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Drop Everything and Read

Paul (3 Sep 2008 18:45): This year I have to find something for my 11th grade students to read each day, for "Drop Everything And Read". So if you find anything good for this, post it in this topic and I'll see about having them read it.
Paul (3 Sep 2008 18:49): (links from Morgan):
students' ideas about discipline
paying students for good AP scores
not enough money for schools
one student describes supporting Obama
skipping school to see Obama
voting issues: Obama v McCain
register to vote!
Paul (6 Sep 2008 5:15): NYT editorial on teen pregnancy prompted by Palin's family
Paul (14 Sep 2008 4:29): Felons can vote at least more than they used to
Paul (22 Sep 2008 15:33): school results in Phila
Paul (5 Oct 2008 5:21): Obama and Racism without Racists
Paul (17 Oct 2008 15:00): Nature alleviates ADHD
Paul (18 Oct 2008 4:23): Obama's advertising spending vs McCain's reaches 4:1 thanks to my donation, I guess, among others...
DK (21 Oct 2008 11:55): Interesting, that's pretty cool. I guess the moral of the story is that if you have ADHD, make sure you live in a green city?

One of the things I really dislike about ADHD is that doctors use totally sketchy measures of attention span. Having something truly quantitative to measure is import...
Paul (17 Apr 2009 13:11): Buffett slams tax system disparities
R (17 Apr 2009 16:40): That's a nice article, but I think I read a different report of the same event, around the time of it's occurrence back in 2007. Hopefully he will be kind enough to publicly discuss his overall taxation rate this year.
Paul (18 Apr 2009 6:25): (lest you misinterpret the meaning of "drop everything and read", it is directed at Bartram students, not m'bloggers)
G (18 Apr 2009 17:07): So you're telling them to drop all their classes?
Paul (20 Apr 2009 3:35): probably...probably.
R (29 Apr 2009 10:48): Torture and Civilization by Kevin Drum
R (29 Apr 2009 13:34): Fatal Distraction
Forgetting a child in the back seat of a hot, parked car is a horrifying, inexcusable mistake. But is it a crime?
Paul (12 May 2009 3:41): "What color is that baby?" A murder at Wesleyan goes on the front of Murders near Bartram don't.
Paul (24 May 2009 19:33): A Prom Divided
R (26 May 2009 10:17): Man... there are certainly some nice individuals in the South, but I cannot say I'd be willing to live there. What the hell.
R (4 Nov 2009 18:07): Can Prosecutors Be Sued By People They Framed?

I'm pretty sure Scalia thinks the answer is no.
Paul (5 Nov 2009 4:05): At least in limited circumstances, yes. Limited circumstances: 'prosecutor':'CIA', 'framed':'framed and tortured', 'sued':'prosecuted in Italy'. I guess it's a start.
R (5 Nov 2009 15:10): I had not heard of that. I have to say, I'm impressed with those judges. Of course, no actual punishment has yet been meted out to the criminals. A start, though.
Paul (21 Nov 2009 10:09): myth of the scofflaw cyclist and philadelphia bicycle insurrection
m (21 Nov 2009 12:25): what's all this about your city councilman and twenty dollars? those bike stories sound horrible.
m (21 Nov 2009 17:18): the next time someone uses the word annular and this makes you grumpy, reply with the equally obnoxious synonym circinate (which I on seeing it thought referred to Circe)
Paul (22 Nov 2009 5:38): ...because if they knew better, they'd say, 'donut-shaped...mmm...donuts...class dismissed'
Paul (17 Dec 2009 4:06): Time to drink bottled water
m (17 Dec 2009 9:48): The arsenic one over here has got to be Tacoma from the old smelter (here's our seattle arsenic fact sheet).
And tetrachloroethylene (perc? what? I've never heard of this.): It's on this "substances monitored but not detected" list, so I guess we're off the hook.
At least we're not under a water boil warning.

I'm looking at the 2008 water quality sheet for Philadelphia, remembering your complaints about all of the organic shit in your tap water, and I see that they give a WHOLLY HUMAN UNREADABLE metric of "Ratio of Removal Achieved Divided by Removal Required [by EPA]" for the Total Organic Carbon category. For no other category is the data obscured like that. Annoying.
m (17 Dec 2009 17:40): new favorite quote, from a Cory Doctorow speech on books and reading (and how the shift from ownership to licensing is such a terrible thing):

I have a 21-month-old daughter, and when she was two weeks old, my mother, who holds a PhD in early childhood education, came to visit us in London, where I live, and she said, “Have you stuck your tongue out at her yet?” And I said “Why, no.” And she said, “Stick your tongue out at her and watch.” And she started sticking her tongue out at Poesy, and Poesy started trying to do the same—she copied her. Poesy had never seen a mirror by this point. She didn’t even know she had a tongue. That’s how deeply ingrained in us copying is. We copy like we nuzzle for the breast. It’s right in there at our most fundamental level.
Paul (23 Dec 2009 15:27): Logic exercise: Does
(1) some hospitals spend more than others on patients who die anyway
imply (2) patients will typically die regardless of money spent
m (2 May 2010 9:29): Gail Collins loves teachers!
G (3 May 2010 11:47): Huh.
m (3 May 2010 15:21): This guy starts off whining about the biased and non-causative nature of alcohol studies that tout the health benefits of drinking, and then gives his bar graphs arbitrary ranges (50-100, 50-100, 40-90, 50-100 and 0-90, all percents) to emphasize the differences across demographics. What a dick.
G (3 May 2010 15:23): hahaha.
Seriously, though, Paul, time to hop on the booze train.
G (3 May 2010 15:24): I'm pretty sure that that word means 'smart.'
Paul (5 May 2010 19:46): loquacious! loquacity opacity capacity salacity! burbulurbulurbulurbul
G (5 May 2010 19:52): Oh crap! Don't drink that much, Paul!
m (12 Aug 2010 16:54): McSweeney's picks the best e-reader. My favorite is the bit about pre-installed apps, like "fly swatting" and "making a hat".
R (30 Jun 2011 22:51): "[T]he United States Sentencing Commission, voted unanimously to apply retroactively a new law that brings penalties for crack cocaine offenses more closely in line with those for powder cocaine."
"About 12,000 federal prisoners could now be eligible for reductions, with the average being about three years."
m (1 Jul 2011 16:51): about fucking time.
but, wait, doesn't the constitution say that retroactive laws are no good?
m (1 Jul 2011 16:57): In Article 1 Section 9: no bill of attainder (law finding an individual guilty), or ex post facto law shall be passed. That doesn't apply at all here, in the domain of sentencing mandates/guidelines.
Paul (4 Jul 2011 10:03): I just dug up M's link to a youtube video on the current dilemma of public education from RSA Animate. RSA Animate is an amazing way to teach lessons online. Also check their video on Empathic Civilisation.
m (3 Nov 2014 21:11): yet another article on just how fucked Philadelphia's public schools are
Paul (29 Jan 2015 21:48): Philosophy of free technical support (The original is in German. The questionable machine translation adds to its charm.)
m (16 Apr 2015 8:05): New Neal Stephenson novel, Seveneves - he's got a preview up of the first 26 pages.
m (20 Apr 2017 16:17): On the whole, "Those Who Trespass" is a not a bad potboiler: a love triangle between a detective, a killer, and a journalist; a cat-and-mouse game through a series of four murders, culminating in a large explosion. There are some legitimately, if perhaps unintentionally, comical moments: at one point, O'Malley arrests a teen-ager in a gang called the Bitchin' Boys. But the book is a nauseating read because you know, while reading it, that it was written by Bill O'Reilly.
R (22 Apr 2017 15:02): Dang, I did not realize this was by Jia Tolentino, who wrote a bunch of great stuff at The Hairpin. Also great!


"Van Buren is the only major female character in the novel. (An “unattractive woman” named Hillary appears briefly, before Michaels knocks her out and throws her body out the window into an alley.)"

R (22 Apr 2017 15:11): Build a Better Monster: Morality, Machine Learning, and Mass Surveillance by "Pinboard" Ceglowski

"In a setting where attention is convertible into money, social media will always reward drama, dissent, conflict, iconoclasm and strife. There will be no comparable rewards for cooperation, de-escalation, consensus-building, or compromise, qualities that are essential for the slow work of building a movement. People who should be looking past their differences will instead spend their time on purity tests and trying to outflank one another in a race to the fringes."
Paul (16 May 2017 17:12): The Atlantic's story of a modern slave is hard to stop reading
m (6 Jun 2017 14:55): Agreed, Jia Tolentino is great
G (14 May 2018 12:02): The latest issue of the Ezra Klein podcast is about consciousness and psychedelics; I thought it was pretty interesting. I was going to say, "and it's short!" but I guess it was actually 1.5 hours.