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Grant (17 Mar 2005 22:00): I guess Mainichi has a fashion section.
Hermes seems okay, Yabyum, uh... I'm opposed to. Morally. And then there's stuff like this. I don't even know if it's bad, exactly - maybe it's great. It just looks a bit like a human abalone, that's all.
Paul (4 Aug 2006 14:39): Origami Boulder Company
G (12 Dec 2009 0:43): Hey, uh, can I get you guys to weigh in on this jacket? A part of me thinks it looks like exactly like a foam pad for sleeping bags, but another part of me thinks it is totally cool.
R (12 Dec 2009 12:30): It seems like it would look (& feel) weird if you bent your arm (the stiffness of the fabric would cause the shape to narrow, which would move air around, making it not super practical for keeping warm). If you're down with standing still & looking pretty, I'll admit I think the collar is really reminiscent of a cartoon or video game version of a collar. Which I like!
I did enjoy looking at other pictures from this show, some of them look like they are from the unreleased "shitty-euro-Matrix" movie. His coat was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. Notice that odd looking collar on his undershirt? THIS is that shirt. Calvin, please, no romo (Romulan).
G (14 Jun 2010 15:06): Wow, so, I guess they claim that this is a 'rock tie." Looking, uh, good!

I wanted to find some other notable product to link to at the BRAIN POLICE (!) website, but This 'Yevangelion' t-shirt was the best I could do before I got bore (fifth page).
Paul (16 Jun 2010 20:22): Those of us who were expecting a Fred Flintstone style "rock tie" are now disappointed.
G (16 Jun 2010 21:55): Hey man, we were all disappointed.
But that would be a cool idea... except that Fred Flintstone wore a normal (if ragtag) tie, it seems?
G (16 Aug 2013 22:06): This haircut reminds me of R's old haircut.