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Drunk Post

R (28 May 2007 4:05): Heya!~~~

If youa are drunk, try making chicken noises. If someone asks you what the fuck you are doing, make more chicken noizes.
(28 May 2007 8:05): Words to live by.
m (28 May 2007 18:34): [If youa are drunk, or even if not] If someone asks what the fuck you are doing, make more chicken noises.
R (6 Aug 2007 0:16): It's just like a mini-mall!
m (6 Aug 2007 0:39): you can find them at the market
we talking bout flea market
m (19 Sep 2007 10:52): Yarrrr!
m (21 Sep 2007 21:53): Yarrr!
G (22 Sep 2007 1:24): YARRR!
R (24 Jun 2009 20:05): Be careful while drinking, lest things get 'way too bro, way too fast.'
From the comments, a similar idea, done to death by the Onion.
R (2 Apr 2011 1:29): Huh, no posts in this topic for over a year. Do you guys drink? Or do you post elsewhere afterwords? I couldn't "check in" to The Dray in Facebook with Opera Mini, but then I somehow failed to post at all, and ended up recomposing and posting when I got home, which is now. Pliny the Elder IPA is very bitter, and pretty citrus-ey, FYI.
R (4 Apr 2011 20:30): Brandy Crusta:
1.5 oz Brandy
.25 oz Cointreau
.25 oz Maraschino
.25 oz Lemon juice (fresh, obvs)
m (6 Apr 2011 8:55): Yarrr!
G (26 Apr 2011 19:17): Pear juice + traditional bitters.
R (28 Apr 2011 15:22): How did you get drunk on bitters?!?
R (28 Apr 2011 15:22): Nevermind, I think you answered that.
R (1 Oct 2012 23:41): Holy shit, I had totally forgotten that I had had Pliny the Elder. Damn.
R (1 Oct 2012 23:43): Does this mean I should document more of my life, or less? Seems like being a human goldfish would be a pretty easy way to cruise through a lifespan. OTOH, if I wrote things down, I could stop keeping ... Mementos... the memory refresh-maker@!
m (2 Oct 2012 14:31): It's just like a mini mall!
thread ploice (10 Jun 2015 23:39): man.

fuck you guys.
R (5 Oct 2015 3:25): “i wondered aboit these all last night. can cat’s dick’s meow. can dog’s dick’s barp. do you know or can only god know?”