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Dying Keyoard

aul (1 Nov 2004 15:50): My keyboard is dying. Often the m, b, p, z, and period don't work, also Enter (though keypad's enter suffices)

The problem seems to be in the plug, perhaps, worrying me that it might not be fixed by just getting a new keyboard. The problem is sporatic...note that I can currently use m, b, p, z, and period... but probably not for long. :-(
m (22 Aug 2005 12:55): so what happened with the keyoard?

I was looking for a Kernel topic (but we have no topics with the substring 'ker') to say that the linux kernel makefile has a 'make clean' as well as a 'make mrproper' which is a reference to Mr Clean, but in either finnish or german (in german the product is called Meister Proper) and the results of which are like 'make clean' only more so.
m (22 Aug 2005 13:01): and my guess (just confirmed) is that bzImage is for 'big zImage', since I just tried make zImage and got a complaint about 'system is too big' and a suggestion to try make bzImage or modules instead.
Turns out zImage is loaded into low memory, while the bzImage goes into high mem.
Grant (22 Aug 2005 18:48): Mmm, kernels.

So, on Mac OS X, the new version (8) of Stuffit (a popular (de)compression utility) installs a kernel extension. What, I say what? That shit is creepy, ninja.

I mean, the 'buzz' (more like whisper) amongst the maccies is all about how we're nervous about what Apple might decide to try regarding 'trusted computing' and DRM in the operating system. I think Aladdin Sys. gets decidedly less trust from me.

Sorry, unrelated, I know.
Grant (22 Aug 2005 19:20): About which you can find a good summary here, although from the so-called 'other side.' As though you'd be interested, hah.

I don't know, man! I don't have anything fun to do here! Bah. Stupid work.
m (22 Aug 2005 20:54): it's cool, man. I won't tell. I periodically peruse mac related websites. It's not even that embarassing -- but shit, macs are the ones with dwindling market share that, instead of keeping their little haute couture niche going, are going to sell out, &c, &c. What I want is someone who'll do both Style and Open (for the record, I'm pretty sure I loathe Sun Micro - I'm not even sure why I linked that)
And, damnit, you have always used the extended font support as an excuse to stick things like an infinity sign in song filenames. christ. ¡All Time Quarterback!
Grant (22 Aug 2005 21:40): Don't blame me for putting it in the filename, blame the artist for putting it in the song name!
Earth, water, fire my ass.

Yeah, Drunkenblog. Also, shoutz to Daring Fireball, another guy who tells it like it is.
(22 Aug 2005 21:43): Actually, I think I could make a very nice little icon for 'my ass.'
Earth, Air, Wind, Water... MY ASS. It's the missing fifth element!
We no longer have to keep the icosahedron hidden.
m (22 Aug 2005 23:59): There must be some proud tradition in Mac culture of using intense similes -- when I read the phrase "Every time I see italics on a web page set in Lucida Grande, its like sand in my eyes" it's as though I can hear grant saying it, making that grant-in-intense-pain face.
G (24 Dec 2009 9:37): This made me think of Paul's stenotype software.
G (27 Jan 2010 14:42): How 'bout that iPad. The best thing about it (in my opinion) is probably the price.
Although I'm not super eager to buy a computer where the only option for installing software is the app store.
m (28 Jan 2010 8:51): Best thing about the iPad: your use of this Topic.
As always: Apple scares people with its proprietary Grip on Your Balls.
m (28 Jan 2010 11:10): "iPad is iBad for freedom". Not their catchiest slogan ever.
Actually, FSF is pretty bad at catchy slogans. I take it back: this may be their catchiest ever.
G (28 Jan 2010 15:29): LOL. It should be iPad is iBad for iFree iDom iLOL
WTF, dailykos. Amazon was forced to improve the royalties they're giving authors. What we had BEFORE was a monopoly, and what we might have in two months is some actual competition. Second best part was where the FSF links to an online petition to remove DRM from the iPad. Good luck with that one, guys!

For fuck's sake. Way to make yourself look like a bunch of jackasses.
G (28 Jan 2010 16:02): Haha, here's a less shrill piece on the subject.
I actually was going to link to R. Stallman's "crappy Chinese netbook" in my above post, but thought it would be a low blow. But they totally go there!
m (26 Nov 2011 9:55): Do we know anyone (R/G) with a macbook air A1369 (late 2010, early 2011 low-end air) who isn't squeamish about its disassembly? I may have spilled (beer) on Ann's, likely ruining the logic board, but I'd really love to recover some of her data (from the absurdly proprietary ssd) and test components to figure out if anything besides the logic board is busted.

I broke the whole thing down when cleaning out the liquid, so I've done it once and it's not too terrible, but these replacement parts (logic board, io board, topcase) are too expensive to just guess and check.
Paul (26 Nov 2011 20:01): Proprietary SSD sounds terrible. Maybe I should stop recommending people to buy Macs.
m (26 Nov 2011 23:12): totally recoverable - I just have to buy another macbook to do it.
G (27 Nov 2011 18:31): New airs don't have their ssds soldered in like the old ones did.
Anything else about them that would be considered proprietary?
G (27 Nov 2011 18:34): I don't know anybody with an air, though, to answer your question. ( ;Д`)
m (27 Nov 2011 21:09): it looks like the older airs have normal ssds (or is that a conventional drive?) with proprietary cables.
Newer ones (i.e. ours) have an ssd that looks like a goddamn stick of ram.
G (27 Nov 2011 23:12): Interesting.
You can get a case that will fit the old SSD:
(other options as well?)
G (27 Nov 2011 23:13): Not old. I don't know why I said old.
m (29 Nov 2011 12:01): Cool! Might end up getting one of those for data salvage.
m (29 Nov 2011 12:34): So at first I thought that these might be mSATA drives (for which there are a number of mSATA-to-SATA internal adapters for pretty cheap), but they actually are just some weird semi-proprietary thing.
It sounds like in the next MBA "hardware refresh" they'll be switching over to mSATA.
R (29 Nov 2011 16:24): Hey, just got back to work today, and there is an 11" air (A1370) that I have access to... won't help any for A/B, but should be an easy way to get your data back. Maybe drop off the dead one (and a penta-lobe!) with me and I can bring back a dmg on something?
m (2 Dec 2011 10:11): Hot damn!
m (4 Dec 2011 23:06): Backup!
m (13 Dec 2011 15:32): So we got things working again (!?) at Reed's after backing up the stick of solid state (which seems like the most appropriate way to refer to it), but after a day of desiccation in the rice bin, we gave it another whirl and after five or ten minutes of activity it returned its moribund state. Boo.

Then I went a little crazy, bought a fancier soldering iron (that, oddly, seems to have gone up in price since last week when I bought it - does everything go up in price as we get closer to Christmas?), and tried to solder up what I deemed to be the problem: a short at the connection between the battery and logic board. It sort of made sense, logically: the only things we'd futzed with at his place were the battery terminal (unplugging it, which in my defense does require a fair bit of wiggling) and the ssd itself. But, honestly, I was never very good at soldering, and having a fancy soldering iron didn't change that.

We finally shelled out for an ebay laptop with broken screen. It powers up into brightly jagged ambiguity, and now we're swapping bits back and forth to find a minimal set of probably-broken components.
m (13 Dec 2011 20:38): Works! Swapped out the logic board and battery.
Paul (14 Dec 2011 5:38): You could try more powerful desiccant than rice. But if it's working, that's great!
m (23 Nov 2015 12:27): for Paul: Vimium
m (7 Feb 2017 19:34): Good explanation of how wiring a keyboard for NKRO is done!
m (12 Feb 2017 15:20):