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m (8 Apr 2005 17:46): Awesome. Mass media can suck a fat nut.
Paul (2 Mar 2006 13:33): "if everyone lived like you, we would need 1.8 planets"
Grant (3 Mar 2006 3:36): So, unless you're a vegetarian, you take up a hectare just for food? And there's 1.8 hectares available per person? Hmm. We may need to cut back on people. I'm looking at you.
Paul (3 Mar 2006 5:22): Apparently so. I tried putting a Xilitlan lifestyle, and it came back around 1.0 hectares (not having heat helps...but that's more reasonable in Xilitla). And the average in Bangladesh is 0.5ha. It's like the silver lining around the cloud of poverty :-/ We do need to cut back on people...
Note that these hectarages include enough trees to absorb one's CO2 emissions, and the world is actually using more than the available hectarage, for example we're not absorbing all our CO2 emissions.
Also, under US-style factory farming, food takes more fuel-calories to produce than it contains as food-calories. Very curious.
(I was at a retreat themed around ecological footprints this weekend, btw.)
(3 Mar 2006 16:16): I'd point out that the oceans do a fair bit to absorb CO2, much more than trees (IIRC from biology class). So, I'm not sure that calculation is reasonable, fair or accurate (in fact, I'm pretty sure it's not).

Paul (4 Mar 2006 10:55): According to WWF, yes they are adjusting for oceanic CO2 absorption (pdf page 16). To be fair, they mention (same pdf page 24) that solar/tidal/etc power could reduce energy footprints without changing consumption (but hasn't yet).
(5 Mar 2006 14:42): OMG, Donkey Kong is part of the right-wing political noise machine!
Paul (25 Apr 2006 16:28): I'm possibly the only one who likes rising gas prices. If they keep going up, they might start to match the real social and environmental costs of everyone driving everywhere. Unintended internalization! Then again, the externalities in question are pretty immense.
DK (1 May 2006 12:50): No, I'm pretty sure oil companies like it too...

Paul (1 Feb 2007 18:15): How's this advice: "You should probably avoid food products that make health claims. Why? Because a health claim on a food product is a good indication that it's not really food, and food is what you want to eat."
G (19 Jan 2010 0:46): Hey, I saw Avatar (in 3D).
I thought it was pretty good!
m (23 Mar 2010 4:43): Something got us rerouted to boston for a night (from mid-flight over greenland), but now we're here!
G (23 Mar 2010 14:21): From the comments: "If my city had a name like that, I'd move"