Jul 2013 21:43): In New Game + you unlock a special ability.
(Two actually, but one of them is 'secret')
G (31 Jul 2013 21:50): I guess I should just tell you. It's not supposed to be hidden.
When you go through the intro the second time and watch the 'deal with it' intro, you unlock first person mode and 3D anaglyph mode.
On the 360 you could activate first person with the left thumbstick - not sure what the default is going to be on PC.
m (31 Jul 2013 23:05): buh. grumpy.