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Election 2008

Paul (16 Dec 2006 9:52): Dennis Kucinich has declared his candidacy, with a platform to "inspire change the way this country values humanity, so...we can live our lives based on principles of peace and hope." He has more concrete proposals too. (He has some domain name problems.)
Paul (28 Sep 2007 3:20): Public financing could be enough reason to vote for Edwards... But why is the field so timid about calling for the dems to cut Iraq funding? They almost did it in the spring, then got scared of a little veto showdown, but they should at least try again...
m (9 Feb 2008 14:53): Hey, what are superdelegates? What does that mean? And what the fuck is up with primaries in our fair state? I mean caucuses. I mean, not that either seem to matter. Right? The republicans selected in the primary get to change their minds? And the Dems don't even give ones per the primary?
Paul (10 Feb 2008 5:00): It means the primary/caucus system is a lot more broken than the electoral college system in the general election.
Paul (28 Mar 2008 14:34): Don't look now, but is showing McCain ahead of both Obama and Clinton. This is highly alarming.
G (28 Mar 2008 16:44): >:(
G (28 Mar 2008 16:46): Violent, bloody revolution: Has the time come?
R (12 May 2008 9:44): Things younger than John McCain.
Paul (21 May 2008 3:42): Popular vote totals show that Clinton is ahead if you count Michigan as 328,309 for her and 0 for Obama.
R (13 Jun 2008 16:40): An old link, a new link:
If Congress defines a specific interrogation technique as prohibited under all circumstances, does the president's authority as commander in chief ever permit him to instruct his subordinates to employ that technique despite the statute?
No. The President is not above the law, and the Commander-in-Chief power does not entitle him to use techniques that Congress has specifically banned as torture. We must send a message to the world that America is a nation of laws, and a nation that stands against torture. As President I will abide by statutory prohibitions, and have the Army Field Manual govern interrogation techniques for all United States Government personnel and contractors

"I wanted to make sure that the children who saw that picture knew that even the Democratic nominee for president wears a helmet when he goes biking."

(15 Jun 2008 14:38): Yes.
Paul (14 Aug 2008 5:04): How come Obama hasn't been in the headlines for a couple weeks? Can he still win if he loses his publicity momentum?
m (14 Aug 2008 7:35): And neither he nor McCain have shifted in over a month in the polls (which all seem to give Obama a 3-5 point margin -- i.e. insignificant).

The trip to Europe. It does nothing.

Actually, Obama was getting plenty of press during his Europe trip / Berlin speech.
m (14 Aug 2008 7:35): Wasn't he?
G (14 Aug 2008 9:06): He was around here.
R (14 Aug 2008 16:27): The meta-analysis from Princeton Election Consortium don't look that bad as of today. Obviously, there's still a bit of time between now and november.

Also, "jerseyvotes"!
"Conceptually, jersyvotes are distantly related to the Banzhaf Power Index, but normalized to the power of one individual. If you have ten times as much influence over the win probability as a voter in New Jersey, your vote is worth 10 jerseyvotes. Sadly for the hosts of this site, one jerseyvote is not worth very much."
Paul (15 Aug 2008 4:36): Yes, he was doing okay at the time of the Europe trip: It may not have won many percentage points, but it kept up the publicity momentum. NYT editorials referred to him at the time as us seeming to let him be president early, since we're short by one.
Paul (13 Sep 2008 11:14): I just donated to Obama's campaign, and they asked me to "spread the word". So here's my word:

I believe Obama will be a phenomenal president, due to his extraordinary social, political and interpersonal intelligence. Although I disagree with some of his views (I'm more radical than he is), he is showing an unprecedented ability to articulate and promote the national consensus on gridlock issues of war, sex, and education. He also shows a solid understanding of economics and the need to incorporate both Keynes' pump-priming and Reagan's supply-side to benefit everyone. As we face the uncharted waters of worldwide resource overpopulation---with rising costs of healthcare, energy, and food---we need a president who can envision solutions to intractable problems and rally the nation around them. We need Obama to be our president.

Don't wait---donate! Today! Who knows who Palin would bomb tomorrow.
G (12 Oct 2008 14:37): I wish that Fafblog had an RSS feed.
m (13 Oct 2008 10:50): Get me up to speed on this RSS thing -- I know: this is admitting to being woefully behind the times. So you have a "reader" or something that you tell "hey, watch these sites and let me know, possibly giving me the content in a convenient, readable fashion, whenever they've got an update"? And then it polls them periodically and looks at their rss.xml or what have you, and does its job?
Is this useful? Is there something good for linux I can compile to do this for me here on the xo? Or are these readers, like, server-side apps (this would make the pinging for new rss files convenient)?
G (13 Oct 2008 17:26): Sounds like you've got the idea. Basically, websites put the content of their updates into an XML file. Then, your reader checks that file and tells you what's new. There are lots of clients, but the Google Reader is actually pretty good, so there's at least one decent, no-cost option available to you.

This is useful because before I started using an RSS reader, I had a big pile of websites that I would check every day, or every week, or just forget to check. I spent time checking when there were no updates, and I would miss updates or get them late because I didn't check.

Now I just check my RSS reader for 90% of all the sites I go to. It's fast, convenient, and less prone to error. If I don't mark an article as being read, I can save it for later conveniently. If you're on the road (or using campus computers), you can use a synchronization service (or just use the Google Reader) and you can access all of your normal bookmarks from where-ever.

For me it's like web browsing with all of the repetitive garbage removed. I just read the stuff I want and I'm done. The next time I come back, it's all there waiting for me.
Paul (18 Oct 2008 13:13): Obama being followed by zombie McCain
m (22 Oct 2008 16:25): NYTimes coverage of the Palin guest-appearance on SNL includes:
"I want to be done playing this lady Nov. 5," Ms. Fey said recently. "So if anybody can help me be done playing this lady Nov. 5, that would be good for me."
m (31 Oct 2008 21:29): Head's up, on State School-Sup: current one sucks, go with Randy Dorn.

And in case you're looking for guidance on down-ballot races, I always check with The Stranger's endorsements before voting (and this year looks like I won't break with them on anything).
m (31 Oct 2008 22:14): Holy shit! WASL expects third graders to answer these questions? They're like tiny novels -- Russian novels, with intricate character involvement! No wonder Bergeson flunked it.
m (4 Nov 2008 20:59): Woo!
m (5 Nov 2008 8:13): Anyone know the result of the Rossi-Gregoire WA Gov'r race?
m (5 Nov 2008 8:51): Looks like it's Chris's. Though I read something about Rossi not conceding when she gave her acceptance speech at 52%-48%, some half of precincts reporting.
Paul (21 Nov 2008 14:06): Lizard People for Democracy. Real ballots being challenged in Minnesota, where Coleman (R) leads Franken (D) by a very narrow margin.
Paul (16 Apr 2009 15:25): My president does truth and reconciliation. (link to the actual memos he describes)
Paul (21 Aug 2009 4:09): President Obama emailed me to pass on the link to "Setting the Record Straight". My opinion? If Obama worries so much about ridiculous opponents that he forgets to hammer a simple, pithy and logical position, they've already snared him in their court. I wish he'd say, "we need reform that puts universal coverage above insurance profiteering. Of course the profiteers are against it."
m (17 Aug 2012 11:50): Do you guys read Nate Silver's election analyses? They're fantastic.
m (22 Aug 2012 11:57): elastic states as a concept corresponding to that of elastic goods
m (9 Nov 2013 7:49): Late ballots be crazy!
Conlin led Sawant (Socialist!) 53.56 to 46.13 percent on election night (6136 votes), and now leads 50.31 to 49.49 percent (1237 votes). Gap closing!
In other gaps: seatac's minimum wage hike (to $15, I think only for large businesses, I think targeted at the airport itself) which led comfortably on election night is now struggling, holds a 43 vote lead.
m (12 Nov 2013 17:30): Kshama Sawant leads by 41 votes, SeaTac $15 minimum wage leads by 43 votes. So close!
G (12 Nov 2013 19:19): Craaazy. I think I remember reading that there might be an automatic, required recount if it's within a certain margin? Very interesting, though.
m (15 Nov 2013 8:05): moving out of automatic recount territory