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Election 2016

Paul (3 Jun 2015 4:42): Contributing to Bernie Sanders' campaign today...want to pitch in?
Paul (11 Jun 2015 23:45): compare your political views against various candidates'
R (26 Jan 2016 5:00): This was a bad year to have watched Man in the High Castle.
m (26 Jan 2016 8:09): Didn't realize amazon did a show of that! Any good? I remember not particularly liking the book, but that was a long time ago.
G (26 Jan 2016 18:19): WOW!
We may need to institute a 'post of the year' award.
R (27 Jan 2016 4:14): Everyone already saw the Freedom Kids' Trump song, right?

I shared it via a Metafilter post on RSS, but some of you Guys are slackers.

Uh. Anyway. Man in the High Castle. I too read the book in HS, didn't care for it particularly, and can barely remember it. The show... well. It has some good parts? They get a lot of mileage out of Americans saying Nazi stuff and a generally grim and oppressive tone. Aside from that, well. It's SciFi on TV. So, not great, some of the plot seems weird, leaves on a sort of cliffhanger. Also, the sense of unreality might start affecting your real life.
m (10 Feb 2016 10:29): Why does Sanders do so badly with nonwhite voters?
Paul (11 Feb 2016 4:41): Now that I researched this, my top hypothesis is that it's mostly name recognition, along with establishment endorsements. It makes no sense in context of their actual careers:

Sanders' first newsworthy political activities occurred 50 years ago when he was at the U of Chicago and participated in a sit-in for desegregation of student housing. He also attended the March on Washington in 1963. I notice that his political focus shifted from laws about race to policies about economics around the same time that Martin Luther King began making a similar shift, after segregation was mostly illegal but inequality remains rife---it makes sense for someone truly committed to racial equality to focus on the root policies which most hold inequality in place. He is not a bombastic speaker about racial justice, but his political actions have consistently supported racial justice ever since then. Sanders endorsed Jesse Jackson in 1984 and 1988. Sanders is currently endorsed by Cornel West, who is one person I trust to have good judgment on racial justice issues.

Hillary Clinton says she supports racial justice, but only 20 years ago, she helped support Bill Clinton's policies which increased rates of incarceration of blacks, especially for drug crimes, and imposed onerous restrimtions on welfare recipients---for example, some single mothers had to begin jobs far from their children in order to continue receiving welfare. Such policies have had severe impact on people of color while studiously avoiding overtly racist language.

So my hypothesis is that people just don't know these facts yet. Sanders was still a relatively unknown candidate outside of Iowa two weeks ago. The real question is whether these things will get widely known before election day.
Paul (11 Feb 2016 4:54): Note also that we don't have very solid data to support this extraordinary claim touted by the media. In actual data, NH non-white voters are so few in number that exit poll figures for them aren't published, but among white voters his result was similar as overall, off higher by about 1%, suggesting (if my math is right) that he got somewhere between 40% and 55% of non-white voters in NH---less than his 60% overall but hardly doing badly.
Paul (15 Feb 2016 20:19): Ok before we get too serious, you have to see Dave Barry and Bernie Sanders in 1991
Paul (8 Mar 2016 20:05):
m (9 Mar 2016 5:47): Somebody's excited about Michigan.
m (26 Mar 2016 17:17): Caucused!
m (9 Apr 2016 20:46): Crushed it in Wyoming. Too bad about the 7-7 delegate split.
Paul (25 Apr 2016 19:38): sample ballot for my ward/division
G (25 Apr 2016 23:43): Seņor Escrito! I take it 'Por' is your secret election name? I like it; it's got that Latin flair.
If an ņ character breaks mancala, yay time to go to bed.
R (3 Jul 2016 4:35): Memes from 1982, somehow now appropriate for this topic, WTF. Pauline Pantsdown - I Don't Like It

(Pauline Hanson has been elected to Australian Parliament.)

Additional Auspol tumblr postsfavored by Buzzfeed.
Paul (12 Jul 2016 16:11): At this moment she heard a hoarse laugh at her side, and turned to see what was the matter with the White Queen; but, instead of the Queen, there was the leg of mutton sitting in the chair. "Here I am!" cried a voice from the soup-tureen, and Alice turned again, just in time to see the Queen's broad good-natured face grinning at her for a moment over the edge of the tureen, before she disappeared into the soup.
Paul (12 Jul 2016 16:18): Um, now it's time to see if anyone grasps who's who in my obscure allegory.
Paul (14 Jul 2016 22:30): "I got a quick programming note before we go any further: The Republican National Convention is next week and The Late Show will be live every single night, so tune in for a mockery of our political system---
and then watch The Late Show.
Paul (14 Jul 2016 22:31): " (...forgot the end-quote)
m (15 Jul 2016 9:26): not bad